8 Best Vegan Motorcycle Jackets For Ethical Riders in 2022

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Helmets and motorcycle jackets are the most important pieces of equipment if you’re planning to have a motorcycle. They’re crucial for the safety they provide, as well as features that enhance your experience while riding a motorcycle.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 8 vegan motorcycle jackets, but first I want to talk about the things you should consider before making any investment.

As you might know, most motorcycle jackets are made from either leather, textile or a combination of both. However, nowadays, leather jackets are part of a fashion trend. Back in the day, they were used in the aviation industry by bomber pilots, and only later it was adopted by the motorcycle industry due to their durability, and a wider range of applications.

Needless to say, leather jackets are now extremely popular, and most are made from genuine leather. You can find versions made with faux leather, but they’re outnumbered by the number of genuine leather jackets available in the market.

This being said, there are wonderful textile jackets out there for vegans, which quite sincerely provide features that are more appreciated than leather jackets. These features (which I’ll reveal in a bit) make textile motorcycle jackets suitable for all-seasons.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Vegan Motorcycle Jacket

If you’re buying a vegan motorcycle jacket, might as well get a damn good one!

This section will break down what you should be looking for in a motorcycle jacket, by going over the things I’ve researched and believe to be important to put you in a place where you can choose the best motorcycle jacket for your particular needs.


Motorcycle jackets are either made from leather, textile or a mix of both. However, if you’re vegan, and want a jacket that hasn’t jeopardized the life of an animal, you have to stick to either faux leather or textile options. Here is a breakdown of the characteristics of each material:

  • Faux Leather (not leather): Faux leather jackets are not as robust and protective as genuine leather jackets when it comes to fending off injuries, but they are decent (though it also depends on the faux leather being used). Faux leather jackets are easy to clean and maintain. The negative aspect of any leather jacket is that they’re excellent when it’s cold, but not appropriate in hot conditions.
  • Textile: Nylon is a widely used fabric in textile jackets because of its ability to blend really well with materials such as Armacor, Kevlar, and Denier Cordura. The materials are incorporated in nylon jackets because of their insulation, breathability, and waterproofing functions. Textile jackets are extremely versatile, and they perform well in both hot and cold conditions.
  • Hybrid: I’m not entirely sure how often you can find a blend of faux leather and nylon motorcycle jackets, but the goal here is to take the good aspects of (faux) leather and the nylon to produce high-quality motorcycle jackets.


When you’re riding a bike, you have to be a defensive rider and make sure you’re focused on the course ahead of you at all times. This being said, it’s not unusual to see motorcycle collisions or accidents, and it’s important to choose a motorcycle jacket, helmet, boots and gloves that diminish your chances of getting injured.


There are typically two factors that dictate the level of comfort in a motorcycle jacket:

  • Weight: Jackets made from either faux or genuine leather are generally heavier than textile jackets because they’re denser. Textile jackets, on the other hand, are lightweight which makes them ideal for racing and touring (long-distance traveling).
  • Fit: Is your jacket tight or loose? Sport-oriented jackets are typically designed to fit tightly around your torso while commuter jackets fit loosely for additional comfort. What’s also worth mentioning is that most jackets are equipped with adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the fit based on your own preferences.


Here’s what most people look for when it comes to features in motorcycle jackets:

  • Mesh Ventilation Membrane: This increases the airflow in the jacket to prevent you from sweating, which is a feature that a great number of leather jackets don’t have.
  • Removable Thermal Linings: Removing thermal linings is useful if you feel overbearingly hot.
  • Pockets: Having a jacket with more pockets allows you to carry more things, including interior pockets to keep your most valuable items protected.
  • Zippers: Metalic zippers are typically sturdier than plastic zippers.
  • Visibility: A jacket that allows you to become more visible at night is imperative so that other drivers can see you. It can be in the form of some reflective material or color that allows you to be seen in low-visibility environments.

How to Clean Motorcycle Jackets

If you want your motorcycle jacket to last and maintain its appealing look, you want to be thorough in cleaning your jacket. Having your jacket clean also maintains your hygiene and outward appeal.

Here is how you can clean a faux leather and textile jacket:

  • Faux leather jackets: To clean a (faux) leather jacket you just have to use a wet soft cloth and allow the jacket to dry. Next, you can spray it with a waterproofing solution to keep the moisture away. Then you allow the solution to settle down and treat it with Vaseline if you don’t have balm or oil. This process will also help the jacket maintain its leather-ish appearance.
  • Textile jackets: These textile jackets exist in a variety of materials but what you’ll find is that most textile jackets are able to be machine washed. But if you’re in doubt, these jackets come with cleaning and care guidelines that are pretty simple to follow, so don’t worry.

8 Vegan Motorcycle Jackets: Reviewed.

Viking Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket

The Viking Ironborn Jacket is reinforced with a Waterproof CE Approved 600D Cordura Armor— this means it has passed the highest impact tests before becoming available on the market.

