8 Best Vegan Motorcycle Boots For Compassionate Riders in 2022

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The problem with a great number of motorcycle boots is that they’re made from genuine leather.

This is what a lot of high-quality motorcycle boots have in common. In fact, it’s quite similar to hiking boots. A lot of the great motorcycle boots sold by big brands tend to have leather fabric.

However, it’s vastly important to wear top-notch motorcycle gear because, unlike cars, you don’t have airbags to help you in a crash. Plus, If you’ve tried wearing old, regular boots, you know that gear leavers and road surfaces are everything but kind.

Having a good pair of motorcycling boots does not only protect your feet, but it’s also important in terms of providing you comfort and dryness as you’re riding.

Even if most motorcycle boots have leather, you can surely find a handful of vegan motorcycle boots that are alike, and in some cases, superior in terms of quality. More importantly, the vegan motorcycle boots you’ll find in this article are meant to protect your feet from harm, provide you with comfort, and of course, they’re also designed to make you look awesome!

Best Street/Commuting Motorcycle Boots

For most people reading this blog post, I’d assume they’re looking for motorcycle boots that are practical for everyday riding. If you’re looking for boots you can wear to work, college, or some other place, allow me to share with you two vegan-friendly pairs that are awesome.

Street motorcycle boots are less rigid. Since you don’t use them in a competition format, they’re not equipped with additional protection or armor. At the same time, street boots can be more comfortable because they’re designed to easily walk around in.

Generally, these boots have good ventilation to provide a good degree of airflow to your feet, and a waterproof seal that keeps you dry while riding.

Fortunately, many brands are happy to create motorcycle boots that you can wear like regular shoes, so you generally manage to afford comfort and style.

Alpinestars Faster-3 Rideknit

If you’re looking for comfy motorcycle boots you can wear on a day to day basis just like regular shoes, then the Alpinestars Faster-3 are among the best choices you have available.

This is especially true when you consider the fact that they use don’t use any genuine leather in the construction. Actually, the main upper material is a combination of advanced microfiber, knitted mesh, and seamless thermo-welded microfibers.

That type of construction makes them flexible and well-ventilated, so you have more airflow to keep your feet fresh as you walk or ride. In fact, if you look carefully, there are air vent holes strategically placed on the lateral and toe area, making them superb for hotter climates.

They’re also lightweight in comparison to off-road or racing boots, which is brought by the intended lack of less protective features. In hindsight, it also makes wearing them much more viable and comfortable, especially on a day to day basis. It’s also worth mentioning that you can find a less ventilated version in the Alpinestars Faster-3, in case you ride in colder climates.

Last but not least, these shoes are not totally without protection. If you feel the collar and tongue padding of the shoes, you have sturdy protection that keeps your ankles in place, even though it is slightly minor when compared to racing or off-road boots.

Alpinestars SMX-1 R

Another great pair of shoes that happen to be vegan-friendly is also brought by Alpinestars.

The SMX-1 R boots aren’t as tall as off-road or racing boots, but they provide you with an adequate level of protection without compromising on other features such as comfort, breathability, and flexibility.

In fact, there aren’t that many shoes that offer so many features, that’s why the Alpinestars brand is a crowd favorite.

What sets these boots apart is the exclusive rubber compound sole that offers excellent comfort and grip both on and off the bike, with the Instep and Achilles accordion flex zones keeping you in control regardless of your riding position, and adding some more durability to the boots.

In addition, it features a strap that makes it easy to hop in and off the shoes— not to mention the zip covered in velcro hook-and-loop and microfiber flap that protects the bike from scratches.

More importantly, the front velcro closure system ensures the fit is optimal.

The SMX-1 R boots also have a very durable and lightweight microfiber construction that is highly abrasion-resistant and reinforced with TPU protectors. Furthermore, they are CE Cat 2 Certified to 89/686/ECC EU Directive! This means they have been battle-tested in order to provide enhanced protection and comfort to the rider.

This also includes everything from the all-new TPR medial and lateral side protection, as well as the internal mesh lining that is designed to dissipate the sweat and allow cool air to pass through the boots onto your feet. These are truly great boots, and I’m sure they’re worth the value.

