Every Vegan Option At Jimmy Johns (Updated: 2022)

Jimmy Johns is a sandwich fast-food restaurant chain owned by Inspire Brand, the same company that owns Sonic, Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. They are available in over 2500 locations in the United States, and they specialize in delivery services.

Unfortunately, Jimmy Johns has to be among the most limited restaurants in terms of actual vegan options. If you’re looking for an actual vegan sandwich, you won’t find one.

What you will find is a vegetarian sandwich that you can convert into a vegan sandwich by replacing or removing the cheese and the mayo. If not, the only way you can get a vegan sandwich at Jimmy Johns is by creating your own.

Vegan Food at Jimmy Johns

As we’ve mentioned, Jimmy Johns only has one vegetarian sandwich.

It’s called The Veggie and comes with Provolone cheese, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, so if you’re vegan, you ought to remove the cheese and the mayo. However, If you do that, you’re left with a rather bland sandwich, with the cost remaining the same.

As a result, your best bet is to create your sandwich. To create a decent vegan sandwich, you need to know which ingredients you can add to it.

Below we’ll list the vegan ingredients based on the different types of ingredients.

Vegan Bread

Here are the four types of bread you can choose from:

  • French bread
  • 9-Grain Wheat Sub
  • 9-Grain Wheat Sliced
  • Unwich (Lettuce Wrap)

Keep in mind that the bread may be manufactured in a facility where animal-based ingredients are also produced, so there’s a higher risk of cross-contact. In any case, the bread itself is not made from animal ingredients, making it vegan-friendly.

Vegan Condiments

Unfortunately, Jimmy Johns is not the kind of place where you’re able to find meat or cheese substitutes. If you want some of that, you ought to check fast-food chains like Blaze Pizza.

In the meantime, you have to settle for condiments such as:

  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Sprouts
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Jimmy Peppers
  • Pickles
  • Avocado Spread

According to the information present on the Allergen Guide, the Avocado Spread is vegan.

I’ve researched some different brands to understand what ingredients are used, and it’s usually a combination of avocados and sea salt.

Vegan Toppings

To bring the flavor up a notch, you’ll have to add some toppings to the sandwich. Although limited, there are still some toppings free of animal ingredients:

  • Grey Poupon (whole-grain mustard)
  • Jimmy Mustard
  • Oil & Vinegar
  • Oregano-Basil
  • And Yellow Mustard

Vegan Sides

Finally, to accompany your sandwich, you can ask for the following sides:

  • Regular Jimmy Chips
  • Thinny Chips
  • BBQ Jimmy Chips
  • Jalapeno Chips
  • Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle

Jimmy Johns also sells vinegar-flavored chips but they contain dairy, so make sure you stick to the options above.

Vegan Drink At Jimmy Johns

Finally, if you’re not happy with any of the options above, you can always visit Jimmy Johns to get a quick refreshment. Here are the options they have on the menu:

  • Coke
  • Diet Coke
  • Sprite
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Dasani Water

They have very few options, but that is expected from a company that specializes in the delivery of meaty sandwiches.

Better Alternatives to Jimmy Johns

If you want a fast-food chain that can provide you with some legitimate vegan options, then keep this quick list in mind, as these brands usually have some options to entertain you:

  • Del Taco (Tacos with Beyond plant-based “meat”)
  • TGI Fridays (check the Beyond Burger)
  • Blaze Pizza (they got vegan cheese)
  • Freebirds World Burrito (vegan burritos)
  • Bareburger (varied vegan menu)
  • Mellow Mushroom (pizzas with tempeh, tofu, and vegan cheese)
  • P.F Chang’s (Can replace meat with tofu for most dishes)

These are just some of the food chains you can consider, but I’m sure you won’t have any problem finding a restaurant with more vegan options than Jimmy Johns.


Jimmy Johns has some vegan options, but they’re still quite limited when compared to more popular food chains. While you can’t find a vegan sandwich, there’s a vegetarian sandwich you can convert to vegan by removing the cheese and mayo.

However, the best option is to actually build your own sandwich by choosing some of the veggies and toppings they have on the menu.

If you’re not that psyched about dropping by Jimmy Johns, consider some of the alternatives we’ve suggested above. Even if you can’t find the ones above, I’m sure you can find a place with a more interesting range of options.

Did you like this blog post? Feel free to read this article where I share some useful tips to eat out as a vegan. If you’re new to veganism, it might come in handy. 🙂

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