Burn XT Review – Does It Burn Fat? (Updated 2022)

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As you probably know, a thermogenic fat burner can help you lose weight by increasing the number of calories you can burn on any given day. 

Burn XT is among the most popular thermogenic fat burners thanks to its millions of satisfied customers and tens of thousands of verified reviews. 

Jacked Factory, the company behind Burn XT, claims that their formula is a clinically validated formula with clinically proven ingredients. Is that really the case?

In this article, I’ll dive deep to understand whether the ingredients in this formula are effective, so you know if Burn XT will help you burn fat or lose weight. 

Burn XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

What is Burn XT?

Burn XT is a thermogenic fat burner and it contains natural ingredients that are designed to speed up the number of calories you’re able to burn. 

Thermogenic stands for generating heat. When our bodies burn calories, our body generates heat from within and this requires calories as fuel.

The thermogenic process involves a series of metabolic processes that speed up natural reactions in the body to take place — making your metabolism more efficient, allowing you to burn more fat and calories from a workout. 

Generally, thermogenic supplements accelerate natural processes in the body to boost your metabolism, but they can also enhance your ability to exercise by providing you with more energy. 

burn xt

Thermogenic supplements will also contain ingredients such as green tea extract or caffeine, which will give you a boost in energy and consequently make your workout sessions more productive, thus promoting calorie loss. 

It is important to note that thermogenic fat burners give you an edge. They do not work as a substitute for exercise and a good diet. The real benefit of thermogenic fat burners comes with the combination of increased resting metabolism and the substantial metabolic work of exercise.

What Are Burn XT’s Ingredients?

Burn XT contains several ingredients, including L-carnitine, green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, cayenne pepper extract, and Bioperine. 

The ingredients play different roles in the supplement, which I’ll elaborate on below. 

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI (700 mg)

L-carnitine is a compound produced by the body from lysine and methionine. It can be acetylated to produce acetyl-L-carnitine which is very similar but it crosses the blood-brain barrier more efficiently. 

Acetyl L-carnitine seems to be effective against depression, but the research is yet limited. 1 It also seems to reduce fatigue in older individuals with low muscular endurance 2, but its effects on young athletes are not particularly consistent, even though research does suggest small improvements.  

It also has minor beneficial effects on blood pressure, blood glucose, insulin sensitivity, lipid profile, oxidative stress, and inflammation. 

However, when it comes to fat burning, a lot of the studies done in isolation do not reveal very good results— in fact, what the studies show is that the minor fat loss is a result of increased physical activity due to increased energy levels 3

Green Tea Extract (450 mg)

As you might know, green tea (or Camellia Sinensis) is a plant that is frequently steeped in hot water and consumed as a tea.

Most of its benefits derive from water-soluble polyphenols (also referred to as catechins or EGCGs), which are extracted from its leaves. Their effects are transversal to almost every organ in the body. 

They are cardioprotective, neuroprotective, anti-obesity, anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic, anti-atherogenic, liver protective, and beneficial for blood vessel health. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 The extent of its effects, however, still requires more research because while it may affect different things, its potency might not be sufficient. 

Green tea extract contains roughly 50% catechins (or EGCG), and the lipid oxidation and related fat-burning benefits are achieved in a dose-dependent manner, according to studies. 9

Last but not least, green tea is also a stimulant (like caffeine), so it gives you the energy to perform better during workouts, which typically results in more calories being spent. 

Caffeine Anhydrous (270 mg)

Caffeine Anhydrous is made from the seeds and leaves of coffee plants.

The word “anhydrous” means “without water”. After being harvested, the caffeine is extracted from the plant matter and dehydrated — creating a highly concentrated caffeine powder. 

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, and it can be used to improve physical strength and endurance. 10, 11, 12, 13 It is classified as a nootropic because it sensitizes neurons and provides mental stimulation.

Habitual caffeine consumption is also associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

Caffeine plays an antagonizing role against adenosine receptors. Adenosine has a sedative and relaxing effect, particularly when it acts upon its receptors in the brain. Caffeine prevents this from happening, promoting alertness and wakefulness, among other things. 