Best Off-Road Vegan Motorcycle Boots

Off-road riding means you’re riding in a very uneven terrain, which, in many cases is mud and rock-filled. So, you’re prone to suffer from knee and shin injuries.

As such, more than just looking cool while riding your bike, you need boots that can handle the shift in gears and all the trepidation. In other words, you want boots with excellent grip!

A good pair of off-road motorcycle boots offer feet, ankle, shin and knee protection, which is expected in a terrain where things can go south very quickly. And again, taking into account the terrain, off-road boots generally have thick soles to prevent untimely wear.

Luckily, I managed to find two high-quality options from a brand that is more than established in the motocross circuit.

Fox Racing Instinct

Fox is one of the leading dirt bike brands, and it just so happens they create boots with a full synthetic construction. They tend to more of an expensive choice, but the quality is top-notch.

One of their most popular products is the Fox Racing Instinct Boots. These boots come in both off-road and racing versions, which is one way of optimizing your experience, assuming you do more of one than the other.

Besides having different sole choices, you have high-ankle support which keeps the rider safe and comfortable in more complex terrains.

The hinge and buckle system on these boots offers great support and comfort. In fact, the hinge provides the lateral support required for off-road tracks, because it locks your feet in place, preventing any sort of hyperextension or hyperflexion. In addition, the hinges are also fundamental in the sense that they protect the rider from rotational injuries that usually happen on impact.

This is important because great off-road boots are meant to keep your feet, ankles, and knees in place so that they don’t rotate and reach unnatural degrees. At the same time, they give you flexibility and the mobility to make your ride a smooth one, so you don’t feel stiff, per se.

Plus, the buckle system ensures you can feel secure but also comfy. The pivoting four buckle design allows you to adjust the boots in a way it optimally fits you.

The TPU in the heel cup and panels is also an awesome addition because it prevents injuries in the event you crash or random objects go against your shins. Hard landings can be destructive because the impact can channel an incredible amount of pressure onto your joints— and with this type of technology, your boots absorb the impact instead of your joints or shins.

Other features include the exclusive “Duratac” rubber compound that provides these boots with excellent durability and grip. No matter what, you want your feet to stick to the pegs, especially in a terrain where that’s very difficult to do. If you want an amazing, vegan-friendly pair of boots to ride in more complex terrains, this is definitely one of the most sought-after choices.

Fox Racing Comp

Again, with Fox you can’t go wrong. These are another vegan-friendly pair of motorcycle boots designed to go off the beaten path.

The unique inner lacing system works quite similarly to a snowboarding boot. Once you get your feet in, you feel the inner lining snugging your feet, and ankles.

At the same time, you can adjust it, so that you can keep your ankle in place, and still be comfortable enough.

The lacing system completely anchors your foot to the boot, keeping your heel from floating, which actually helps you prevent heel injuries caused by having your heel unlocked. This system is complemented by the active lock straps. The two top straps are made from silicone, and can very easily be hooked, unlike more traditional buckles. More importantly, everyone has different calf sizes and this system adapts to different people with distinct genetics. 🙂

This also means you have more flexibility around the shin area, but it also keeps any dirt and debris from invading the boots.

Despite being designed for off-road riding, they’re not as rigid as boots used in a competition format, so you can expect and extra comfortability brought by the flexibility of the faux leather fabric. This is good if you want to ride leisurely, but still want to go a little bit hard on the track.

Also, Fox has added some side protection to the boots, so you have a heat shield made from a synthetic pad that goes from top to bottom, which also gives the boots exceptional grip when you’re trying to hold on to the bike frame. This is an essential touch that can make all the difference when your body is meeting different angles, and your inner foot is exposed to the heat of the engine.

On a more negative note, the sole is totally molded to the boot and cannot be replaced in case of damage, which is probably why it’s sold at a lower price point. Not to mention, it also seems to be less durable than our previous mention.

This being said, this is still a wonderful pair, and you can still expect them to be long-lasting. I mean, the user reviews on Amazon are outstanding.

Best Racing Vegan Motorcycle Boots

These boots are technically designed for sportbike racers to wear on racetracks.

