Where to Buy Dragon Fruit & Find it in Grocery Stores

Dragon fruit is one of the names given to a fruit of the genus Hylocereus, a type of cactus species that is native to the Americas. Dragon fruit is cultivated in the United States, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Australia, Mesoamerica, as well as throughout tropical and subtropical regions on the planet.

If you want to badly purchase dragon fruit, in this article I’ll show you where you can buy it online, as well as at a grocery store that you might be familiar with. I’ll also tell you which stores you’re most likely to find dragon fruit in, and I’m also going to share with you some recipes based around dragon fruit.

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What stores sell dragon fruit?

Being cultivated in the Americas (including the United States), I’m certain you can find dragon fruit being sold in several stores, including:

  • Whole Foods – You can find a variety of dragon fruit options available at Whole Foods, from non-organic and organic dragon fruit to frozen or dried dragon fruit. Dragon fruit can also be found (according to their official website) in a smoothie format.
  • Farmers Market – In these types of markets, you may be able to find fresh dragon fruit, although it may vary based on the location. You may be able to find dragon fruit closer to locations where dragon fruit is being cultivated. Typically, dragon fruit is grown commercially in three states: California, Florida, and Hawaii.
  • Health Food Stores – Some smaller and independent grocery stores may not have fresh dragon fruit, but you may be able to find canned kind on the shelves.
  • Walmart – Dragon Fruit is available on Walmart, at least according to the information we have found on their website. It is also available in different forms like a drink mix and freeze-dried powder.
  • Safeway – You’re also able to find dragon fruit on Safeway in many varieties, including fresh, canned, or prepared bite-sized cubes.
  • Trader Joe’s – This retailer is also a great option to find dragon fruit in different forms, including their crunchy red dragon fruit chips.
  • Kroger – Kroger is also another place where you be able to find dragon fruit. Judging from their official website, they have dragon fruit available in prepared bite-sized cubes, in smoothies, and as a whole.
  • Publix – Publix carries a wide variety of unique and exotic fruits, and dragon fruit is one of them. You may also find it in different varieties.
  • Ethnic Markets – Being native to Mexico, Central America, and South America, you’re bound to find dragon fruit selling in ethnic markets. These markets are great to find foods that derive from other cultures.

In which aisle is dragon fruit in?

If you want to find fresh dragon fruit, the first place you should head toward is the produce aisle, where you’ll find different fruits and vegetables, including dragon fruit.

The main two species grown for commercial production include Hylocereus undatus, which can be identified by its bright pink skin and white flesh, and Hylocereus, which also has bright pink skin and varying hues of pink flesh.

dragon fruit produce

Both of these species have multiple varieties, so you may find dragon fruits with different traits, including ones with distinct skin colors like the yellow dragon fruit.

Considering that dragon fruit can be processed into different forms like bite-sized bits, dried powder, chips, smoothies, and fruit drinks, you would do well to check the aisles where the dry, canned, and frozen goods are.

When is dragon fruit in season?

The summer (typically June through September) is the main season for fresh dragon fruit, with August and September being the peak for most varieties.

However, varieties from the Hylocereus megalanthus (a cactus species), are produced through the winter months between November and February. This cactus species produces the variety known as yellow dragon fruit.

With that being said, since a lot of the dragon fruit is imported to the United States from a few different origins, you’re able to purchase it year-round.

What does dragon fruit taste like?

Dragon fruit has a texture very similar to kiwi or watermelon and the taste is much like a combination of a pear and a kiwi with very subtle earthy notes. Though, the flavor may vary slightly based on the variety.

Variations with a deeper pink flesh are the most flavorsome, or the sweetest.

Can dragon fruit be found online?

Fortunately, you can find pretty much anything online today, including unique and exotic fruits.

Here is a quick list of places online where you can find dragon fruit:

However, keep in mind that if you want to purchase fresh, whole dragon fruit, perhaps the best way is to head to the grocery store. Buying online won’t let you judge the quality of the product.

Though, if you want to purchase other products with dragon fruit (like the chips), that’s likely to work better.

Delicious recipes using dragon fruit

Dragon Fruit Smoothie

One of the easiest ways to put dragon fruit to good use is by converting it into a delicious smoothie. The recipe above contains dragon fruit, mango, banana, as well as protein powder (which you can absolutely swap for a plant-based one), and a vegan beverage.

While this recipe is from a Youtube channel that doesn’t seem to very active, it’s probably the best looking dragon fruit smoothie recipe I found.

Creamy Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Minimalist Baker is a highly popular recipe website and Youtube channel, where you’re able to find amazing recipes, including this creamy dragon fruit smoothie bowl.

The only ingredients you need are frozen dragon fruit, frozen raspberries, ripe bananas, vegan vanilla protein powder, and dairy-free milk. If you follow the recipe you’ll end with a delicious smoothie bowl and a very beautiful and Instagram-worthy picture.

Bottom line

Dragon fruit is available both online and in physical grocery stores, and you should be able to find fresh dragon fruit in the same place where you usually find your fruits and vegetables.

Because dragon fruit is abundant in vitamins and minerals, it’s a good addition to any diet.

If you feel like this article has helped you in any way, feel free to share it with friends and family!

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