Vegan Options at Dunkin’ Donuts (Updated 2022)

Okay, so you might be asking: are there vegan donuts at Dunkin Donuts? The quick answer is no. Unfortunately, every donut variety is made with animal-based ingredients, but that doesn’t mean you just have to settle for anything you’re given.

If you’ve been invited by non-vegan friends and want to see if you can get by as a vegan, or if you’re simply curious about any vegan options that Dunkin’ Donuts might have but you’re feeling lazy to make the call — you’ve come to the right place.

Dunkin Donuts does have vegan options, but you need to keep in mind that if you’re visiting with friends, you might be the only person NOT eating donuts in the shop. That being said, you can actually find over 20 vegan options, including drinks.

What To Eat At Dunkin Donuts

While the donuts aren’t vegan, you can still find some legitimate options. In fact, let’s start this quick list with a new delicacy Dunkin’ Donuts recently added to their menu.

The Beyond Sausage Sandwich

Let me start by saying that the Beyond Sausage Sandwich is not vegan. It’s made with Beyond Meat’s plant-based sausage, mixed with a blend of spices crafted especially for Dunkin’ – but is served on an English muffin with egg and American cheese.

However, you can ask for no eggs or cheese. Though, quite frankly, the best option is to actually order an English Muffin or Bagel and add Beyond Sausage. Otherwise, if you just order a Beyond Sausage Sandwich and rule out the animal ingredients, you’ll still be charged the full price.

Another thing you can do is carry some vegan cheese with you and add it to the bagel or English Muffin and you have yourself a sandwich.

Bottom line: Don’t settle for just anything! Combine ingredients to make an awesome lunch!



Yes, it turns out Dunkin’ Donuts have bagels available!

According to their website, you can order plain, cinnamon raisin, everything, and sesame bagels. Some websites also suggest their multigrain bagel, but that variation actually contains honey.

Also, you’ll have to avoid the popular cream cheese spread and see if they have a possible plant-based alternative like jelly, jam, or even peanut butter.

English Muffin

english muffin

You’re also free to order an English Muffin, but just make sure you skip the butter.

Instead of butter, you can also check if they have plant-based alternatives, or as we’ve mentioned earlier, if you want a filling sandwich, try adding Beyond Sausage.

Hash Browns

hash browns

Generally, Hash Browns are 100% vegan.

They’re a combination of potato and vegetable oils on a skillet in case you want something tasty and fried.

Fortunately, the Hash Browns at Dunkin’ are also vegan, so you can feel free to order some without feeling guilty!


Do you want to stick to a healthier meal?

Well, Dunkin Donuts’ multigrain instant oatmeal is a tasty and filling option to get your day started.

It’s essentially quaker oatmeal with dried fruit, which you can choose to eat with almond milk (or water) to avoid dairy milk.

What To Drink At Dunkin’ Donuts

Wherever you may go, there are always plant-based drinks. Where I live, I can opt for a simple espresso, but I can also go for more fancy options. At Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s the same.

Here are some of the options available at Dunkin’ Donuts:


If you’re a minimalist like me, a single or double shot espresso will suffice to get you going!

However, even with some added sugar, it’s still a rather strong and bitter drink, so it’s not really intended to be consumed with food.

That being said, if you’re meeting friends for a quick coffee break, then it’s a viable choice.

Hot Coffee


Instead of a strong shot of highly pressurized coffee (espresso), you can opt for a more diluted version.

Yes, they’re both coffee, but unlike the espresso with its crema at the top, regular black coffee has a mild taste and no crema to be seen.

A lot of the drinks we’ll see here actually look very similar, yet the differences can be found in smaller details that set them completely apart.

Iced Coffee or Cold Brew

iced coffee

Do you live in a sunny, hot climate and want a refreshing coffee? You can opt for either an Iced Coffee or a Cold Brew as they’re both available in Dunkin’ Donuts stores.

What’s the difference? Iced Coffee is regular brewed coffee poured over ice cubes, which is a rather simple preparation. On the other hand, Cold Brew coffee is brewed with temperature or cold water over a 12-24 hour brew time. It’s never exposed to heat.

This results in a less acidic coffee that might not upset your stomach after you drink it. Frankly, it’s still growing in popularity! In addition, you can add almond milk and flavor shots to make it sweeter.

Hot or Iced Latte


You’re probably already familiar with this one to warrant an explanation.

If you visit Dunkin’ Donuts, you can choose between a hot or a cold latte, which will probably be dictated by the temperature in your region.

Akin to other coffee variations, you have the option to add almond milk and flavor shots to make your drink sweeter. Because I’ve worked as a Barista, I know how much people love adding flavor shots to their drinks.

Hot or Iced Latte Macchiato

latte coffee

Frankly, I get it. It’s another one of those instances where the similarities are through the roof. Yet, the differences are there to be recognized.

The difference between a classic Latte and a Latte Macchiato is in preparation. They both contain milk and coffee, but in the Latte Macchiato, an espresso is poured in last, while in a classic Latte, the milk and the foam are the last elements to be added.

The Latte Macchiato has a stronger coffee taste (given that it’s poured last), while the Classic Latte has a more even, balanced flavor.

Hot or Iced Tea

regular tea

Let’s not forget that tea is available at any joint you visit, be it Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Yes, the presentation may be different but the flavor is the same!

Dunkin’ Donuts offers you the following teas: black, green, decaf breakfast, hibiscus, chamomile, and mint. In addition, you can also have unsweetened or sweetened ice tea.



Dunkin’ Donuts also sells Coolattas, a frozen beverage available in various flavors.

In fact, according to the Dunkin’ Donuts website, there have been 23 unique flavors, though not all are presently available in shops.

The majority of the flavors are non-vegan, but as far as I know, there are two exceptions: Strawberry and Blue Raspberry.

If you want to feel refreshed without ordering a caffeinated beverage, a cool Coolatta is one to be had on a hot, sunny day.

Additional Notes on Flavor Shots

flavor shots

There are some things to keep in mind, especially if you wish to customize your hot and iced coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts has multiple flavor shot flavors, and not all of them are vegan.

According to their website, these flavor shots are vegan:

  • French Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Toasted Almond
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Coconut Flavor

In any case, feel free to ask the folks at Dunkin Donuts whether or not they have more flavors available given that the vegan community is only growing.


Dunkin’ Donuts has plenty of vegan options to choose from, but you have to be creative when making your requests! Don’t just settle for a cup of espresso, ask for a latte with almond milk and a pump of hazelnut syrup (flavor shot) if you feel like drinking a sweet beverage.

We won’t find awesome vegan options everywhere, so we have to bring some awareness to these companies by being more inquisitive about their products, and also by making specific requests (besides the removal of XYZ animal products from a sandwich).

In the end, we can’t just hope for these fast-food chains to go under (just because they sell non-vegan products). We have to show them that vegans are also important consumers, and that may actually inspire a new trend and move the marker for plant-based products.

(The Beyond Sausage Sandwich is not perfect but we’re getting somewhere!)

Alexandre Valente

Hey there! My name is Alex and I've been vegan for more than five years! I've set up this blog because I'm really passionate about veganism and living a more eco-conscious life. Hopefully, I can use this website as a channel to help you out on your own journey!

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