The 20 Best Vegan Youtubers You Can Learn From

Just to be clear, these are currently the best vegan youtube channels I have found — which doesn’t mean this list will remain the same forever.

As such, expect me to come back to this blog post and alter it in the future with new youtube channels that provide value and entertainment above all else.

This being said, there’s more to veganism than food. There’s more on Youtube than just food channels.

My goal here is to give you a mix of popular and alternative channels because I know there are people you can learn from and grow as a vegan.

These are also people I believe aren’t vegan just because it’s trendy or profitable… but because they believe in the concept and what it represents.

Important: This list is not listed from best to worst. This is just how I decided to number the list, but it has nothing to the with the quality or the lack of it.

Here are the 20 best vegan YouTubers to binge watch in 2019:

#1 – Mic The Vegan

Mic The Vegan is what you can call and effective anti-vegan argument debunker.

He is a vegan science writer that covers a variety of topics from the health effects of a vegan diet and the environmental impact of eating animal products, as well as the sociological phenomenon of casual animal exploitation.

Was that a mouthful Don’t worry, his explanations in his videos are easy to understand.

What I love the most about Mic The Vegan is how he helps you by compiling up researchable information and setting it up in a way it’s easy for a 6th grade to pick up. He creates “How to” videos and often debunks theories from non-vegans criticizing veganism, and other so-called influencers who create what’s called the “no longer vegan” videos.

Mic is entertaining, informative, and seems like a great dude.

#2 – Ed The Earthling

Ed is a “vegan” activist, public speaker and content creator based in London, England.

He is also the co-founder of Surge, a non-profit organization determined to end all animal oppression. What’s captivating about Ed as a Youtuber are his guts to expose himself in situations that may backfire.

You can see a plethora of videos of him addressing people directly and asking truthful questions… which might or not end in a fiery debate.

Just like Mic The Vegan above, Ed also engages in some debunking and calls bs when he sees it. Genuine, Passionate… and always seeking the truth, Ed is a fascinating character.

#3 – The Vegan Zombie

Chris Cooney is the creator, editor, director and producer of the ‘The Vegan Zombie’ Youtube channel. The premise of his channel is…

… A fun-filled vegan cooking show set in the zombie apocalypse! How rad is that?

Anyway, there’s more to Chris Cooney than cooking vegan food, however.

He also makes videos on traveling (as a vegan), lifestyle vlogs, shopping on budget videos and reviews on vegan products. Definitely, an entertaining one to follow.

#4 – Nutrition Facts

Not all heroes wear capes.

That’s the case with Mic the Vegan, Ed The Earthling… and Dr. Michael Greger.

Dr. Greger is an American physician, author, and professional speaker on public health issues, more specifically the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet.

He’s a vegan himself, and his youtube channel, Nutrition Facts, is an evidence-based encyclopedia that gives you in-depth information on plant-based dieting and more.

Dr. Greger also goes out of his way to debunk theories that suggest an animal-based diet is good for you. His channel is probably the most informative and science-based channel you will be able to find on Youtube.

#5 – AvanteGardeVegan

I said I would mix things up a little — and thus here you have it.

Gaz Oakley is probably the sleekest, most talented vegan chef on Youtube.

His channel counts with almost 700k subscribers, and his most-watched video has 3.6 million views. Gaz worked as a professional chef before going vegan. (Still a professional chef, though)

And while he creates amazing vegan recipes, he also gives us insights into his vegan lifestyle. His channel is really high-quality, and can keep you entertained for days!

#6 – The Vegan Cyclist

While this channel focuses on cycling tips, amateur race breakdowns, and the lifestyle vlogs of a cycling aficionado… The Vegan Cyclist happens to be vegan.

His goal is not to cater to vegans, but everyone who loves cycling.

The comment above just shows what The Vegan Cyclist is all about.

Great quality content about cycling! If you love cycling, he’s definitely a vegan you want to subscribe to.

#7 – Vegan Gains

Vegan Gains may jump out to you as a vegan fitness channel, but don’t let the appearances fool you. Even though it includes content related to fitness… it also includes controversial content on whether certain individuals are natural or full of steroids.

Hate it or love it, Vegan Gains brings drama, entertainment… and a lot of times, even though some may not agree, his arguments make sense.

One of his controversial videos was this one:

The owner of the channel Vegan Gains implied that Rich Piana suffered from a mental health disorder called Bigorexia… which was an opinion that received a lot of heat between 2015 up until 2017 when Rich Piana died from “heart disease”.

It’s truthful and dramatic but It draws a lot of eyeballs, which seems to be working for Vegan Gains.

#8 – Vegan Earth & Soul

Vegan Earth & Soul is run by the heart-warming Anna.

She practices mindfulness, minimalism, and she’s vegan. Her channel covers a variety of topics, including reasons why you shouldn’t shave your legs.

She comes up with these interesting, and open-minded topics that are fascinating to learn about. Overall, Anna is a great Youtuber and an even more awesome person.

#9 – Plant Based News

You’re probably familiar with the website, Plant Based News.

Plant Based News gives you the most up to date plant-based vegan news from around the world. Food Trends, Opinions, Product Launches and even Interviews with the leading doctors in the plant-based community.

