About Us

couple alex & claudia

Hey there, my name is Alex and together with my wife Cláudia, I’ve decided to create a blog to write about something that has been truly precious to me.

My vegan journey started in January 2017, soon after watching Cowspiracy, a documentary that would change my life, and certainly push the vegan movement forward.

The way I started eating a vegan diet is probably not indicative of how most people start because I jumped headfirst without any pre-conceived notions.

Yet, I was lucky, my wife was already pondering on becoming vegan, so the decision to go vegan was actually met with no resistance. My family, on the other hand, initially raised some eyebrows but eventually became very supportive.

Now they’re always looking forward to vegan meals and new, fun desserts when we’re around.

I LOVE to read health books and I love learning about science, as well as try out different sports. I’ve tried boxing, climbing, soccer, basketball, handball, and more. Before I went vegan, I was also a real gym freak! And while I hate jogging, jumping rope and taking long walks are staples in my life. 

Also, I adore exploring different worlds and interface with unique cultures, so traveling is also a deep passion of mine. Meeting new people, watching monuments, adventure, hiking, and anything else that enriches my memories.

Why Vegan Foundry?

Vegan Foundry exists to shed some light on consumers that want to buy vegan products but worry that the brand behind those products may not stick to ethical and sustainable principles.

I’ve come across clothing companies selling apparel with messages ‘spreading veganism and equality’ but they end up sourcing their apparel from China for super cheap prices while selling them to a Western audience at high prices. They also claim to be sustainable but most of the apparel is created using (non-recycled) plastics. Here’s an example

If a brand claims to be ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free, it has to stick by those principles.

This being said, Vegan Foundry is not just about products and brands.

In fact, It’s also a resource for new and seasoned vegans to be able to learn about anything related to veganism, sustainability, ethics, and perhaps even activism.

If you happen to type a question on Google and one of our articles pops up, we seriously hope we’ve answered your questions as precisely as possible!