In other words, you have padding throughout the jacket that protects your upper and lower back, as well as shoulders and elbows from abrasion. It’s designed to protect you from falls, but it also gives you a full range of motion on the bike.

This jacket also includes an advanced Waterproof Rock Tex 600 outer shell with an ergonomic design, as well as a next-gen liner technology that is fully-sleeved, removable and highly insulated so you can ride in cold weather. At the same time, you got zipper locked vents that let you choose your airflow depending on the temperature. You can easily remove the inner zip-out liner if you want a comfortable ride under hot weather.

In addition, expect multiple inner and outer pockets where you can keep your precious belongings safe. It includes a dedicated phone pocket so your phone is always within quick reach.

Among the Viking jackets, this is by far the most popular with almost 1000 reviews on Amazon, and it’s certainly among the best jackets that use vegan-friendly fabric.

Additional Features:

  • Reflective high visibility lining that provides 360º visibility.
  • Highly affordable for the quality of the materials and features.
  • Cuffs and waist with adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

Viking Warlock Motorcycle Jacket

The Viking Warlock Motorcycle jacket comes with C.E approved armor, and boasts a cooling mesh shell that provides insane comfort.

The foam used to pad this jacket is high-quality, and it’s been thoroughly tested to keep your torso, elbows, and shoulders protected. Interestingly, the spine pad is removable, so you can opt for a different C.E. spine protector.

A lot of the users love the fact it comes with a removable liner so you can adjust for different seasons, and let’s be honest, the jacket looks pretty sleek.

Most of the users also found that the jacket fits pretty well, and appreciate the fact the jacket is also equipped with a variety of pockets, including the dedicated phone pocket, as well as the headphone wire system to keep your earbuds from getting tangled.

With its current price tag, it is an extremely affordable option as far as motorcycle jackets go.

Plus, the quality of the craftsmanship in this jacket is reflected upon the 500+ positive reviews on Amazon, which have been crucial in cementing this brand and jacket as viable options for riders.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-resistant repellent design.
  • Multi-point sure fit adjustment system.
  • High visibility reflective lining.

HWK Motorcycle Jacket

HWK is a new brand created by actual motorheads and is gaining momentum in the textile-based motorcycle jackets market.

This is another all-weather jacket using a 600D Cordura construction that is rugged and strong, but also soft and comfortable.

This jacket is insulated to keep you warm, but it also has a Reissa membrane, as well as a Ventilation system that provides you with enough airflow to keep your torso cool in hot weather. 

In addition, it also has a detachable insulated thermal liner for when the temperatures get aggressive, but I wouldn’t recommend you to wear this jacket at 80 degrees.

Akin to the Viking Ironborn jacket, the HWK jacket also has foam padding incorporated into the fabric to protect your elbows, shoulders, as well as the upper and lower back.

This one doesn’t have as many pockets as the Viking Ironborn, but in exchange, it has a waist connection zip for motorcycle pants. I would say it is as good as the Ironborn, but according to some reviews, it’s not quite waterproof, so it’s lacking in that department.

Additional Features:

  • Fully Reflective panels for enhanced visibility.
  • Arm and waist adjusters for a tailored fit.
  • Super affordable.

Viking Overlord Motorcycle Jacket

The Viking Overlord jacket is on the more expensive side, but you can expect a reliable jacket that will endure every type of weather.

The stitching on this jacket is tightly woven, which says tons about its high-quality built, and durability.

In addition, the zippers are very sturdy and slide flawlessly, which is awesome considering there are several vents, pockets, and liners.

In terms of pockets, you have more pockets than the other two jackets combined. The Viking Overlord jacket has two external zippered pockets, and multiple discreet internal pockets to keep your most precious belongings safe.

Akin to the other two jackets, this one also has a CE approved armor to protect your torso, elbows, and shoulders if you fall or crash. It also comes with reflective panels that give you a 360º visibility, so you can ride safely at night.

It’s also made from 600 Denier textile fabric — a type of fabric that is waterproof and superbly insulated because it’s equipped with a polyester quilted inner liner that keeps you warm.

According to the reviews on Amazon, this jacket is a safe choice.

Additional Features:

  • Adjustable sides, arms, and sleeves.
  • It has a high-quality construction that is affordable when compared to the competition.
  • More than 90% “expected fit”.

Levi’s Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Levi’s Faux-Leather jacket is 100% polyurethane.

The fabric is soft and supple, and very close to real leather in terms of texture and durability.

The zippers are large, metal-made, and extremely durable (hoodie, outer coat, pockets, etc) and are easy to slide.

In terms of craftsmanship, you can see a few seams which don’t seem to be woven tightly or the thread termination is coming loose, but overall, the craftsmanship is excellent if we take into account the low price point.

Some of the reviews suggest that this jacket isn’t ideal as a “racing” jacket (which is how it’s advertised) because it’s bulky and heavy, but it’s an interesting choice for local commuters.

