10 Best Vegan Motorcycle Gloves For Compassionate Riders in 2022

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Have you recently bought a motorbike and are now looking for motorcycle gloves that are affordable, durable, and haven’t put any animal lives in jeopardy?

After examining several products and looking at plenty of user reviews across different websites, I’ve gathered a list of vegan motorcycle gloves that are made purely from synthetic materials, which is frankly not as common a finding a pair of leather gloves.

After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best motorcycle gloves currently available are the Alpinestars Spartan Motorcycle Gloves. However, keep in mind that there are several types of gloves — from fingerless to off-road motorcycle gloves — which I have also reviewed and intend to go through in this article.

Because motorcycle gloves tend to be more affordable, you tend to have more people buying them, so it’s also good to have alternatives in mind.

Why You Should Use Motorcycle Gloves.

Motorcycle gloves are important because they protect the delicate parts of your hands from accidents and injuries. Your knuckles and palms can be severely injured after a collision or a fall, and having gloves helps you avoid the common burning consequence of grazing your hands on the hard, and cold floor.

Gloves can also keep the moisture out, and make it super comfortable for you by cooling your hands and drying sweat particles which form after riding for a long time. The other important role gloves play is that they enhance your grip on the throttle, whilst without gloves, the sweat would accumulate and interfere with your riding by making your hands slippery.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves.


These gloves are great for street riding, and just casual bike riding. They feature knuckle armors and palm shields designed to protect your hands from injury.

Racing Gloves

If you’re involved in high-speed riding and competitive races, then racing gloves are the better choice. They are ventilated and have strategically placed armor that provides both comfort and protection whenever you’re wearing them.

Off-Road Gloves

These are also known as dirt bike gloves. These don’t offer wrist protection but are designed to deliver incredible comfort and maximize your grip. They are lightweight and usually feature finger and knuckle protection for uneven terrains.

Touring Gloves

Touring gloves are typically bulkier and heavier, which enhances the durability and protection of the gloves. These are also considered all-weather gloves and are particularly created for adventurous minds that love long trips.

Short Motorcycle Gloves

These are ideal in hotter climates and days where you’re mostly looking for a comfortable ride. These gloves usually offer no wrist protection, and some may come with palm and knuckle armor. At the same time, they can also be fingerless gloves.

10 Best Vegan Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars Spartan Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars is among the best (if not the best) manufacturer of professional racing and motorcycling products, so it’s no wonder the Alpinestars Spartan Gloves come up first on the list.

Quite frankly, you can find better, more high-quality gloves than this one, but most of the gloves on their lineup use animal leather. However, the more expensive gloves I’m talking about are also used in a scenario where you require more protection.

More importantly, the Alpinestars Spartan Gloves are vegan-friendly.

They use spandex in the construction of the gloves, and an air mesh upper that ventilates your hands, which is perfect for your local commute in the summer. Some of the users love these gloves because they’re really easy to put on, and because they have a low-cuff, you can also wear a watch with absolutely no problem.

In addition, they also come with a Clarino construction which reinforces the palm with superior abrasion resistance. And although it’s not apparent in the image, it has a knuckle reinforcement that adds an internal shield that protects the back of your hand while keeping the gloves light.

According to some of the users, this glove is quite durable. In fact, one mentions the glove has lasted two years of daily use, prolonged use.

If you’re someone that daily rides a motorcycle to work, then these are highly recommended.

Fox Dirtpaw Racing Gloves

There’s a reason why even though there are cheaper, similar versions of this glove, people still revert to this original. In fact, this is the best-selling glove from Fox racing.

They are comfortable, have good knuckle protection and they are available in a handful of colors.

You have a textile exterior with rubberized elements for protection and style, and you also have extra protection brought by the light padding on the knuckle.

The Dirtpaw gloves have a simple design with a single-cuff closure, and if you look closely at the gloves, you’ll find a Clarino wrapped thumb that prevents the gloves from wearing out due to rotating hand motion necessary to accelerate.

Across the palm, you can also find Clarino (synthetic suede), and a light padding built into the fabric that is going to be comfortable, durable, and well-ventilated. In two of your fingers, you’re also going to have silicone lever grip panels to help you hit the controls and brake levers.

All in all, these are a great pair of gloves.

Troy Lee GP Motorcycle Gloves

This glove was once used by the Troy Lee Design motocross team! They look cool, are available in 12 different colors and offer a decent amount of protection for what they cost.

