8 Coolest Vegan Guitar Straps For The Ethical Guitarist in 2022

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Guitar straps are probably one of the most overlooked guitar accessories.

For a vegan trying to find guitar straps, you may be disappointed to find out that the choices can be somewhat limited outside the realm of genuine leather-made guitar straps.

Guitar straps may appear insignificant to warrant an entire article in dedication, but when you put into perspective the importance of the role guitar straps play in a performance, you’re led to think otherwise. Having a strap break during a set can be a nightmare for performers and it happens more often than most people think.

Because you’re vegan, I’m going to share with you a selection of vegan guitar straps that are kind to animals and eco-friendly. But before we get to that, allow me to also share a few tips that will help you choose the right vegan guitar strap.

What To Look For In A Vegan Guitar Strap

As a vegan, the first thing to take into account as you research a vegan guitar strap is the materials used in the construction. Most guitar straps use genuine leather because it’s usually seen as a durable material that can last years, and it also has a low chance of breaking.

However, what you’ll find is that most of the time vegan guitar straps are made from nylon. Additionally, a lot of them are manufactured in countries where the attention to detail is minimal (China, Pakistan, India, and more), so on top of the nylon, you get a guitar strap with an awful construction that wears down quickly.

That’s why in this blog post I’ll recommend handmade guitar straps that are made in small batches, but still remain affordable to most people despite the superior handcrafting.

Furthermore, I’ll include guitar straps that are crafted with a sturdy construction using recycled materials (and more), but that are also made in Europe and the U.S, two places where the craftsmanship (when it comes to textiles) is often of better quality.


Standard strap lengths are adjustable between forty and sixty inches, which is a range that is suitable for most people. However, if you play bass, are very tall or like your guitar hanging low, then you should go for an extra-long strap, which usually extends to 70″ or more.


Guitar straps typically range from 2″ (for thin straps) to 4″ inches (for thicker straps). Generally, thicker guitar straps are used to:

  • Support heavier instruments (bass);
  • Offer more comfort for extended play.

This also means they’re more expensive than thinner straps.

At the same time, thicker guitar straps are not necessarily better. Guitar players that use lighter guitars may find thicker guitar straps to be overwhelmingly bulky and less comfortable.

Locking Mechanism

In some cases, guitar players choose to avoid standard loops because of their tendency to slip off sometimes, based on different factors like the weight of the guitar, the movement of the player on stage, and the wear and tear on the guitar strap itself.

This is why many guitar players will only buy guitars straps with custom locking mechanisms such as strap locks or clip locks, which prevent the guitar and strap from getting separated.

But that often comes down to each guitarist, so there are diverging opinions.


The most crucial element in the creation of a high-quality guitar strap is the combination of materials used in its construction. Ultimately, the materials will determine the comfort, performance, and durability of the strap.

High-quality vegan guitar straps often use materials like:

  • Automotive and industrial vinyl (preferably recycled);
  • Cotton or hemp;
  • Stainless steel for the rivets;
  • And more.

Though, in the age of conscientious materials that may differ from company to company, this is a common pattern I’ve found for most high-quality vegan guitar straps.

Furthermore, the use of conscientious materials has opened the doors to other (more exotic) materials that can now be repurposed and used to create guitar straps.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be unusual for you to find other unique materials in guitar straps.

8 Vegan Guitar Straps

Hippie Weave Guitar Strap

This is my favorite vegan guitar strap for two simple reasons. In my opinion, the way the black-colored tabs mesh with the funky hippy weave pattern makes this guitar strap the most beautiful looking in this list.

Secondly, the folks behind this guitar strap reutilize otherwise wasted resources, which makes this guitar strap super eco-friendly in comparison to others.

In fact, the multi-colored weave is sewn onto recycled seat belt material and finished with original streamlined end tabs and hand-tooled stainless steel rivets. If you’re in the U.S, you’ll be happy to hear that these are made in California, from people that actually play guitar.

Furthermore, the prices are really competitive when compared to other guitar straps of the same style. And needless to say, these are SUPER vegan-friendly!

Black Recycled Seat Belt Guitar Strap

This is my 2nd favorite guitar strap, and it is so for a few reasons. Not only do I love the black color, but I also appreciate how affordable this guitar strap is when it’s handmade and uses 100% recycled seat belt materials.

Instead of the cheap nylon webbing most Chinese and Middle East manufacturers use, this strap uses a recycled automotive seat belt webbing that doesn’t break, is stylish, and can be adjusted easily regardless of the person’s size.

The end tabs are end-cut and made using heavy-duty automotive upholstery vinyl on the outside, and strengthened with a folded-over double layer of flexible carbon fiber cloth on the inside of the strap.

Like all the guitars made in this California-based shop, they are finished with a trio of hand-tooled stainless steel rivets, and the front end tab is sewn with a sturdy x-box stitch for extra sleekness.

For around $20, this is a wonderful guitar strap for the conscientious guitarist.

None More White Guitar Strap

The None More White guitar strap was made for folks that don’t appreciate multi-pattern weaves and love to keep it simple.

