Oreos: 21 Things You Should Know

Oreos are perhaps the most popular cookies in the world.

People of all ages love them and for those that are still on the fence for a reason or another, I’ve created this article to answer some of the questions related to Oreos. 

Here are 21 things you should know about Oreos.

1. What Are Oreos Made Of?

There was once upon a time where Oreos contained lard – what is essentially known as pig fat – but throughout times the recipe has suffered alterations, becoming suitable for people with different dietary restrictions. 


Oreos contain fairly simple ingredients nowadays, including sugar, flour, oil, cocoa, high fructose corn syrup, leavening, cornstarch, salt, soy lecithin, vanillin, and chocolate.

However, the Oreo brand is careful enough to warn consumers that cross-contamination with dairy products is possible.

Therefore, if you have an allergy to dairy products, do keep this in mind. 

2. Why Are Oreos Called Oreos?

In 1908, four years before the Oreo was introduced, Sunshine Biscuits debuted a creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie called Hydrox which was less sugar and crispy than the yet-to-exist Oreo.

The Hydrox cookie was also very similar to the Oreo cookie appearance-wise, and it featured a mountain laurel on the top of the cookie, which in Latin, means Oreodaphne.

In other words, it’s possible that Oreo was named after a design feature in a cookie that used to exist back in the day, but it was later discontinued because its flavor or texture did not appeal to consumers. 

3. How Many Oreos Are In A Pack?

A standard pack of Oreos used to come with 45 cookies, or in other words, three tubes with 15 oreo cookies each, however, that has changed in recent years.

Thanks to market inflation, companies such as Oreos either increase prices or rearrange their products to include fewer cookies or less quantity of a given product. 

Oreo has recently changed its package size to 39 cookies, which might be further reduced in the future as inflation continues to grow. 

4. Are Oreos Healthy?

No, it would be a mistake to assume that Oreos are a healthy snack. 

Unfortunately, Oreo cookies are high in fat, sugar, and calories, and their overconsumption can be quite detrimental to your health.

Their overconsumption can lead to health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, among several others. 

5. Are Oreos Dairy-Free?

Yes, even though Oreos are cream-filled sandwich cookies, they do not contain any dairy ingredients and are purely made with plant-based ingredients.

However, it’s important to mention that Oreos have milk as cross-contact, so if you have a dairy allergy, you should think twice about consuming them. 

6. Are Oreos Gluten-Free?

No, unfortunately, Oreos are not gluten-free, as one of the ingredients is unbleached enriched flour, which is derived from wheat, a grain that contains gluten. 

However, Oreo has debuted gluten-free Oreos, which use white rice flour as opposed to wheat flour, therefore, it is an option that you could consider if you have celiac disease. 

7. Are Oreos Halal?

Oreos, in general, are not halal-certified, but their ingredient composition or production process does not make them unsuitable for the Muslim community. 

Oreos do not contain alcohol, pork, or other ingredients that may be off-limits for Muslims. 

According to the Oreo brand, their cookies are suitable for people with a vegetarian diet, therefore, by extension, their cookies should be halal given that they do not contain alcohol.

8. Are Oreos Nut Free?

Yes, according to the information on the Oreo company’s website, Oreos do not contain any nuts, nor do they contain traces of nuts that would normally derive from cross-contamination.

9. Are Oreos Chocolate?

Yes, Oreo cookies consist of two chocolate wafers and a sweet cream filling made from a combination of several ingredients, including sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, artificial flavor, and palm and/or canola oil.

While they’re not entirely made with chocolate, and thus cannot be considered chocolate cookies, they do contain chocolate. 

oreo chocolate

However, allow me to point out that there are also Oreo cookies with a chocolate cream filling, and those can certainly be categorized as chocolate cookies.  

10. Do Oreos Have Caffeine?

Yes, according to sources such as Caffeine Informer, Oreos contain about 1.3mg of caffeine per cookie, which is considered low on the scale. This is because Oreos contain cocoa, which contains caffeine, even though it’s in very small amounts. 

11. Do Oreos Have Palm Oil?

Palm oil is often regarded as a bad ingredient in the vegan community because palm oil production is one of the major drivers of deforestation, which has several consequences on the ecosystem, including animals.