One of the things you will notice is the Airprene technology across the fingers which is a stretchy textile that permits airflow to keep your hands from sweating. You have a TPA design that mildly protects your knuckles, which also stretches across the back of your hand.

In addition, across the knuckle, you have foam built into the stretchy textile that will provide you with breathability as well as some lightweight protection.

Across the thumbs, you have Clarino reinforcements that enhance the comfort and durability of the glove, which is important due to the rotational movement in acceleration that makes most gloves wear out pretty quickly and damage your hands. At the same time, you’ll also find Clarino on the palm, as well as a silicone logo that will provide you with extra grip.

These gloves also have a single velcro cuff closure, but more importantly, they have a TPR that comes off a little bit extra on the side which acts as a pull for easy on, easy off.

Plus, depending on where you put the pull on the gloves, it can create a spot where if it’s on a seam, it can start to wear down really quickly… albeit you can increase the lifetime of the glove by having the external pull on a spot that is strong on the glove, by not interfering with the seam.

Overall, these are wonderful gloves and are certainly an option to consider if you’re going for some light work off-road.

Joe Rocket Resistor Motorcycle Gloves

These Rocket Motorcycle Gloves use a double layer of synthetic leather across the palms, and stretchable nylon on the back which makes them lightweight and breathable.

According to some of the reviews, these gloves are quite durable. One review, in particular, mentions that the gloves are holding up pretty well even after 5000 miles.

Quite frankly, here’s what I like the most about these gloves.

They have a very minimalistic design, and the armored knuckles are very discreet. While they only marginally protect your backhand, these gloves are to be used for local commutes, so their protective features are limited. They also offer a pre-curved ride friendly design that gives you precision fit and the right amount of dexterity you need while riding.

Last but not least, these gloves are also very affordable and are especially interesting if you’re into street gloves with a discreet design.

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Motorcycle Gloves

These Seibertron gloves are designed for riders who want to go off the beaten path. The gloves have features that enhance your protection, comfort, and ventilation on a dirt bike.

They have rubber portions that ensure the gloves comfortably hug your hands and protect you from injuries caused by falls or impact.

Among the gloves I’ve mentioned, this one is the most affordable thus far, and it’s probably the best value for your money.

The gloves have well-padded palms but they also provide good grip and are breathable. In fact, one user mentioned that his hands did not get sweaty under 92-degree heat. This said they are adequate for warmer weather because they allow for orderly airflow.

Frankly, they are a copy of the upcoming gloves, but they cost less. One thing I’ve noticed is that they apparently run large, so you’re probably better off ordering a size or two smaller than the one you usually order. With that in mind, the gloves generally fit well, are comfortable, and you have a one-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Full-Finger Scoyco Motorcycle Gloves

If you want to have some fun off-road, these gloves are a particularly good choice. At the same time, you’ll want to be careful, because you can find both street and off-road gloves consolidated within the same Amazon listing. So, you have gloves with partial hard shell protection and full-on hard shell protection.

Anyway, the gloves on the image have a Chrome-plated TPU mold armor with shock-absorbing qualities. In addition, the gloves also have an injected protection sheet on the base and outside the palm area.

The PVC fabric used on the palm is reinforced for maximum abrasion resistance, durability, and grip.

On the back of the glove, you’ll find a reflective rubber logo that optimizes your safety by providing more visibility to other people on the road (especially at night), and given how padded it is, it also provides you protection.

Being made from mesh fabric, these are gloves that allow for some airflow, which prevents your hands from sweating. It also has a touch-screen material on the forefinger for mobile devices, which is very practical.

Last but not least, as I’ve mentioned, the Amazon listing can be somewhat confusing in terms of colors and the actual type of glove you’re choosing, so you really have to pay attention to the stock photo of the color/type of glove you’re interested in.

Full-Finger Inbike Motorcycle Gloves

Most of the gloves sold by the Inbike brand are made from leather. These were the sole exception, as they’re made from microfiber. In fact, the use of microfiber is what makes these gloves so breathable, comfortable, and elastic — making them a perfect fit for most hands.

The back has a carbon fiber layer that ends up shielding the already protective knuckles from injuries, and the hoop and loop fastener allows you to precisely adjust the gloves to your wrist, ensuring you’re comfortable at all times.