The metal hardware on the black end tabs stands out on the white vinyl, just how chrome does on a classic car. The design is simple but it stands out.

On top of that, the use of materials like heavy-duty automotive upholstery vinyl, industrial thread, chrome rivets, metal hardware and foil stamp for the couch logo makes it an excellent choice for vegan guitarists.

The reviews on Etsy suggest that this guitar strap sits comfortably on the shoulders, and the handmade construction is well-made to the point where this can be called a long-lasting guitar strap.

If you’re in the U.S, these guitar straps are made in California, so feel free to order them on Etsy.

Vintage Cadillac Sunburst Guitar Strap

This guitar strap is very unique (and expensive) because it is made using the same shiny black vinyl that is used on the hardtops of old Cadillacs. In addition, it uses two different shades of orange stitching that serve to emulated the dusky color fades of classic sunburst guitars.

Actually, if you look closely, you can see a small hint of yellow on the inside of the strap for a final sunburst touch.

The design is simply marvelous, and if you’re okay with spending 50-60 bucks for a high-quality guitar strap, then this is probably the one.

Couch used a normal vintage luggage stitch construction which emulates the luggage stitching in vintage Samsonite bags and also used automotive vinyl on their end tabs that are expertly punched by hand on a ton die cutter.

Even the metal hardware is forged in their shop in the U.S, so you can expect a high-quality guitar strap that is super resistant to wear and tear, comfortable and far from being cheap.

Art Tribute Vintage Guitar Strap

With its unique vintage designs and use of lightweight materials, Art Tribute delivers you a guitar strap that is fully adjustable and compatible with most guitars. On top of that, they throw in picks, as well as strap locks and buttons together with the guitar strap in a single package.

According to some of the reviews on Amazon, the build quality is superior to straps that cost twice the price. The fabric is thick and solid, and the price is truly affordable.

The picks included in the package match the guitar strap, as are the rubber washers that hold the guitar straps. And what appears to be leather-made ends is actually high-quality microfiber leather.

A lot of the users mistake the ends for real leather, which says a lot about the quality of the material. However, apparently, the company allows real bears to chew on the microfiber leather for one week as a way to run a quality check. Then, they compensate the bears with honey.

I don’t know if you tolerate that sort of modus operandi, but if you don’t, please skip this guitar strap. Otherwise, know that this is the most affordable guitar strap on this list.

Psychedelic 60’s 70’s Jacquard Guitar Strap

The reason why I love the products on Etsy is because most are fully handmade and are sold in small batches, which helps prevent waste.

Frankly, it’s without a doubt the best place to acquire high-quality, eco-friendly clothes and accessories made by true craftsmen.

This Psychedelic Guitar Strap is also by the Couch Guitar Straps’ team and uses reusable materials for a more eco-friendly approach.

Being handmade and created in small batches, you know that the quality is far superior to guitar straps manufactured in China or the Middle East, as there is more work and detail going into the craftmanship.

This is yet another beautiful guitar strap made by a dedicated and impressive manufacturer.

Pink Vintage Candy Guitar Strap

This Pink Vintage Candy guitar strap is carefully handmade using pink vinyl, new white auto vinyl, custom steel hardware, heavy-duty industrial thread, and foil stamp. A few of which are recycled materials.

The design is simple, with clean lines and a soft pink vinyl and white ends that fit perfectly with a more feminine audience. My wife casually plays acoustic guitar and she’s in love with this strap.

According to the reviews on Etsy, the strap is of exceptional quality, sturdy and super cute. Akin to the majority of other Etsy vegan guitar straps, this one is crafted in first world countries, with this specific one being crafted in the United States.

The seller promotes this pink guitar strap as a limited edition, so I may adjust this blog post in the future and change this guitar strap for a similar one.

Irish Celtic Hemp Guitar Strap

If you love guitars that exude the celtic spirit, then perhaps you’ll love this guitar strap.

While this one isn’t made from recycled fabrics, it uses vegan-friendly materials such as cotton, hemp, and faux leather, which are obviously kinder to animals.

The guitar strap is available in 5 colors, it features a traditional Irish Celtic knot print, and is also handmade in the United Kingdom by exceptional craftsmen.

According to the Etsy website, this is the best-selling vegan guitar strap. Moreover, the reviews are simply outstanding, and I challenge you to find a bad one.


A common trait among expert guitarists is the need to personalize accessories like guitar straps… and while it may feel compelling to focus on a design that complements your style or guitar, you shouldn’t overlook the quality of the strap.

When shopping for a vegan guitar strap, you need to find an item that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, so the materials and the quality of the construction need to be top-notch.

Fortunately, I’ve gathered a list of what I believe to be beautiful guitar straps built using solid materials that can last you a lifetime. Obviously, the more expensive the guitar strap, the better the craftsmanship and the materials used to create it.

Typically, guitar straps within the 30-50 bucks range employ long-lasting materials, although you can find outliers such as the Black Recycled Seat Belt guitar strap that costs 20 bucks but still manages to have a pretty similar quality to higher-priced straps.