Which Carrots Are The Sweetest? (+ Tips For Growing Sweet Carrots)

Carrots are loved all around the world because of their sweet flavor, but not all carrots have the same amount of sweetness. That begs the question, which carrots are the sweetest?

As a rule of thumb, carrots with a vibrant orange or red hue are typically the sweetest because they have high amounts of sugar, but some purple varieties are sweet too. Kuroda, Red-Cored Chantenay, and Pusa Rudhira Red Carrots tend to be the sweetest as a result.

To learn more about which types of carrots are the sweetest, read on. This article fully explains the sweetest types of carrots and what makes them so sweet. Keep reading below to find out more.

What Type Of Carrot Is Sweetest?

The easiest way to identify a sweet carrot is to look for carrots that have a highly saturated reddish-orange color. Some purple varieties are also sweet, but the red-orange carrots are more reliably sweet because they often have higher lycopene levels.


Some carrots that have high amounts of lycopene, and are sweet as a result, include the following:

  • Kuroda
  • Red-Cored Chantenay
  • Pusa Rudhira Red Carrots
  • Black Nebula
  • Tendersweet
  • Cosmic Purple

Even though some of these carrots are purple, the vast majority are bright red or orange. So, it is safe to apply the bright red/orange rule when quickly shopping for the sweetest carrot types. Buying any one of the above-mentioned carrots practically guarantees a delicious tasting sweet carrot every time.

What Makes A Carrot Sweet?

What makes carrots sweet is the exact same ingredient that makes cakes, cookies, and all of your favorite desserts sweet: sugar. The more sugar a food has, the sweeter it is going to taste. Carrots are often the sweetest vegetable at the supermarket because many carrot varieties have high amounts of sugar naturally.

As mentioned above, red, orange, and purple carrots are often the sweetest. These types of carrots include lycopene, which is a pigment and antioxidant – It is what’s responsible for a carrot’s color, as well as the color of tomatoes, watermelon, and other fruits and veggies.

Although this antioxidant is not directly related to sugar content, most vegetables that are high in it are also high in sugar. That is why you can easily predict whether or not a carrot will be sweet based on color alone. This rule can apply to other fruits and vegetables as well.

Can I Make A Carrot Sweeter?

For the most part, you cannot make a carrot any sweeter than its genetics allow. The best way to grow a sweet carrot is to grow the carrot from carrots that are known to be sweet. Once again, red, orange and some purple varieties tend to be the sweetest. By growing these types of carrots, you can rely on a sweet flavor.

Cut Them Differently

Oddly enough, you can make a carrot less sweet depending on how you cut them. Because of the carrot’s microstructure, you can affect the carrot’s flavor and sweetness if you chop using a dull blade or mash the carrots in any way. When doing either of these two things, you are compressing the compounds and changing the flavor.

Ensure that your carrots maintain their maximum sweetness by cutting them with a sharp vegetable knife. Cutting a carrot in this way will not enhance its sweetness, but it will help to retain the sweetness that is already there.

Are Sweet Carrots Bad For Me?

Because sweet carrots have such high amounts of sugar, many people wonder if the vegetable is bad for them. Although it is true that sweet carrots have a much higher sugar than other vegetables, carrots are still really good for you because they have a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that aid your health.

Of course, overeating sweet carrots are bad for you. Eating too much of anything is bad for you. If you eat sweet carrots in moderation, these vegetables are highly good for you and provide a tasty treat with your meal.

If you have a specific diet you need to follow, talk to your doctor to find out if sweet carrots are right for you.

Tips For Growing Sweet Carrots

If you don’t have a green thumb and simply want to purchase your sweet carrots at the store, no problem. However, many people like to grow their own carrots to ensure they have the sweetest and freshest produce available. Here are some tips for growing sweet carrots in your yard or garden.

Pick Out The Right Variety

We cannot stress how important it is to pick out the right variety of carrots. As we learned above, genetics is the most important factor for determining the sweetness of your carrot. 

Make sure that you’re planting carrot varieties that are known to be sweet to the taste. If you plant a carrot not known for its sweetness, you will not get a sweet or flavorful carrot, no matter how hard you try.

Plant At The Right Time

As we will learn next, the best time to harvest carrots is in early September. To ensure that your carrots have enough time to mature, you will want to plant them in early summer. The exact time that you should plant your carrot depends on the carrot type you select. Look on the back of your carrot seeds to learn how long it will take for your carrots to mature.

Once you know how long it takes, do some math to find out when you need to plant the seeds for the carrots to be harvested at the beginning of September. For example, if your carrot package says it takes 75 days for the seeds to mature, you will need to plant your seeds on June 15th if you want to harvest on September 1st.

Harvest At The Right Time

Carrots often get a sweeter flavor if they are harvested during the fall when the days are warm and the nights get cold. This is the best environment for picking sweet carrots because the sugars get to trickle down from the green tops to the root bottoms as the temperature cools.

It’s important to pick your carrots based on where you live. If you live in a temperate region, you will do best to pick your carrots in early September.

Pick Right Before Cooking

For even better results, try to pick your carrots right before cooking. Especially if you eat late, this is a wonderful tip. Carrots often have the sweetest flavor if you pick them an hour or so after sundown. Picking your carrots at this time results in the best-tasting flavor and the freshest carrot possible.

Final Thoughts

Carrots that have a bright orange or red color are often the sweetest. Like other fruits and vegetables with high amounts of lycopene, carrots of this color often have a sweet flavor that is absolutely to die for. Conversely, dull-looking carrots often have less sweet flavors.

To ensure that your sweet carrot is as sweet as possible, make sure to grow the right seeds and plant and harvest them at the right time. Planning is everything if you want to grow your sweet carrots. Regardless of whether you plant the carrot yourself or buy them from the store, make sure to cut the carrot with a sharp blade to retain the carrot’s natural sweetness.

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