Plus, it’s certainly a jacket you would use to ride in winter. According to some critics, it rejects wind very well, the collar is adjustable, and the hood doesn’t permit airflow when it’s up. Plus, there is some legit insulation in the chest and arms, making the coat heavy and puffy.

What some users also appreciate is how comfortable the jacket is, and how warm it keeps them in very cold conditions. Though, it is not recommended in mild (slightly cold) weather due to how warm it is.

Frankly, If I had to put a price tag on this jacket, I’d say it costs $90 for what it offers… which is what’s surprising coming from a brand like Levis.

HWK Enduro Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket is an excellent choice for riders looking for a motorcycle jacket that doesn’t break the bank. It comes with a breathable mesh lining, and has a built-in 600D Cordura construction that is designed for all-seasons.

It also comes with a C.E approved removable armor for added protection, and is available in four different colors, with the black variation being the most popular.

The different reviews show that the jacket is quite comfortable in different seasons, but that the ventilation system should be able to provide some airflow, which isn’t the case.

Therefore, in terms of ventilation, it seems the jacket is lacking. So, if you plan to buy this one, it might not be able to do well in very hot conditions. In addition, some people don’t like the fact that the jacket’s zipper seal is not waterproof. In fact, one of the users mentions that the jacket was completely drenched after a downpour, though it managed to dry quite quickly.

This being said, you’re getting more than what you’re paying for, and I wouldn’t discard this jacket as a viable choice, especially if you don’t have much money to spend.

HWK Touring Motorcycle Jacket

Despite having less reviews than most of the jackets on this list, this is probably one of the jackets whose popularity will rise after more people try it out.

The reason I say this is due to the already amazing reviews on the listing.

This HWK jacket is specifically designed for adventure and long motorcycle trips, and what’s appealing is the price point, especially when you have tons of people suggesting it should cost $150 or more.

It is a seemingly formless jacket that can be adjusted to fit any body type — in fact, you have waist, wrists, biceps, and neck straps to help you fit in nicely.

Also, you can expect the fabric to keep the wind out, and a durable armor that protects your elbows, shoulders, and back upon impact.

You also have a detachable insulated thermal liner to provide you with even more airflow, in case the air ventilation system is not enough to deal with the heat.

According to some reviews, the jacket is also well insulated, so it’s able to deal with low temperatures and deal with aggressive wind in high-velocity rides.

This being said, in one of the reviews, a user mentioned not being able to tighten the collar strap to a point where it kept the wind from reaching his neck.

You have multiple pockets, including external pockets that can be folded in order to keep the rain out, and internal pockets designed to keep your precious belongings from breaking upon impact.

Also, the jacket is super visible, which is immediately perceptible when you look at the huge panels covering the entire jacket. In terms of craftsmanship, the jacket is tightly woven, which is often a sign of a long-lasting piece of equipment.

Plus, what I found most appealing are the reviews. They show that the jacket is extremely reliable feature-wise. For instance, in some cases, you have jackets where the waterproofing feature is lacking, but in this case, it seems to work flawlessly. Therefore, you have a jacket that can support a downpour and dry quickly afterward.

This jacket is definitely on par with non-vegan jackets (Alpinestars, Joe Rocket, and Moose), but it’s way more affordable.

Viking Ironside Motorcycle Jacket

Within this list of vegan motorcycle jackets, these are by far the most affordable. They’re under $50, but they still maintain some of the quality that is expected from the Viking brand.

This Ironside jacket is designed to maintain airflow as you ride, making it a tremendous choice as a summer motorcycle jacket. In fact, the integrated mesh design lets you choose how much airflow you want, which allows you to adjust to different temperatures.

Needless to mention, this jacket is also covered in C.E certified armor, so you have padding across your torso, shoulders, and elbows from abrasion. What’s great about textile jackets is that you can adjust them to fit your needs, so if you want to run off-road, you can adjust it to be tighter, or if you want to ride in comfort, you can loosen it up.

You have two outer chest and two outer hand pockets, and at least 5 internal pockets where you can maintain valuable items. Clearly, It gives you a lot for what it costs.

This being said, some reviews suggest that the quality of the foam is low in comparison to other jackets, and some people were also disappointed to find out that it lacked an earbud wire system.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have a thermal liner, a feature you can find in more costly Viking jackets.

Additional Features:

  • Reflective panels that give you 360º visibility at night.
  • Extremely affordable (which of course, also reflects the limited features).

Final Verdict

Based on user reviews and performing research, I’ve concluded that based on the price and quality, these are the best vegan motorcycle jackets available online.

You’ll never know how a jacket will perform unless you feel it out for yourself, but thankfully, these jackets are very affordable in comparison to their competition.

In fact, all of the jackets are super affordable for the value and features they provide.

Finally, I sign off by you wishing you the best in your shopping endeavors, and I hope you find a jacket that really fits your needs!

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