Out of all the ingredients in the Burn XT formula, caffeine anhydrous is probably the most effective one. 

Cayenne Pepper Extract (50 mg)

Cayenne peppers, like other spicy peppers, have capsaicin carotenoids, which are two pigments from the Capsicum family of vegetables. 

These pigmentations belong to the class of carotenoids and are reddish in nature. 

The reason cayenne pepper extract is included in Burn XT is that it increases the bioavailability of other properties, which basically increases the potential for benefits to occur. 

Bioperine (5 mg)

Bioperine is a patented piperine extract, containing at least 95% piperine in a form that is well absorbed by your body, and like cayenne pepper extract, it acts as an enabler. 

Studies show that Bioperine can increase the absorption of different plant compounds, including tea polyphenols, curcumin, beta carotene, and selenium. 14, 15

This, however, requires more evidence, as the number of studies available is scarce. 

Is Burn XT Effective?

Assuming that you couple this supplement with a healthy exercise routine and diet, it’s likely that you will feel and experience weight loss with Burn XT.

According to a lot of reviews online, including on websites like Jacked Factory and even Amazon, Burn XT does seem to produce a weight loss effect. 

burn xt

A verified review on Amazon says the following: “I liked how fast this worked! There’s a huge difference in the way that my clothes fit and just the side by side photos of a 6 day difference! I’ve learnt to NEVER trust the scale cause I stayed the same weight but lost 2 inches on my waist and 1 1/2 on my hips! This stuff is amazing! Can’t wait to order more!”

Whereas another says the following: “I normally give a week to any pills that I’m taking. There’s no way I can give another day though this one. It tells you to start using one pill. I did. I took one in the morning as suggested. It’s made me extremely sick. It’s sickness that I cannot easily describe. Extremely uncomfortable feeling. I felt so nauseated, dizzy. It is not an appetite suppressant. You just lose your appetite as you feel horrible.”

With over 50k reviews on Amazon, most of the reviews are positive.

Naturally, some people will not react positively and find that the product does not work — and unfortunately, that could be for several reasons, including the fact a person might not pair the supplement with a healthy workout routine, hence not seeing results. 

In the end, I don’t think that the product is miraculous (and the same goes for other fat burners), but I do feel like this supplement is affordable enough and contains the right ingredients to warrant an attempt. 


Is Burn XT Safe?

Burn XT mainly uses natural ingredients, so it’s generally safe to consume.

However, keep in mind that it contains ingredients like green tea extract and caffeine anhydrous delivered in significant dosages, and this may lead you to feel some side effects, which are associated with the excessive consumption of the previously mentioned ingredients.

Some of the side effects may be:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Extreme tiredness as a result of a caffeine crash
  • Irritability

These are all symptoms associated with caffeine use, so do keep that in mind when consuming it. 

Is Burn XT FDA Approved?

While the manufacturer claims that Burn XT is manufactured in the USA in a cGMP-certified facility following the highest quality control guidelines for maximum potency, quality, & safety, the supplement itself is not FDA approved.

However, that is also the case with most dietary supplements, hence why it is recommended that you talk to your doctor first before consuming any supplement. 

Does Burn XT Make You Poop?

According to Jacked Factory, Burn XT is not a direct diuretic, but it does contain ingredients such as caffeine that may cause diuretic effects in some individuals.

What’s The Difference Between Burn XT and Lean XT?

The main difference between Burn XT and Lean XT is that one contains stimulants and the other does not. In other words, Burn XT contains caffeine, but Lean XT does not. 

How To Take Burn XT?

Jacked Factory suggests that you should test the supplement during the first three days by consuming 1 capsule per day for 3 days to assess tolerance.

Beyond that point, it’s recommended that you consume 2 capsules 1-2 times per day before or with meals. 

They also suggest avoiding the supplement within 4 hours of bedtime, and you should use it in combination with quality nutritional practices, regular exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Burn XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Editor’s note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as medical advice. The content of our articles is not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of health problems. It’s always best to speak with your doctor or a certified medical professional before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet, or exercise routine, or trying a new supplement.

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