Is True Botanicals Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

True Botanicals was founded by Hillary Peterson after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which, apparently, played a big role in the development of True Botanicals.

When she learned about the harmful substances present in most skin care products, she decided to create a brand with non-toxic & sustainable ingredients.

By non-toxic, I’m not simply referring to natural or organic ingredients — I’m actually referring to ingredients that are certified Made Safe. In other words, True Botanicals has ingredients that don’t contain any of the following substances: Endocrine (hormone) disruptors, carcinogens; parabens, SLS and SLES, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, and GMOs.

According to True Botanicals, organic ingredients are often preserved with harmful chemicals that aren’t disclosed on the ingredients listing, which is why Made Safe is so important.

That said — are True Botanicals products vegan and cruelty-free?

True Botanicals Claims To Be Vegan

screenshot taken from true botanicals website

One of the first things we see on their homepage is the section above, which points out True Botanicals’ different value statements.

Within this section, they mention being Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

It’s enough to make anyone think that the brand is legitimately vegan and cruelty-free, yet, I feel like we need to dig a bit further and understand whether or not that’s true.

True Botanicals’ has different product types that tackle different skin concerns.

You can find cleansers, mists & toners, face oils, face masks, eye serums, lip balms, shampoos, body lotions, and even aromatherapy formulas.

Every product available on True Botanicals’ is vegan. 

With the exception of one product called Everyday Sheer Coverage that I managed to find on Goop which contains ingredients such as pearl and silk powder.

These ingredients, although extracted from lifeforms most people are less connected with, are still considered equal to any other animal species.

everyday sheer coverage

Pearl and Silk Powder


Pearl powder is derived from cultured freshwater pearls that are farmed and created using freshwater mussels, an aquatic animal species found in freshwater habitats.

It’s been used since ancient times in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Supposedly, Wu Zetian, a Chinese empress used it to embellish her skin. The pearls are boiled and then milled into a soft fine powder with a texture quite identical to flour.

Silk powder is obtained through a process of silk production called sericulture, which is essentially the rearing of certain larvae species like silkworms. As soon as silkworms form cocoons, these are dissolved in boiling water and the extracted fibers are converted into powder.

Both these ingredients contain amino acids, trace minerals, high levels of calcium, and antioxidant properties. Some of which have skin-nourishing benefits, thus why they’re used for skincare.

Unfortunately, these ingredients are not vegan. 

Still, they’re only used in one product, so the rest of True Botanicals’ product line should be without animal ingredients.

Is True Botanicals Cruelty-Free?

True Botanicals is leaping bunny certified

True Botanical does not and won’t conduct animal testing on finished products or ingredients, nor will they ask for third party testing. All the testing is conducted on human subjects that decide to volunteer and test the products over a certain period of time.

In addition, the brand does not export to Mainland China or other countries where animal testing is mandatory by law. They’re against animal testing and are certified by Leaping Bunny.

In fact, if you search for True Botanical, you’re able to find them in Leaping Bunny’s database. (as seen in the image above)

Where To Get True Botanicals Products

True Botanicals sells products through their website: and also through their physical store situated in the following address: 524 Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94111.

Feel free to order their products online as you’re protected with their 30-day Risk-Free Guarantee.

Other Vegan & Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands

Before we conclude this blog post, I’d love to share with you some vegan and cruelty-free brands which I believe are worth checking out.

Here are some of the brands my wife absolutely loves:

These brands are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Still, If you have no idea of which products or brands you should go with, we highly recommend trying out some vegan beauty products via a beauty box.

It’s the absolute best way to run into future favorite products.

Summary: True Botanicals Is Mostly Vegan And Cruelty-Free!

Yes, True Botanicals is 99% vegan!

The 1% is one product called Everyday Sheer Coverage which contains pearl and silk powder, an ingredient often derived from animal species like silkworms and mollusks. Other than that, every product manufactured by True Botanicals is 100% vegan.

True Botanicals is also leaping bunny certified, and does not conduct any animal testing on products or ingredients. They use human volunteers for that purpose.

They also don’t sell products in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Feel free to get your hands on True Botanicals products without hesitation.

Alexandre Valente

Hey there! My name is Alex and I've been vegan for more than five years! I've set up this blog because I'm really passionate about veganism and living a more eco-conscious life. Hopefully, I can use this website as a channel to help you out on your own journey!

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