They also happen to have a Youtube channel with 300k subscribers, where they share high-quality content in video format.

#10 – Nikki Vegan

Nikki Vegan runs a channel where she shares vegan recipes and her lifestyle.

Through her channel, she makes an effort to show that to create delicious vegan food you don’t need to be a professional chef.

In this video, for instance, she shows you how you can make 9 different recipes by using the same 3 ingredients.

She’s entertaining, positive, and she can definitely up your cooking skills. 🙂

#11 – The Easy Vegan

Jules is the creator of The Easy Vegan youtube channel.

Like Nikki Vegan, Jules creates easy recipes for the regular vegan Joe.

His charm lies in how funny his videos are.

Jules doesn’t just cook food… he really attempts to connect with his fanbase… which is great!

#12 – Liv B

Liv B shows you how easy & delicious vegan food is.

She’s a vegan foodie through and through— and her passion for cooking shines in her brilliant cooking videos. They’re easy to follow, relaxing, and yummie! 🙂

#13 – The Fairly Local Vegan

The Fairly Local Vegan is a youtube channel created by Amber Allen.

Youtube is the platform she uses to tell her life story and how she strives to be ZERO WASTE with a family of five— her three children, and her husband, Joseph.

On a weekly basis, she gives you an insight into her life and progress as a vegan and zero-waste advocate.  She also shows you how to employ the principle of minimalism; living on a budget; being healthy and essentially how she lives her life.

#14 – Bite Size Vegan

There is a lot of good and bad information about veganism out there.

The Bite Size Vegan exists to give you good information in a simple, fun and approachable way. Emily— an animal-liberation activist, artist, writer, speaker, and educator, created the Bite Size Vegan to teach everyone in a way they can relate.

Through her videos, you will learn about complex vegan issues in a bite-sized, easy to digest way. If you want veganism simplified, you have to tune in on her.

#15 – That Vegan Couple

Natasha and Luka are the couples behind the youtube channel “That Vegan Couple”.

Before creating their channel, they worked stressful corporate careers and lived an unhealthy lifestyle.

It wasn’t until 2007 that they decided to take a leap of faith that would change their lives forever. They left their corporate careers and became Yoga teachers, where they would come to organize retreats to help people integrate yoga in their lives.

Since then, they created “That Vegan Couple”, a youtube channel that helps people transition into a fully conscious lifestyle, where harming animals is not a part of it.

Get ready to learn about veganism, minimalism, travel, yoga, fitness and more.

#16 – Veganlovlie

Heart-warming plant-based food with a Mauritanian touch.

That sums up Veganlovlie in a few words.

The vegan couple, Teenuja and Kevin, help you fuse the Mauritian culture into your food.

If you’re not sure what the Mauritian culture it represents — it’s actually a diverse number of cultures from the Creole/Africaine, to the India culture. Now imagine being able to cook so many cultural dishes in a plant-based fashion…

…isn’t that a really fascinating way to show different cultures how veganism can be very delicious? Teenuja and Kevin might’ve found the secret powder.

#17 – Eight Miles From Home

Eight Miles From Home is a Youtube channel created by Sacha and Jmayel— a beautiful vegan couple from the UK.

They decided to set off across the world on a quest to find freedom and happiness. After dropping their current lifestyle in the UK, they moved to Thailand and started living their lives as digital nomads.

Eventually, they created this channel to record their journey. Thousands of vlogs later, and we can catch them living in a small European country called Portugal.

#18 – Lauren Toyota

Lauren Toyota is the amazing person behind Hot For Food.

And “Lauren Toyota” is her personal vlog. With it, she gives you a raw, naked view into her life as a vegan, while life presents its challenges to her.

More importantly, you can watch her eat pizza.

#19 – Hitomi Mochizuki

Hitomi Mochizuki is an inspirational 20-year-old vlogger who created her own Youtube channel to candidly share her experiences.

In order to battle mental illness and her suicidal thoughts… she turned to spirituality, and eventually yoga and veganism.

People tune in on her channel (and Instagram) because she’s this beacon of positivity that seeks to help anyone she encounters. Oh… and did I tell you she loves fashion?

If you want to be inspired, watch her!

#20 – GojiMan

GojiMan’s channel was created after a series of unhappy events.

After losing both his parents and (one) sister to chronic diseases; he began to search for ways on how to avoid the same diseases that befell his family.

Obsessed, he decided to cultivate himself and read every nutritional publication known to man in order to find a solution… or at least find the leading causes behind these plague of diseases that haunt humanity.

The more he read, the more he learned. And eventually, he found out that certain diseases could be prevented or even reversed by a simple change in dietary habits.

That’s why he created his YouTube channel… to inspire veganism on everyone, by having people open their eyes to the fact that going vegan is the solution to life.

Are you interested in nutrition advice? Follow Goji Man!

Let me know if you’d like me to add someone else to the list! As I said, my goal was to add genuinely good, yet different personalities to this list…

… just let me know if I’ve missed someone REALLY awesome!

Stay vegan, stay true! <3

Alexandre Valente

Hey there! My name is Alex and I've been vegan for more than five years! I've set up this blog because I'm really passionate about veganism and living a more eco-conscious life. Hopefully, I can use this website as a channel to help you out on your own journey!

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