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vegan foundry

The Vegan Foundry serves to shed light on products that claim to be pro-vegan but completely ignore the ethical and sustainable consequences behind the production. 

I’ve come across clothing companies selling apparel with messages ‘spreading veganism’ but unfortunately they’re still getting their t-shirts from China at a bargain and using polybags in their packaging. Just because you’re not directly affecting animals, that doesn’t mean the indirect repercussions don’t count. Especially if you’re a “vegan” brand.

My goal here is not to call out these companies. My goal is to redirect consumers to options that are more eco-friendly and don’t exploit people’s needs to earn a living.

As a vegan, my goal is to be mindful of others, and this includes both humans and animals. It’s my belief, that as long as you fight for equality, you’re on the right path.

Does It Matter?

It matters because as a passionate vegan entrepreneur, I see small to medium-sized companies adopting sneaky methods to sell their vegan products by claiming these to be plastic-free, or WRAP certified, when in fact, their products are everything but sustainable.

And for most misinformed vegans who don’t go through the trouble of doing some research on a company or simply verifying whether or not their products are actually legit, they tend to buy these products not knowing the whole story.

For example, a company may claim their clothing to be 100% plastic-free (because it’s made from cotton), but throughout their manufacturing and shipping process, there are abnormal amounts of polybags being created to store and deliver the product. This is why it’s important to be a little bit more thorough in our findings.

The same goes for dual-blend products that contain Poly rPET. It’s a better option than simply having polyester on clothing, but the microfibres/microplastics are still a big problem for our planet. With every wash, hundreds of thousands of these small plastic particles are released into the water. These eventually make their way into places like lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Therefore, rPET is far from being a solution.

Why This Blog Exists

This blog is simply a means to spread a message. To bring awareness to vegan consumers like you who may or may not know what they’re buying. To inform and direct you to better alternatives, ones that are more in tune with who you are as a vegan.

What you’ll read in this blog will be either a piece of information that will enlighten you in your path to a more mindful, and organic lifestyle or reviews of companies and products that may actually make a difference in your life. Note that the reviews I write may sometimes be negative, but that’s because I simply want to give you factual information based on what being a vegan represents.

The one on the left is me. My name is Alex, and I live in a small western European country called Portugal. I’ve been vegan for around three years now and I’m still deeply fascinated with this lifestyle and what it represents.

How did I go vegan? Well, I went cold turkey. I just couldn’t bring myself to gradually stop eating animal products, because the images, videos, etc of the animals being slaughtered were engraved in my brain.

And yes, Cowspiracy was what started the revolution within me. But I didn’t do it alone. My awesome wife also went Vegan, which definitely helped me throughout the years, by enlightening me on issues that go beyond eating a plant-based diet.

If you wish to get in contact with me, feel free to email me to alex@veganfoundry.com.