The 14 Best Vegan Websites and Blogs On The Internet!

Veganism is a very sensitive subject akin to politics or religion. Sometimes I come across information based on half-truths, and other times I find complete lies that either support or derail veganism.

What is real? Should we trust anyone’s word as long as they’re an influential website or person? The reason I wanted to write this blog post was to share some of the websites I believe have at least some degree of reliable information.

Naturally, in some of these websites, you’re going to find some bias since veganism is a very passionate subject.

At the same time, I also believe the great majority stick to facts. Whether you’re all in on veganism, or just want to find reliable information before going full vegan, these websites make a conscious effort to guide you.

Also, I have included legitimate news websites to keep you updated on all things veganism, as well as two of the greatest vegan recipe websites on the internet.

Vegan Health

vegan health
Vegan Health Homepage

Among the different websites that share information on health and nutrition, this one is probably the most trustworthy. Vegan Health is a purely evidence-based resource for those wanting to learn more about the vegan diet.

The folks behind Vegan Health are the same behind Vegan Outreach, and they’re essentially nutrition experts that break down scientific literature and provide you with information you must know to avoid potential health problems.

Frankly, they have cleared up a lot of misinformation and myths I believed to be true.

What is most appealing is that they don’t embellish the vegan diet. Instead, they show you that a vegan diet is also flawed and that you can avoid its loopholes by being informed

Here’s An Example Of Misinformation

I was under the impression that by following a vegan diet, my risk of osteoporosis would be lower. This was due to seeing pro-vegan authorities bringing up studies where hip fractures were more common in countries with high dairy intake, as well as studies suggesting that eating animal products lead to an increase in calcium loss through urine.

Thus, the belief that calcium intake wasn’t relevant to prevent osteoporosis, and consuming animal products was a contributing factor to osteoporosis was something that stood with me until recently.

However, this belief was wrong in a couple of ways:

  1. Additional research showed that hip fractures were more indicative of the risk of falling than osteoporosis;
  2. The studies where calcium loss was apparent resulted from the consumption of isolated proteins. Whereas if you eat protein from whole foods that would not happen.
  3. Clinical and populational studies reveal that animal products don’t have any negative effect on bones.

Furthermore, a different set of studies also show that bone mineral density (measure for osteoporosis) is lower in vegans than non-vegans. So, It’s hard to trust any form of information that is shared, even in distinguished documentaries.

However, I’ve become much warier of nutrients as a whole, especially calcium.

Tips For New Vegans.

If you’re just starting as a vegan, then Vegan Health has a very helpful post to help you follow a healthy vegan diet, without running into any weird deficiencies.

Nowadays the number of people following extreme (or distinct) diets is through the roof. When you focus too much on one group of ingredients and ignore the remaining, you’re bound to deal with some nutritional impairments. And that’s what happens with certain people that blamed a vegan diet before actually trying to balance things out.

What I’ve learned through this post (and more), is that looking at micronutrients is way more valuable than verifying the number of macronutrients you have in a meal.

Plus, the website is pretty much free. No ads. Nothing.

The Vegan RD

The Vegan RD Website.

Vegan RD stands for Vegan Registered Dietician. The owner of this website is a registered dietician, and you’re bound to find useful information if you take the time to read. And again, just like Vegan Health, I found this resource to be without bias.

As you can figure out by now, that is a quality I value immensely, especially if we’re talking about veganism and health.

Ginny even gives you information on how to become a registered dietician, and how to find a job as a vegan nutritionist. But beyond that are countless blog posts that answer some of the most important questions to any vegan.

For instance, many vegans question if it’s possible to raise a vegan child? Although it is possible, vaccines for children are either tested on animals or contain animal ingredients. At the same time, vaccines are something you can’t simply avoid since their importance is paramount.

Great Resources But Also Amazing Books.

Not only does Ginny share invaluable information through her free blog posts, but she also has written amazing books that are nothing short of amazing.

Coming from an RD, it’s far more valuable than ebooks coming from regular bloggers and/or people with a superficial knowledge of nutrition. Alongside Vegan Health, this is probably the best resource on ‘vegan health’ you’ll be able to find.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts Website.

Among the first three websites, Nutrition Facts is probably the most popular.

That’s partly because of Dr. Michael Greger, an excellent advocate for the vegan movement. In fact, before I found his website, I also found one of his most-watched videos on Youtube.

Whether people like him or not, no one can deny his persuasive ability and outstanding contribution to the vegan movement. Surely he has opened the eyes and minds of people, enabling them to live a healthier, and guilt-free lifestyle.

Anyhoo, here’s exactly what I like about his website, Nutrition Facts:

  • The website supports written content with videos, which is far easier to digest.
  • Dr. Greger breaks down complicated information from scientific studies into a less dense and easy to understand explanation.
  • The website is much easier to browse than the other two since you can easily find information ON ANY GIVEN topic via the search bar. Plus, since the layout is very user-friendly, you can effortlessly find the information you’re looking for.
  • The library of information is actually superior to any other website covering the same topics.