Unfortunately, Oreo cookies do contain palm oil, which is not surprising considering that Mondelez International, the multinational that owns Oreo, is among the major palm oil users. 

12. Do Oreos Have Gelatin?

No, Oreos do not contain any gelatin, nor any other ingredient that may be derived from animals, therefore, they’re often regarded as a vegetarian and vegan-friendly snack. 

13. Do Oreos Have Eggs?

Oreos do not have any eggs. People often wonder because of the creme-filling in-between the chocolate wafers, but that filling is entirely made with plant-based ingredients. 

14. Do Oreo Cookies Expire?

Like most cookies and snacks, Oreos also expire once the “best by” has gone by, but that may also depend on how the product is stored.

Oreos can generally last 2-3 weeks past the “best by” date, assuming they’re properly stored. 

15. Do Oreo Cookies Need To Be Refrigerated?

There is no reason to refrigerate Oreos, as they’re usually stored at room temperature in supermarkets, although some people may refrigerate Oreos because they enjoy the feeling of biting cold Oreos.

Most people eat Oreos in a day or two, so usually, there is no reason to refrigerate them. 

16. Can You Freeze Oreos?

If you’re preparing for some kind of world crisis and you wish to buy and store a lot of food, including Oreos, then freezing it is certainly an option.

It’s possible to freeze your Oreos for up to a year and keep them from ever going stale. However, keep in mind that they might not taste the same as a pack of Oreos bought on the same day. 

17. Can You Make Fried Oreos In An Air Fryer?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to make fried Oreos using an air fryer, and there are a handful of recipes that teach you exactly how to do that in different ways. 

The author of the recipe blog The Country Cook has one such recipe, where she wraps Oreos in crescent rolls and puts them in an air fryer cooking at 350F degrees for 4 to 5 minutes. 

Nicko’s Kitchen, on Youtube, also has a video on how to make air-fried Oreos, though I don’t think the ingredient he uses are vegan, so you would need to look for alternatives (if you’re vegan):

18. Can You Eat Oreos With Braces?

While braces have become sturdier thanks to modern technology, you still want to make sure you don’t damage them as they’re quite expensive.

If you wish to avoid damaging components like rubber bands, wires, or even the bracket, it’s often advised that you avoid foods that are sticky, hard, or chewy, and opt for soft foods.

Oreos are a type of hard cookie, therefore they’re ones you should avoid. However, if you’re someone that dips Oreos in milk to soften them, then I don’t think your braces are at risk. 

19. Can Dogs Eat Oreos?

If your dog ate a single Oreo cookie, then that is probably not an issue, but it’s not recommended that you give your dog any cookies (including Oreos) as they have high sugar content. 

Too much sugar can do to dogs what it does to people. It can make dogs overweight and cause problems with their teeth, or even lead to conditions like diabetes.

20. Can Dogs Eat Golden Oreos?

Like regular Oreo cookies, the Golden Oreo cookies are also filled with so much sugar, which is very bad for your dog, although I don’t think it’s life-threatening if your dog mistakenly ate one cookie. 

21. Can Cats Eat Oreos?

No, you should not feed your cat any Oreos, as the impact sugar has on cats is similar or worse to the impact it has on humans. 

However, if your cat has eaten an Oreo accidentally, I don’t think it is life-threatening. 

Nevertheless, make sure you’re careful not to feed your pets sugary foods, as those are detrimental to their wellbeing, and may certainly reduce their lifespan. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve attempted to answer 21 questions that people actively search on the Internet about Oreos, and many of those relate to people’s dietary preferences. 

Many people wonder whether or not they can eat Oreos, particularly vegans, vegetarians, as well as those with dairy or gluten allergies. 

I hope that with this article I’ve been able to answer some of the questions you have about Oreos and that this resource may have proven useful in that regard. 

Hey there! My name is Alex and I've been vegan for over five years! I've set up this blog because I'm passionate about veganism and living a more spiritually fulfilling life where I'm more in tune with nature. Hopefully, I can use Vegan Foundry as a channel to help you out on your own journey!