welcome to vegan foundry

We are Alex and Cláudia, a couple that decided to go vegan after watching Cowspiracy. 

Our goal is to spread the vegan message and help those who wish to stop or reduce animal exploitation with helpful content that eases their transition into a plant-based diet.

alex and claudia

we feel a sense of purpose in helping animals

Over the years, we have conducted research on the various aspects of veganism and decided to turn that knowledge into something useful by launching Vegan Foundry, an online resource that aims to spread the vegan message, but above all else, help people who want to change their lifestyle by becoming vegan or vegetarian, or even those who simply wish to reduce their animal consumption.

We want to reduce animal exploitation, and the simplest way to do so is to share information on whether a product has what it takes to be vegan-friendly. We understand that it’s not black or white because not every issue is consensual within the vegan community, so we try to provide a balanced view to help readers question their moral/ethical values and make their own decision.

Because veganism extends beyond the food industry, we have hundreds of articles about various brands and products in industries such as cosmetics and textiles. Unfortunately, animal exploitation is a common denominator in every industry, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether a certain product is vegan-friendly. 

thank you for the support

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Despite our efforts to keep the information up-to-date, brands and products might change over night, which is why we’re counting on you to help us keep the information on Vegan Foundry up to date. We’re just two people working on this website and it takes a certain amount of effort to keep it updated, so we need your help. 

If you believe to have found information that is not up to date, or you have a question, suggestion or wish to collaborate with us, then feel free to send us a message or  e-mail at [email protected]