Ten Amazing Vegan Podcasts You Must Listen To!

Side note: This blog post is not numbered in any particular order. These are merely some of my favorite podcasts (some more than others), which I believe can add tremendous value to your plant-based regime, as well as ethical principles. 

If you don’t have the availability to watch a video, read a book or blog post, podcasts are a great form of entertainment and information when you’re on the move. Podcasts allow really smart and intelligent people to voice their ideas and knowledge very quickly and without barriers.

Naturally, this also means there are less knowledgeable people voicing their opinions and influencing other folks into forming decisions. In addition, given the loosely expressive nature of podcasts, you have podcasts in which the host and the guest get scattered frequently. So, if you like the linear nature of books or audiobooks, then a podcast might not be as interesting.

However, I believe podcasts are interesting because you gain access to fascinating human beings that you haven’t heard of because they’re not widely recognized in the mainstream scope. For example, I follow a few marketing podcasts that I believe are useful for blogging, but I first ensure that the host is someone with a successful marketing history.

Therefore, that’s what I’ve done not only for marketing podcasts but also for vegan podcasts. Why would I listen to a podcast on nutrition, if the host is not a nutrition expert? What I want to share with you are podcasts that either entertain you or provide you with accurate information that is useful to your vegan lifestyle.

Here’s a list of 10 vegan podcasts:

Nutrition Facts Podcast

nutrition facts

To be frank, when I first adopted a vegan diet, I actually didn’t care about nutrition. I watched Cowspiracy, and from there I delved into veganism with the help of my wife. However, in recent years, I’ve developed some interest in science and nutrition. An interest mostly fueled by the dual propaganda and willingness to seek the truth.

That curiosity has led me to websites such as NutritionFacts.org, Veganhealth.org, and more. These websites seem to me, great scientific resources to aid vegans in properly following a plant-based diet without running into nutrient deficiencies. In fact, Dr. Greger, the person behind Nutrition Facts has a scientific podcast where he drops real golden nuggets.

Yep, it may sound boring for most people, but I would definitely listen to what Dr. Greger has to say, especially if you’re interested in topics such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, acne, cancer, depression blood pressure, hair loss and a heap load diversity of topics. In addition to the podcast, Nutrition Facts also has a Youtube channel that is also highly informative.

Bearded Vegans

bearded vegans

Want to properly and naturally moisturize your beard? Then… just—kidding! The Bearded Vegans is an interesting podcast. It’s hosted by the friendly duo Paul and Andy, and it’s on every week for a discussion on all things vegan, including news, reviews, interviews, and the latest happenings within the vegan world. What’s particularly interesting about this podcast, is that they also invite some of the smartest vegan personalities that contribute in some way to the movement.

Even though they invite smart people on the podcast, they also deeply research the topics covered in any given episode. They always put a tone of thought and introspection into the topics, which will challenge the listeners to think deeper about things, including uncomfortable topics on “gray” areas of veganism.

In other words, there’s a lot of meaty content that will keep you intrigued on a weekly basis.

Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Shortly after I saw Cowspiracy, on their website a recommendation came about. That recommendation was Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. In fact, right after Cowspiracy, me and my girlfriend got introduced to the 30-day Vegan Challenge conducted by Colleen.

Needless to say, she’s an expert when it comes to the vegan diet. Her podcast is so interesting because it touches on a lot of subjects that we generally face on a day to day basis. For instance, the episode “how to speak up for animals without talking down to people” is a topic that is useful because of our emotional attachment to veganism. This attachment sometimes prevents us from being able to debate matters calmly.

So, without noticing we talk down to people, disregarding what they’re actually saying. A lot of times what people say is actually BS (“you can’t get enough protein”), but in some cases, the discussions can be productive. Of course, Colleen also goes over a variety of topics related to diet, ethics, and sustainability.

Main Street Vegan

main street vegan

Another profoundly interesting podcast is Main Street Vegan. Victoria Moran, the host, is a speaker, corporate spokesperson, certified holistic health counselor, as well as founder and director of the Meat Street Vegan Academy.

Every week, she brings in folks with a variety of backgrounds and skills. Entrepreneurs, investors, animal advocates, animal shelter founders, and even vegan witches!

Our Hen House

Our Hen House

Are you deeply interested in the latest happenings in the vegan movement? Our Hen House has invited and interviewed major players that have contributed to the growth of the vegan movement. This podcast has long episodes (expect more than 30 minutes), but you can easily jump to the segments you’re most drawn to.

However, Our Hen House is pretty clear about its mission. They want to save animals. And thus, there are plenty of meaty discussions covering the future of animals. If you’ve gone vegan for the animals, I believe you’ll surely fall in love with this podcast.

Although not entirely about animals and vegans, one of the most interesting podcasts I’ve listened to was “Melanie Joy on Powerarchy”, where she explains the importance of understanding the psychology of oppression among social circles. Dr. Melanie is a Harvard-educated psychologist, international speaker, strategic vegan advocacy trainer, and relationship coach.