According to most of the users, they are a great fit, so unlike some gloves, you should really order the size you’re accustomed to unless you have a wider hand. At the same time, they are to be used on a day to day basis, not in situations where your chances of crashing are increased.

If you’re risking yourself when you ride, I’d definitely recommend you to look for bulkier, and more padded gloves. This being said, the INBIKE motorcycle gloves are very comfortable. and the fabric grips itself to the throttle in a way it is self-indulging.

While they’re durable gloves for the type of circumstances you’ll be wearing them in, I wouldn’t recommend them for racing, or off-road riding. However, for everyday riding, they’re great.

Fingerless Faux Leather Gloves

What I love the most about the gloves is the fact they look very similar to leather-made fingerless gloves, but they’re actually made from A-Grade faux polyurethane leather, which is a soft and durable fabric that adapts really well to the shape of your hands.

Since they’re fingerless gloves, you can use your smartphone or touchscreen devices without taking your gloves off. The gloves give off a very rock & roll vibe, which is appreciated in the sense that they’re very stylish even when you’re not riding your bike.

These aren’t exactly gloves I would use during Winter as they have a design that allows for airflow, so even if the fabric is warm, they’re not as viable in cold temperatures.

These gloves are not the absolute best gloves in terms of features and functionality, but they’re very attractive from a fashionable perspective, and most people interested in fingerless gloves are drawn to these gloves for that reason.

Rock Biker Motorcycle Gloves

If you’re looking for gloves to use during Winter, these are actually a super viable option, starting with the long wrist design that keeps your hands and wrists warm.

The gloves also rely on water-resistant nylon fabric able to withstand rainstorms by keeping the water from seeping through the gaps.

The fabric itself is soft, durable, and is covered in a protective layer that not only keeps your hands safe but also warm.

You also have a 3mm EVA palm pad that protects your hands in case you fall, and it also has an anti-slid texture that makes it easier to grasp the bike controls and levers.

What you’ll also notice is that the gloves are somewhat bulky when compared to lighter gloves, so even though the gloves have a touchscreen feature, holding your phone might not exactly be a good experience.

On the back palm, you also have a decent hardshell capable of withstanding a crash and protecting your knuckles from shock or impact. The velcro design also allows you to adjust the glove buckle, which is generally the go-to choice for a perfect fit.

This being said, I’ve had velcro gloves lose their grip very quickly, but I’m aware that varies from gloves to gloves. Lastly, you also have hanging buckles that will keep you from losing your gloves by keeping them tied together.

Overall, these are excellent gloves to use during Winter and are certainly very affordable for the quality and amount of features they have.

Olympia 760 Air Force Motorcycle Gloves

This glove is actually a great choice for the sport, street and touring rider. It’s constructed with a mesh backing that provides airflow and allows sweat to be wicked away, evaporating it from the material and keeping your hands dry.

These gloves also offer some unique features, starting with the ribbed nylon knuckles that surprisingly offer flexibility on top of protection.

However, my favorite feature is actually the following.

The gloves have a gel that reduces hand vibration, which consequently reduces hand fatigue, a feature that is highly appealing if you actually have long commutes. In addition, the gloves have terry cloth on the back of the thumb which allows you to wipe your sweat from your eyebrows.

These gloves are mostly used in warm weather, and according to some of the users, they are particularly durable. One reviewer has had these gloves for twenty years, and only recently has he decided to reorder a new pair. Taking into account the low price, It’s certainly a worthy investment.

However, before you order, make sure to consider the size because they run a bit tight. Typically, people worry that the gloves might get too large, but this one is actually the opposite.


Choosing the right gloves is important regardless of whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro rider. In fact, choosing the right gloves for the right circumstances can enhance your performance, and even reduce the risk of having an accident.

Some gloves can reduce the vibration or increase your grip, which consequently diminishes the amount of fatigue as you ride. In addition, you also have gloves that have more protective features, which is highly important in scenarios where you may be more prone to fall (off-road), or gloves that are way more comfortable, which is important if you use your bike on day to day basis.

The selected top gloves are the Alpinestars Spartan Motorcycle Gloves, but I’m sure you can find gloves with better quality and more features, but perhaps you’ll have to pay $70-$100.

As a result, I’ve sought highly affordable gloves that also have a diversity of features but also are made from resistant fabrics. In fact, according to reviews, some gloves I’ve mentioned have lasted for years for some of the buyers.

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