The 3 Best Vegan Welding Jackets of 2022

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If you’re not careful, welding can become a very dangerous job.

Having the right equipment to protect you from intensive heat, sparks and spatters is paramount to ensure you get through the day without a single injury.

At the same time, and depending on the type of welding project you’re doing, the right amount of comfort and flexibility can maximize your proficiency and success rate.

Naturally, certain projects require more protection, while others more experience and precision.

The follow vegan welding jackets are made from cotton or a mix of cotton and nylon, so while they’re not as protective, they’re more comfortable, breathable and flexible.

In other words, they’re ideal for quickness and precision-based projects.

If that is what you’re looking for, then stick around!

The 3 Best Vegan Welding Jackets

Lincoln Electric Premium Cotton Welding Jacket

If you’re looking for a welding jacket that is best suited of wire welding and grinding, and capable of bouncing off an easy spark or spatter, then this is certainly the best option.

This welding jacket is made from premium flame retardant cotton, so it’s able to prevent and extinguish flames. The seams of this jacket also have a multi-layered construction that prevents rips and tears which increases its longevity.

Plus, on days when it’s extremely hot, a lightweight and breathable jacket like this one will help you do your bidding comfortably.

  • Lightweight & breathable
  • Easily adjustable
  • More durable than regular cotton jackets due to multi-woven stitching
  • The flame-resistant cotton is a notch above most cotton jackets
May not last long for stick welding jobs

Black Stallion BSX FR Cotton Welding Jacket

The Black Stallion BSX was built using a 9 oz. flame resistant cotton, so it’s mostly used in light welding scenarios with little to no spatter. It’s capable of providing you with moderate protection in general welding scenarios, and it’s perfect if you want to avoid heating up in the summer.

Being made of cotton it is lightweight, and it’s also easy to put on and take off due to the easily snappable nickel platted buttons. This is a good option if you’re on a low budget, and stick to less heat-intense welding projects.

  • Good for beginners
  • Super affordable
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Feels roomy and comfortable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Not ideal for stick welding
  • Miller Electric FR Cotton Welding Jacket

    This is a simple and affordable welding jacket made from flame retardant cotton. It is 88% cotton and 12% nylon, making it more flexible than pure cotton welding jackets.

    Like most welding jackets on this article, this jacket is made for light welding jobs, because although it provides some protection against sparks and the occasional flying pieces of molten metal, it’s not ideal for heavy welding tasks.

    • Excellent value for money
    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Offers enough protection
    • More flexible than competitors
  • Not ideal for stick welding
  • Nylon makes it less eco-friendly
  • How to Choose a Vegan Welding Jacket

    Before you buy a vegan welding jacket, there are some things you have to consider.

    Other than the obvious material used to craft the jacket, you also need to consider the aspects that contribute to your safety and comfort in a work environment with potential hazards.


    Unfortunately, leather remains the go-to choice for welding equipment due to its incredible high resistance to heat. In fact, what we see with welding gloves, is that there is a scarce number of synthetic gloves because most fail in high-temperate scenarios.

    Fortunately, welding jackets are different, and you can come across welding jackets made from different vegan-friendly materials such as chemically-altered cotton that offers heat-resistance, protection, flexibility, comfort, as well as breathability in hotter environments.

    There are also other synthetic fabrics (like Kevlar and Nomex) that also offer protection, but may not be the most comfortable or warm in cold environments.

    Then, there are also carbon fiber welding jackets that are less flexible but effective in high-temperature environments with too much spatter.

    You also have denim jackets, which can also be used in less spatter-intensive situations.

    Therefore, before you decide to buy a jacket, you must first know how the environment and welding project you’re working on may influence the fabric you choose.

    Heat, Spark, and Spatter Resistance

    For most people, welding equipment should always offer some sort of resistance to heat, sparks or spatter. However, your choice doesn’t always have to be the most flame-resistant unless you’re involved in a type of welding that generates a lot of heat and spatters such as stick welding.

    In a project that is less heat and spatter-intensive, you may be more concerned about your comfort and freedom of movement, so perhaps a lightweight jacket containing flame-resistant cotton may be more satisfactory on a day to day basis.

    Comfort & Feel

    The feel of a welding jacket (or any jacket) lies on the fabric and the internal lining, and how the cuffs and collars are designed, as well as the jacket’s cut.

    For instance, the Lincoln Electric jacket has a slimmer tailored fit that appears to run small on most people, so it might feel more like a shirt than an actual jacket. In fact, that’s what happens with most cotton-based welding jackets.

    They are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric, so you don’t have the same density as in leather jackets where it feels like you actually have an extra layer on top of you.

    Professional welders typically use leather jackets during winter and in situations involving a lot of spatter and sparks. But they also use cotton jackets during summer because they’re lightweight, breathable, and allow for movement which is ideal for projects that require more precision.

    This being said, as vegans, we ought to avoid leather, but I still haven’t found a good substitute when it comes to welding jackets.


    You might not be preoccupied with how you look as long as your equipment does its job. However, welding coats do come in different, colors, styles and shapes.

    Not every jacket offers the same protection and features, so a coat you aesthetically love may not have the necessary features to face potential health hazards.

    This said, there is a wide range of welding jackets and you should find one that helps you look good, while still having some of the features you value the most.


    A jacket’s weight will depend on the material type.

    While a leather jacket may be known for its protective and flame-resistant qualities, it’s also heavier than most jackets, and in a lot of cases, it’s not flexible or comfortable.

    On the other hand, a jacket made from cotton or a mixture of cotton and nylon may achieve a balance between having flame-resistant qualities but also be lightweight and comfortable.

    Since we’re referring to vegan jackets in this blog post, you will obviously be wearing a jacket without leather, but it’s important to refer that the weight of a jacket may actually be related to having materials that enable a higher level of protection.


    Generally, a higher price is associated with a higher quality product, but in this case, you can find quality welding jackets for an affordable price.

    The quality varies depending on the material that is used and the quality of the stitching.

    You may have a high-quality material being used but if the construction is poor, there is no way the jacket can endure a welding environment for a long time.

    However, I must also say, despite being vegan, that generally, leather jackets are more durable and flame-resistant than cotton jackets. That’s because of the difference in the quality of the materials.

    As a result, they’re also more expensive.

    This said, if a cotton jacket is well-built, then it may last longer than a leather jacket manufactured with poor craftsmanship. For instance, most cotton welding jackets are built with flame-retardant cotton that prevents and extinguish fires. In addition, akin to other welding jackets, they’re also sprayed with an anti-mildew and anti-static coating is that adds an extra layer of protection.

    The best-selling welding jackets on Amazon are actually cotton-made, and according to thousands of reviews, they hold up really well in heated environments.

    *I would only be skeptical of cotton welding jackets if you’re doing stick welding.


    Welding jackets are crucial in an environment where sparks and spatter are a common day to day occurrence so you want to ensure you’re protected at all times to avoid serious injuries.

    The overall best vegan welding jacket is the Lincoln Electric Cotton Welding Jacket, but it may not necessarily be the best option for high-spatter environments. Unfortunately, you may require a thicker jacket for high spatter or out of position welding, and cotton jackets may not offer the protection you’re looking for.

    Most non-vegan welding professionals will look for a thick leather-based option, which is often more protective if you’re involved in stick welding projects.

    Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section. We’re always glad to hear from you.