In addition, his website is free and whatever money he makes from it (via donations) goes to charity or back into his research. Even the Nutrition Facts Youtube channel is ad-free, so apparently, he has no agenda besides helping people.

I’ve seen mixed opinions on Dr. Greger, but I can’t quite check if it’s just a bunch of haters creating smoke, so I can’t form an opinion on that. On the other hand, I’ve only heard great things about the people behind Vegan Health & Vegan RD.

Yet, Dr. Greger seems to be way more popular than the former, if that counts for anything.


VegNews Website

Do you want access to the latest news on veganism? Well, who better than VegNews? Whether you’re into the latest news of celebrities going vegan, or if you love to hear about the newest innovations on vegan ‘meat’, then this is the website to follow.

VegNews can be thought-provoking without being depressing and can inspire you to embrace veganism without having to sell you an embellished truth. Inside VegNews you’ll find fun, light-hearted articles related to veganism, but without the bias or preaching nature of other news outlets.

This and PlantBasedNews are by far the best news sources for vegans worldwide.

Plus, they’ve been around since 2000, so they’ve supported the vegan movement even before the BOOM happened in recent years. Not only through digital but also through print.

Plant Based News

Plant Based News is smaller than VegNews, but their professionalism and swiftness are equally impressive.

Plus, even though it’s a news website, there’s a personal feel to it.

The amazing folks behind Plant Based News are not afraid to show themselves, and so there’s a bigger connection between them and their audience. At least, that’s what I feel each time I tune in to watch their videos on Youtube.

In each video, Klaus (the founder) sounds as approachable as possible, which is a human quality most can appreciate. At the same time, he transmits honesty through his words, which explains why more and more people follow Plant Based News.

The titles are provocative and clickbaity, but the content is always interesting. And just like VegNews, you’ll love the interviews and podcasts with vegan celebrities.

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

it doesn't taste like kitchen
It Doesn’t Taste Like Kitchen Website.

Not everyone can create recipes from scratch and have them all be delicious. I’m not saying that’s what ‘It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’ does, but most of the recipes I tested are flavorsome.

Plus, Sam (the founder) is a beautiful soul that makes great use of her personality to guide you through her recipes. Although not all recipes come with a video, you can find some that do.

On her website, you will be able to find hearty, and satisfying food recipes that have been tested by family members and friends. Plus, as she says, most of her recipes are fuss-free, so you should be able to do them as long as you follow each simple step.

Here Are Some Of My Favorite Recipes From Her.

Whether it’s breakfast or dessert, Sam has something delicious for every occasion. If you need some tasty appetizers for a birthday party, she’s got a list of them, too.

Anyway, these are my favorite recipes from ‘It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’:

  • The Ultimate Chocolate Vegan Cake — This isn’t your typical chocolate vegan cake. I’ve had some different chocolate cakes over the years, and Sam’s chocolate cake is top 2.
  • Sweet Potato & Corn Enchiladas — Trust me, if you an hour of your day, try following this recipe to a dot. You won’t regret it. These enchiladas are truly amazing, yet simple to make.
  • Vegan Sunflower Seed Cheese — Here in Portugal it’s quite common to eat this form of cheese. And since some people in the family are quite fans of cheese, I managed to surprise them with something different. This cheese is amazing, especially with a piece of bread.

Obviously, you’re going to find way more recipes to fill your time with… but so far I haven’t tested too many recipes. Nonetheless, I keep coming back to Sam’s website because it’s just incredible.

The Flaming Vegan

flaming vegan
The Flaming Vegan Website.

What is The Flaming Vegan? In simple terms, is where vegan and vegetarian bloggers gather. Every day, you have new, interesting posts on veganism, written by bloggers.

Instead of writing content on their own blogs, bloggers on The Flaming Vegan take advantage of the already established audience and submit their content directly to The Flaming Vegan. IF their content ranks highly on the platform, they are paid.

Regardless of the quality of your blog post, you will always be paid the same, which might be somewhat demotivating if you’re looking to write high-quality content on the platform. From what I’ve seen, the content writers do it as a hobby but are still trying their best to write good content on a huge variety of topics.

If you have something you want to share and want to make a quick buck, you can always submit original content on there. Though, my advice will always be to create your own blog, since you’ll own most of your content that way.

Oh She Glows

oh she glows
Oh She Glows Website

Pretty much like ‘It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’, this one is also a recipe website to follow. With over 500 healthy vegan recipes, Angela shows you how you can recover from an eating disorder and still eat delicious food.

What I find to be unique about this food blog is that the founder does not only share unique recipes, but she also makes an effort to connect with her audience. She shares content on pregnancy, family, pretty much everything that involves her.

In addition to her website, she also has a phone app where you have instant access to all of her recipes.

Try Veg

Try Veg
Try Veg Website

If you’re in the early stages of veganism— Try Veg answers your most pressing questions, and provides you with resources to help you transition. Not only can you access any number of recipes on their website, but you can also download a free starter guide to make your journey as smooth as possible.

