Where to Buy Pectin (Plus, Finding It In Grocery Stores)

Pectin is a crucial ingredient when it comes to getting jelly to set, but it’s one of those “useful and rarely used” items that you might really struggle to get hold of in a grocery store. So, if you’re wondering where to buy pectin (plus, finding it in grocery stores), don’t worry – we’re going to cover that now!

Luckily, a fair few stores stock pectin, such as Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, Safeway, Publix, Kroger, and Vons, among others. It is usually fairly easy to locate, but you should first check if the store has it in stock before you head out to get some and decide what sort of pectin you need.

Which Stores Stock Pectin?

So, which store do you need to head to when you’re looking to top up your pectin supplies?

Well, as usual, Walmart is a good option to try, and they have a few different kinds of pectin available for their customers.

If that doesn’t work for you, try Wegmans, which stocks both the liquid pectin and the dry pectin, so you can grab whichever kind your recipe calls for.

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Publix offers the liquid Certo pectins and Sure-Jell, and Vons is also a stockist, with pectin available in the baking aisle.

Kroger has pectin too, or you can go to Target or Safeway.

If you would rather not support the really big brands, you could try Whole Foods (admittedly a fairly big brand, but not quite like buying from a superstore). Whole Foods is more likely to have high-quality pectin, and you may feel happier about spending your money there.

Alternatively, you might have a local health food store that is suitable for you. This is a great way to keep your money with a small, possibly more ethical brand.

If you are looking for bulk pectin, it is also likely the best option you’ll find – many local health food stores stock pectin in big bags, although not all do, of course.

If your local health food store only has pectin in small packets and you would rather have a big bag of the stuff (not surprising if you’re cooking in quantity), then consider getting pectin online, from a stockist like Amazon. They sell it in a variety of sizes, so you can find something that works for you.

What Does Pectin Look Like And What Is It For?

You’ll have a much easier time searching for pectin if you have some idea what it looks like. First of all, find out what kind of pectin your recipe calls for so you know you’re getting it in the right form.

You can buy pectin powder, which will usually appear in a tub of some sort, or pectin as a liquid, which will often come in a fairly small glass or plastic jar with a screw cap.

Pectin may also be bought in combination with sugar, or you can buy it as a gel in a cardboard packet with a plastic inner. You might sometimes find sachets of pectin in a cardboard box, too.

Remember to find out what kind of pectin you need and make a note of this before heading to the grocery store, or you may end up puzzling over the different options. Knowing which kind you need should also help you locate the right aisle for it, or at least recognize it once you are in the aisle.

Which Aisle Is Pectin Kept In Within A Grocery Store?

So, you have reached your grocery store – where do you go now?

In general, pectin will be kept in the baking aisle, as it is predominantly used for making jelly set firmly. This is usually categorized as home baking, so if there is a baking aisle available, try there first. It will often be near the pudding mixes.

If you don’t find any pectin there, head for the condiment and snacks aisle. If you can find jelly, peanut butter, puddings, or jello, you are probably in about the right place, so try checking the shelves here for it.

In stores where neither of those aisles provide you with any success, consider trying the supplement aisle. This is where it is likely to be in whole food stores, but other stores may put it here too, as it is sometimes sold with dietary supplements and aids.

If you’re still struggling, you could also try the bulk foods aisle, but this is rare, especially in the big stores. Don’t spend ages searching if you can’t see it there; you may have to look in a different store or order the product online.

Where Is Pectin In Specific Stores?

Stores do move things around, but here is some general advice on where you might find pectin in a few of the commonest stores. This may speed your search along and make it easier to grab what you want and leave quickly.

So, if you are in Walmart, check out the condiment and snacks aisle before you go anywhere else (and if possible, check that they have it in stock first).

In Safeway, try the baking area first, and then look at the other aisles. This is the same for Wegmans, where you might be looking for either dry or liquid pectin – both should be found in home baking.

The same goes for Vons and Kroger, so if you’re in an unfamiliar store, the baking aisle is a good bet.

Whole Foods usually keeps pectin with the supplements and in the baking aisle, and Target puts it in their pantry area, near the jelly and peanut butter.


Finding pectin can be a challenge, and grocery stores aren’t getting smaller or easier to navigate as the years pass.

You might get lucky and find an employee who can help you, but if not, head first to the baking aisle and see if you can find it there.

If not, try the pantry section, the supplement section, or the snacks and condiments aisle. The bulk aisle is unlikely, but worth a shot if you aren’t having any luck elsewhere. Alternatively, try ordering it online!

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