They’re durable, comfortable, and very stylish if you ask me.

They’re also typically lighter, provide proper ventilation, and feature additional armor to protect the rider in case of a crash. Something that happens from time to time in high-level races.

This being said, they’re also very expensive and aren’t meant for your daily bike riding. While they’re designed to be comfortable in a racing environment, they can become very uncomfortable once you use them past a certain point.

Alpinestars Supertech R

These boots are not just a one and done project. Every single year, the boots evolve, and that’s how Alpinestars tackles projects.

These boots have been re-designed, and the features are constantly improving, but while still maintaining and slightly improving the top-notch features that make these boots so great.

These are exciting because these boots have been worn by some of the best riders in the world. And even then I feel like I’m making an understatement.

In terms of performance, ergonomics, and ventilation, these boots are up there. The boots use a durable and technical microfiber for the upper construction which offers a high level of water resistance and durability while keeping them lightweight.

Since these are designed to compete on the track, the folks at Alpinestars that architected the boots have used an over-injected TPU in the breathable mesh which has improved the boots in terms of abrasion resistance.

Furthermore, the synthetic material also gives your feet enough freedom to move, so it doesn’t feel like you’re stiff-legged while wearing the boots on and off the bike. To ease the pressure of holding on to the footpeg, the lightweight rubber compound sole is instrumental to maintain the grip on the peg as you’re shifting positions on the bike.

What’s also very important about these boots is the highly protective armor built into every compartment. For instance, the external TPU shin protection is effective in spreading and dissipating the energy caused by an impact in case you crash against something. Plus, they’re durable enough to maintain their shape, regardless of the force of the impact.

Lastly, it also has a replaceable co-injected TPU/Aluminum toe slider that protects your outer toe box from abrasion. If you really want to go racing and keep your legs protected, then you can’t go wrong with the boots. They’re really 5 out of 5 when it comes to keeping you safe on the track.

Sidi ST Air

The Sidi ST Air boots have some of the most basic, but essential features you need to start racing. Features such as ankle and shin protection, reinforced soles, heel and toe protection, and anything else that takes care of the rider’s safety.

Plus, these boots are equipped with a patented system called the Vertebra System that was designed to effectively protect the Achilles heel.

This system was created in 1998 and is essentially the chief/core support of the boot.

Each joint of the system moves independently, and also shields the back part of the leg which also removes some of the psychological pressure that comes with potentially suffering from a heel injury.

Sidi ST boots also have a Cam-lock closure system that makes it an easy fit for different calf sizes, which is worth noting because a lot of tall boots fail to fit the calf of the rider while he/she rides motorcycle pants. This being said, the Sidi ST boots will fit much wider calves, even when you use a wider variety of motorcycle pants.

On a similar note, they have an elastic panel adjacent to the entry zipper in the rear which makes wearing the boots a comfortable experience because it makes it easier to fit your feet in the boot without friction. Plus, the boots also come with the Sidi’s composite inner sole with removable arch supports, which provide a strong, steady grip, regardless of the surface conditions.

Also despite being a heavy pair of boots and focusing more on protection, they have an impressive ventilation system, though they might still be too hot to wear during the summer.

Other features include the nylon shin deflector plate, the Lorica outer construction, the DuPont polymer toe shift pad, and the replaceable shock absorbing heel cup — all of which contribute to the durability of the boots, as well as the prevention of injuries upon impact.

They might be quite pricey, but I’d say they’re worth every penny and are certainly a better long-term decision than buying cheap racing motorcycle boots.

Best Dual-Sport Motorcycle Boots

Dual-Sport motorcycle boots are what you would consider a hybrid between a dirt bike and a street motorcycle. You’re capable of using them in uneven terrain, or on a plain road. However, you need to think about the type of use you’ll give it the most, and ponder on the type of features that are the most important for that activity.

Off-road boots generally focus on protecting your ankles, by providing you with impact protection.

On the other hand, road boots are more focused on abrasion protection, so you generally have boots that offer less ankle and shin support.

At the same time, they can also be more comfortable — mostly due to having fewer protective features, making them lighter than boots with more features.

