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Welcome to Vegan Foundry, a resource for new and seasoned vegans alike, where you can learn about several topics related to veganism and where we attempt to answer all the questions you might want to know. 

We’re Alexandre and Cláudia, a couple from Portugal, a small country located on the Iberian Peninsula, in the southwest corner of Europe. We’re digital nomads, so we don’t live in a fixed location. Apart from veganism and engaging in a minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle, we are truly passionate about travel and nature.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle was not a tough decision, and it was pretty much decided in an instant. We watched the eye-opening Cowspiracy documentary and began questioning our lifestyle and dietary habits, and it was impossible to look the other way. Five years later, and here we are, still going strong.

Through Vegan Foundry we want to share our experience with like-minded individuals, and possibly help new vegans adapt to their new way of living. If you have any questions about veganism, feel free to reach out via Instagram @greentravelers_ac or email at [email protected]

Alexandre Valente

alex v

Alex started his professional career working as an IT support specialist but eventually transitioned into Digital Marketing (Content Marketing), where his passion currently lies.

With this transition, he learned about the benefits of information sharing and building communities using different mediums like blogs, social media, YouTube, and how he could create something for himself while helping others.

Alex is quite passionate about veganism, sustainability, as well as gaming, and anime. He recently created a blog called Planting Geek, which is aligned with his sustainable way of living. 

Cláudia Reis


Cláudia is a fun, compassionate, and righteous person, even though she’s too modest to admit it. She started her professional journey as a Physical Therapist, but put her career on hold to pursue a lifestyle that provides her with more freedom to travel, and enjoy both the grand and little things in life.

She is an authentic researcher, and one can easily tell because each article she writes is deep and insightful, often with information gained through experience or by contacting reliable sources. Even though she’s not particularly passionate about blogging, she doesn’t cut corners and does her best to deep-dive and create the best resource possible. 

Cláudia has a passion for yoga, dance, and also has goals outside blogging that she wishes to accomplish in the future. 

Features & Mentions

We’ve actually been featured and mentioned on a couple of cool websites including:

one green planet, the list, copykat, greenmatters

Vegan Foundry started as a side-project, but it grew into our digital home, and we hope it becomes something of value to you, from which you can seek information that is super helpful.