Is Elmer’s Glue Vegan? Here’s What I Found Out!

Glue, throughout history, was made from collagen.

The name collagen comes from the word Greek kolla (glue) and gennao (I produce).

This term was coined (in the mid-1800s) because collagen was the main ingredient of glues formed from boiling animal skin, tendons, and ligaments. Particularly, horse hooves and bones.

However, what about today? Does glue still have collagen in it?

More importantly, is Elmer’s Glue vegan? 

Let’s find out.

Elmer’s Glue: Is it Vegan?

Fortunately, Elmer’s Glue does not contain animals or animal parts. It is a combination of chemicals that are synthesized.

The chemicals used are obtained from petroleum, natural gas, and other raw materials. And while they do not reveal the exact formulation (to perhaps avoid copycats), they do mention that the ingredients used do not include horses, cows or any other animals or their byproducts.

If you’re in doubt, this information was taken from their FAQ page, on

Elmer’s Glue Used To Be Made From Casein.

As we now know, Elmer’s Glue is vegan.

But it seems that wasn’t always the case.

Apparently, Elmer’s Glue was once made by Borden, a company involved in making dairy products. At the time, the glue contained casein, a protein taken from animal milk which is still used today in a variety of products, including certain glues.

Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore, and Elmer’s now use a purely synthetic recipe.

The brand has been bought and sold over the years, but it seems no one has bothered to change the Cow logo, which can be somewhat deceiving if you’re vegan.

Glue Can Also Be Made From Eggs.

We know that glue can be made from collagen and casein, but did you know that albumin (a common protein found in blood) was once an important ingredient used to create glues?

It was not as common as collagen and casein-made glues, as they were used in specific instances. But apparently, albumin was used to create adhesives useful in the manufacturing of plywood.

While I’m not certain whether or not that’s still the case, the only way of knowing if a glue contains animal ingredients is by actually contacting the manufacturer or company.

Even though we’re plunging into a Vegan Era, there are still some companies producing glue with animal ingredients. It’s certainly a case where you’re better off contacting the company because, generally, there is no ingredient label to help you out.

Bottom Line: Elmer’s Glue Is Vegan.

Exactly, Elmer’s Glue does not contain animals or animal byproducts.

While it contains petroleum-based materials which are known to be environmentally disruptive, Elmer’s Glue is still considered vegan as far as the vegan definition goes.

If you’re interested in acquiring Elmer’s Glue, feel free to order it from Amazon.

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