In addition to that, Try Veg has leaflets, brochures, and booklets to help. You can also follow their podcast, where they comer topics such as meal planning, vegan junk food, and more. So far the podcast only has 12 episodes, but I’m sure it’ll grow more over time.

Anywho, if you have any questions, Try Veg does its best to answer them.

No Meat Athlete

no meat athlete
No Meat Athlete Website.

Frankly, I’ve always wondered if there was someone out there who could dispel the myths built around vegan protein, and how vegans may not succeed as athletes (or even build solid muscle) due to a diet without meat. Well, it turns out there is.

The No Meat Athlete is not just a blogger. He’s actually an athlete himself.

In fact, it wasn’t until he turned vegetarian that he witnessed his first competitive breakthrough by qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:09:59. Notice that we’re not talking about a ping-pong player. This is a marathonist that pushes his body to the limit to break records, while on a meatless diet.

The community on No Meat Athlete is the real deal. They have something called Running Groups, where you may choose to join in to go for a run. They exist all across America, you just have to be nearby to be able to join. I know how difficult it is to be a vegan and feel isolated from the world since almost no one around you shares the same ideals.

Well, you solve that problem by joining an active community and creating friendships within it.

If you want to be fitter, faster and stronger on a vegan diet, you can do so at No Meat Athlete. Being a former gym freak myself, I really respect and appreciate Matt’s approach to vegan fitness.


Nutriciously Website.

I’ve mentioned this website in a blog post before and I will do so again. If you want to seriously avoid ALL the nutritional pitfalls in your vegan diet, then Nutriciously got you covered.

The effort, dedication, and thought put into creating both free and paid resources are astounding.

In fact, they went so far as to create a completely free course for you. This course covers topics such as foods, nutrients, meal plans, myth debunking, and even ways to make the vegan lifestyle easy when you’re not at home.

If you’re not interested in following their free course, you can always check out their fatty blog posts. They frequently write about nutrition, lifestyle, transition tips and more. Plus, their website is so clean and sleek which makes the reading experience much more pleasant.

The Vegan Strategist

the vegan strategist
The Vegan Strategist Website.

This website is what you’d call thinking out of the box.

In fact, the catchy phrase “boldly going where no vegan has gone before” suits the website perfectly.

If you’re a vegan interested in protecting animal rights, The Vegan Strategist shares with you strategies that will help communicate your beliefs without being offensive, but still being able to disrupt the system. The founder, Tobias Leenaert, thinks about strategies and gives presentations all around the world about vegan advocacy.

Believe me, no one would be able to do that without proper experience. Tobias is the founder of the Ethical Vegetarian Alternative, an organization in Belgium that fights for animal rights. If you want to support animal rights, and want to be able to do so effectively, there’s no one better to teach you than Tobias.

On his website, you’ll be able to read about topics such as environmentalism, veganism, ethics, all from his perspective. Without vegan advocates, veganism wouldn’t have spread this thick, so I believe this blog deserves a serious read.

The Minimalist Vegan.

The minimalist vegan
The Minimalist Vegan Website.

I don’t think I’m just speaking for myself when I say that going vegan gave birth to different interests and ideologies in my mind. From minimalism to ethics and the environment, these are all topics I’m interested in, which seem to be all connected.

This time around, I decided to mention a website that speaks about minimalism (+ veganism) as a way of living. Michael and Maša Ofei are the creators behind The Minimalist Vegan. They share long-form articles about minimalism, mindfulness, veganism, ethical shopping, productivity, and many other topics.

Plus, they have a podcast where they have down-to-earth conversations with their audience about living with less and being more compassionate. At the end of the day, I just love the message they’re spreading.

Earthling Ed

earthling ed
Earthling Ed Website.

Honestly, It wasn’t my case, but I’m pretty sure Ed Winters has converted many non-vegans into vegans with one of his speeches. In fact, the following speech is probably one of the most seen speeches on Youtube:

Whether you like his personality or not, he’s fighting hard for the cause and shares his journey on his Youtube channel.

His website is also a good place to learn about activism and veganism. Moreover, since he’s quite skilled at coming up with comebacks to excuses made by non-vegans, that is also something you can learn from him. In other words, If you want to advocate for veganism, then both his website and Youtube channel are good places to get started.

Ed has also launched his own NGO (Surge), on top of the documentary projects he has on hands. He’s an infinite source of inspiration, that pushes the vegan movement forward. Whether you want to connect with him because you share the same passion for activism, or if you just want to simply be entertained and lost for words, he’s definitely the dude to follow.

These different websites (and personalities) are not based on popularity, they’re just my own personal choices. Each one has something of good to offer, and I felt like it would be good to share it with those new to veganism.

Thank you for reading!

Alexandre Valente

Hey there! My name is Alex and I've been vegan for more than five years! I've set up this blog because I'm really passionate about veganism and living a more eco-conscious life. Hopefully, I can use this website as a channel to help you out on your own journey!

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