If you like semi-complicated topics on the human mind, I’d recommend you have a go at it!

Vegan Business Talk

vegan business talk

While I believe most people don’t intend to become business owners or freelancers, being able to make decisions aligned with your principles is important. When you’re a vegan, you can’t simply start any endeavor or invest in any business opportunity.

That’s why Katrina Fox, the host, conducts interviews with vegan business owners and entrepreneurs from across the globe. If you go into business as a vegan, you must be able to start and grow an ethical business that is able to remain profitable.

This podcast is one resource that will enable you to start and grow a business without compromising your own principles.

No Meat Athlete

the no meat athlete

Do you want to suit your plant-based diet to a performance-based lifestyle?

The No Meat Athlete podcast is inspirational for casual and non-casual athletes alike. If you don’t know Matt, the dude behind No Meat Athlete— in 2014, he was considered one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness. Besides cooking, blogging, and running his a$$ off, Matt invites influential vegan guests to his No Meat Athlete podcast to discuss a wide variety of topics.

He’s had on guests such as Colleen Patrick Goudreau, Dr. Mcdougall, Dr. Pamela Fergusson, Dr. Michael Greger and more. In addition, Matt shares some of his own knowledge in podcasts such as “How to Save Money While Eating Healthy and Vegan“, “What to Eat Before a Race“, and other topics that concern diet, exercise, and money.

Rich Roll Podcast

rich roll

Rich roll is one of the most influential vegan advocates in the world. He’s also the living proof that you can be a successful ultra-endurance athlete all the while being fueled by plants. Rich wasn’t always a successful athlete, however.

His success arrived soon after his decision to overhaul his diet and switching to a fully plant-based diet. He became the first vegan to complete Ultraman, finishing in the first ten spots. What’s surprising, is that he had never competed in a competition as demanding as Ultraman. On his second Ultraman race, he placed 6th overall with an injured knee.

Mind you, this competition is one of the world’s most daunting and grueling races on the planet.

This being said, Rich has moved on to becoming a successful author, blogger, and entrepreneur. Not to mention, his podcast is also gaining momentum and growing to the point where guests such as Russell Brand are happy to receive an invitation.

I love listening to podcasts, but I also love it when I’m able to match both voice and face.

Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack

russell brand

Despite the uncommon podcast name, Callie and Nichole have one of the most compelling (and unfiltered) vegan podcats. In other words, they cover many of the typical vegan topics, but they do it without trying to come across as politically correct. While most people might not be able to diggest that approach, I admit that some of the conversations are particularly appealing.

Conversations such as racism within the vegan community, as well as different sensitive topics many other podcast hosts are probably not comfortable to expose and get a dialogue going.

There are literally so many topics discussed in this podcast — many of which may cross into politics, feminism, capitalism, religion and so on. Despite the topic, Callie and Nichole can find a link between deeper, political issues and veganism. A rather interesting episode I came across discussed whether or not we should be looking forward to colonizing other planets?

Put it simply, Callie and Nichole are brave enough to speak on topics that should be more openly discussed.

Nutrition Rounds

nutrition rounds

Nutrition Rounds is a podcast hosted by Dr. Danielle Belardo.

While this podcast is a relatively new podcast, I believe it’s important to have more qualified (yet, outspoken) professionals discussing nutrition-related topics that illuminate and help people find a simple, yet effective approach to plant-based dieting.

Dr. Danielle, in particular, takes an evidence-based approach to diet and even invites leading experts in nutrition (and health) to give you (and me) information that will allow us to sustain our lifestyle without worrying about potential deficiencies and myths.

Regardless of your motives, going vegan typically starts with the question: “How to go vegan/plant-based?”. Therefore, Dr. Danielle has an episode where she helps people transition to a plant-based diet, starting from the very first step.

However, she’s not alone. She has 5 different health professionals also tuning in on the episode, each one with its unique perspective, and valuable input. If you’re all about having evidence-based discussions, then I’d recommend you to tune in on the podcast! (You’ll learn a bunch)

Other Honorable Mentions

Brown Vegan and Curiously Veg Radio are also inspiring and entertaining.

I haven’t listened to every single episode of every podcast, nor do you have to. You can simply tune in on topics that interest you. For instance, I’m constantly concerned about nutrition (guilty), so I do rely on Nutrition Facts quite often to remain informed. No Meat Athlete is another podcast I might tune in often if I find myself exercising more enthusiastically.

Other than that, I love entertainment and interesting conversations, especially when the people having it are charismatic and spit out substantial content — even if the topic is not 100% aligned with my interests.

What other podcasts would you like to see added to the list? Send me an email to [email protected] with some recommendations!

Alexandre Valente

Hey there! My name is Alex and I've been vegan for more than five years! I've set up this blog because I'm really passionate about veganism and living a more eco-conscious life. Hopefully, I can use this website as a channel to help you out on your own journey!

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