Vegan Options at Glory Days in 2022 [Food Guide]

Glory Days Grill is a sport themed family-friendly American grill and bar with an award-winning menu that combines appetizers, entrees, and sandwiches. They have over 100 sites along the East Coast, and while they’re not a vegan-centric restaurant, they have added the Beyond Burger to the menu. 

According to Impossible Foods, the Impossible Burger contains protein from soy and potato. There is fat from coconut and sunflower oils, and there are binders from methylcellulose and food starch, which help hold the structure so that they can turn it into patties, meatballs, or even kebabs. Don’t worry, there are no gray-area ingredients in this one. 

Other than the Impossible Burger, Glory Days has what most casual dining restaurants have, the good ol’ fries, redskin potatoes, and seasonal veggies. If you’re starving, I’m sure those options will suffice. 

Vegan Options at Glory Days Grill

vegan options

As I’ve mentioned, the restaurant doesn’t have too many vegan options, other than the Impossible Burger, and what is accidentally vegan.

Don’t expect a creative vegan menu because this ain’t the spot, unfortunately. 

Here are the vegan options available at Glory Days Grill:

Vegan Burger

The main food vegans seek to order upon visiting a restaurant like Glory Days is a faux-meat option like the Impossible Burger, as it’s literally the only item that’s worth it.

Make sure that when you order the Impossible Burger, you order it without cheese. 

I’ve emailed Glory Days Grill to know whether the Impossible Burger is available in every location, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. They also don’t have vegans buns at every location, so depending on the place you live, you might have to call them or email them to know if it’s available. 

In fact, the menu (as well as promotions) varies from one location to another. 

glory days website

If knowing the price makes any difference, Glory Days sells the Impossible Burger for $11.99. 

I believe there are several options transversal to every location. I’m referring to the appetizers, sides, sauces, dressings, and desserts, which we’ll cover below. 


First, let me mention a few add-ons you can add to the impossible burger. 

Grilled Mushrooms $0.99
Grilled Onions $0.99
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables $1.49


If you’re looking to have appetizers, Glory Days has one vegan-friendly option: Tortilla Chips and Guacamole.

This is not an option they have on the menu, so you will have to ask for chips and guacamole separately.  


These are sides available on Glory Days’ menu:

Fresh Seasonal Vegetables $2.99
Jasmine Rice $2.99
Parsley Redskin Potatoes $2.99
Homemade Guacamole $3.99
Seasoned Fries $2.99
Side Tossed Salad $4.29
Sweet Potato Fries $3.99

The Side Tossed Salad usually comes with cheese and croutons (may contain milk), so order this side without those ingredients. 

Sauces and Dressings

Here is the list of sauces and dressings at Glory Days Grill:

Bourbon Style Sauce N/A
Garlic Buffalo Sauce N/A
Old Bay Wing Sauce N/A
Teriyaki Sauce N/A
Applewood Grilling Sauce N/A
BBQ Sauce N/A
Balsamic Vinaigrette N/A
Glory Sauce N/A
Italian Vinaigrette N/A
Korean No. 2 Wing Sauce N/A
Medium Wing Sauce N/A
Nashville Hot Wing Sauce N/A
Oil and Vinegar N/A
Orange Citrus Vinaigrette N/A


Some locations serve raspberry sorbet. Sorbet is a substitute for ice cream, and it’s usually made with a base of water, fruit, and sugar. Make sure you’re, in fact, ordering sorbet and not sherbet. The name is similar, but sherbet contains a small percentage of milk for added texture. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any info on the price. 


One thing I’d like to mention is that there’s a risk for cross-contamination at Glory Days Grill.

They have a food allergen page on their website where you can select the allergens you want to avoid, and the system will provide you with a list of items without those allergens. 

On that same page, they have the following statement:

“We try to instruct our food production staff, servers, and management on the severity of food allergies. While we do our best to accommodate all allergen requests, there is always a risk of contamination. We cannot guarantee that our kitchens or our suppliers are 100% allergen-free. There is the possibility that manufacturers of the foods we use could change the formulation and without notice. Guests with food allergies need to be aware of this risk.”

Therefore, be extra careful and inform the restaurant of any potential allergies along with their severity. 

Related Questions

Are Glory Days Cauliflower Wings Vegan?

The Cauliflower Wings at Glory Days are suitable for vegetarians, but they’re not vegan. They contain both egg and milk-derived ingredients. 

Are Glory Days Fries Gluten-Free? 

The fries at Glory Days are gluten-free because they usually prepare them in a dedicated fryer to prevent cross-contamination. However, point out your allergy to the restaurant staff to prevent potential mistakes on their part. 


Glory Days Grill has limited food items for vegans, but some locations have the Impossible Burger. 

Just make sure that when ordering, you ask the restaurant staff to remove the cheese (that usually comes with the Impossible Burger), and maybe switch it for grilled mushrooms or onions. 

The other options include sides, sauces, and dressings you can find in most restaurants. 

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