Where to Buy Jicama Online and In Grocery Stores

Jicama, also referred to as yam bean, Mexican turning or Mexican potato is an edible root vegetable native to Mexico. It can be found in Central and South America being sold by street vendors and is commonly eaten raw, often seasoned with lime juice and chili powder.

There are two primary varieties: jicama de agua (water) and jicama de Leche (milk) which are differentiated by their internal juice. In the United States, most of the jicama available is of the water variety, with a large round root, very similar in shape to a turnip.

In most grocery stores, you should be able to find jicama in the produce aisle next to other fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, you’ll be likely to find jicama near other root vegetables like cassava, turnips, or potatoes. 

In this article, I’ll show you where to find jicama (both online and offline), and I’ll also share with you some plant-based jicama recipes to prepare at home.

What Stores Have Jicama Available?

Here is where you are most likely to find Jicama available:

  • Amazon: This is hands down the best place to find anything online, including fruits and vegetables. Although, I would be careful with exotic produce because it may sometimes not arrive in good shape. With that said, at Amazon, you can find fresh jicama, though be wary as some reviews are not good.
  • Walmart: Like Amazon, Walmart is one website where you can order fresh jicama online, however, I’d say it’s a better idea to visit a local Walmart to inspect its condition. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you will probably be able to find jicama in the produce area, more specifically, near other root vegetables like cassava or turnip.
  • Kroger: While I haven’t seen any fresh jicama for sale via their website, I’ve noticed that they’ve got jicama sticks available in plastic containers.
  • Whole Foods: Whole Foods has a variety of jicama products available in-store, including fresh jicama, jicama sticks, jicama tortillas, and a fruit salad with jicama.
  • Ethnic Markets: Since jicama has originated (though not fully clear) in Mexico, you will likely be able to find it in ethnic markets, namely Central & Southern America-themed markets.
Interesting fact:
In Mexico, Jicama is recognized as one of the four elements used in the Day of the Dead celebration on November 1st. The other elements are sugar cane, tangerines, and peanuts.

Where to Find Jicama in Grocery Stores

Finding jicama in groceries is not that difficult, especially if you’re looking for fresh jicama, which should be right next to root vegetables like cassava, turnips, or potatoes.

However, there are also other varieties of jicama, namely fruit/mixed salads, and sliced jicama.

These should be in the refrigerator aisle since the jicama’s skin has been peeled off and needs to be conserved at a lower temperature.

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Great Recipes with Jicama

Baked Jicama Fries

baked jicama fries
Photo courtesy of Healthier Steps

This recipe is certainly not a surprise, if for someone that isn’t familiar with jicama. Because of its similarities to other root vegetables like potatoes or cassava, you can easily convert jicama into fries.

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Jicama Salad

jicama salad
Photo courtesy of Elise Bauer

This jicama recipe salad resembles slaw but that’s because the jicama is sliced thin and long which makes it bend. As a side dish, it’s a wonderful accompaniment to spicy (or other) Mexican dishes, as it creates a beautiful balance.

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Jicama as an Appetizer

jicama appetizer

Naturally, you can also prepare jicama in the same way Mexicans do it (the traditional way). You arrange the jicama on a platter, sprinkle some lime juice and chili powder over the jicama and serve it immediately.

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