That’s why I believe it’s important for you to decide beforehand what type of riding you will be doing. Perhaps what will affect your decision the most will be comfort and protection.

If you’re riding more off-road, then perhaps you want to double-down on protection, and consider buying boots that offer you feet, ankle, shin, and knee protection, so that it can sustain the impact from the trepidation or the jumping around on the bike. If you’re riding more on the road, then it becomes more about comfort, than it is about protection because you’re riding in a more stable environment. However, keep in mind that you’ll be lacking in terms of protective features.

Fox Bomber Boots

The Fox Bomber Boots are versatile in the sense they’re comfortable but also have enough protection. This model is essentially the lower half of the Fox Comp 8 boot, so it’s designed for riders with a keen interest in supermoto street riding.

The shoes are available in multiple sizes but are only available in black, and it’s the only low cut boot Fox has available in their lineup. If you want full-on motocross protection, consider the Fox Racing Comp 8 Boots.

However, If you want a little more comfort and are looking to often ride your bike out in the streets, then the Fox Bomber Boots are a unique offering.

The outer shell has a full synthetic leather construction, and you have plenty of TPU protection encompassing your impact zones, including your toe box, and reinforcement at the heel level.

They use the same Duratac sole as many other Fox boots, with a high-density rubber, a sleek design that also gives you excellent grip on the streets. Plus, there’s extra reinforcement if you’re planning to be standing on the pegs.

The sole stretches up to the toe box, protecting the vertex of your toes in addition to the TPU cover protecting the toe box. Speaking about toe box, there is an asymmetry, where on one side of the toe box you have a more grippy panel, which allows you to maximize your shifts.

There’s also a heel counter coming up on the back of the boots, which is essential in reinforcing the protection of your heel. On the inside of the boot, you can see the heat panels that protect your feet from anything that may be exposed like exhaust pipes… or just regular road rash.

This being said, some of the users found out the boots to be somewhat bulky, especially because it has a lot of padding underneath the velcro opening, which might not really fit well with jeans. But overall, the Fox Bombers are comfortable and very durable, and certainly a wonderful choice if you’re spending most of your time riding on the street.

O’Neal Rider Boots

The main construction of the boot is microfiber with lots of reinforced TPU for added protection. According to some buyers, the boots feel very comfortable thanks to the 3D air mesh interior lining and the cushioned insole.

Though they may feel stiff at first, you’ll find that they loosen up after a bit of use.

At the shin level, you’re able to find accordion panels that allow flex, which makes walking in the boots a more pleasant experience.

Furthermore, the reinforced toe box has a shifter guard to protect the top of the toe, and then there’s a metal guard that wraps around the front of the sole to protect your feet from impact and your boots from peeling off.

What you’ll also notice, is that the metal guard is held by three screws, which is a “unique” way to prevent it from getting loose.

The inner layers of the boots are also reinforced with TPU, including the area next to the ankle. Generally, the inner part of the foot takes a lot of punishment from aggressive turns, and also the exposure it has to exhaust pipes and parts where heat is blowing from.

Unlike the previous boots, these ones are definitely more of an off-road choice. It’s not a low-cut boot, and there’s an emphasis on protecting your legs. For example, the top inner side of the boot is essentially synthetic suede leather which is heat resistant material that also gives you a better grip on your bike, which is highly important in more treacherous terrains.

This being said, it’s still considered a dual-sports boot, so you can use them beyond the motocross trails.

You can use these boots to ride on the street, but that would be on occasion. Otherwise, there would be a bigger emphasis on comfort, and not on the fact you need extra protection.

On top of the upper velcro closure, there’s a fully adjustable buckle system with four buckles. And while they’re not metal buckles, they are durable and replaceable.

More importantly, they keep the bottom part of your leg safe, while giving you enough freedom or flexibility to perform on top of the bike. Also, despite not being as comfortable as typical street motorcycle boots, the 3D air mesh helps with airflow, so it manages to keep you cool as you perform.

Last but not least, these boots do accommodate people with wider feet and larger calves. That is possible because of the calf opening at the top due to its several adjustments. If you’re planning to ride off-road and simply want to have a good time, without the pressure of competing, then these boots are pretty darn good!