A Complete Guide To Vegan TV and Cooking Shows 

Veganism is a cultural movement towards a completely different way to eat and even live. While you will now see plenty of vegan options at restaurants, in supermarkets, coffee shops, and pretty much everywhere in between, there are still not that many TV shows and cooking shows.

Pop culture is constantly changing, and there may be more vegan shows being televised even tomorrow! But for now, let’s find out what the options are. 

Vegan Youtube Channels


If you haven’t yet used Youtube to watch a video clip or even an entire show, you are certainly the minority in America. What was once a website dedicated solely to silly parody videos, Youtube has become one of the most popular places to stream music, movies, and yes, actual television shows! 

Luckily for vegans, it has a ton of channels dedicated to both the cooking and the lifestyle aspect of plant-based diets. 

Cheap Lazy Vegan

If you are a new vegan, or even if you are looking for a quick delicious recipe for tonight, you should seriously check out Cheap Lazy Vegan on Youtube. 

The host has a great attitude and will not only make you feel like you can conquer any dish she makes, but she also ensures that you will be able to do so on a budget. In her own words, the show is for “broke people who don’t know what they’re doing.” But that doesn’t mean the result isn’t delicious! 

The Vegan Roadie

There have been more shows than we would like to count on various cooking networks about hosts who travel around the country and the world finding delicious, interesting, and even outrageous options, and now there’s a vegan option!

In this program, the hosts explore restaurants around the USA and even in Italy where they find and eat delicious plant-based meals. 

Sweet Potato Soul

Chef Jenne Claiborne has created a series of shows that each shares a vegan recipe. She shares her passion for a plant-based diet and how it has changed her life, as well as where to find the best vegan ingredients. 

She has a variety of recipes that everyone will love. They are healthy, easy to make, and of course, all vegan. 

Avant-Garde Vegan

This channel is arguably the most popular vegan channel on Youtube with over one million subscribers and over 200 videos to choose from. 

Gaz Oakley is a professional chef with a passion for plant-based food and his recipes are amazing! You will certainly be able to impress your friends and family with these special vegan recipes that are surprisingly easy to make. 

The channel is broken down into sections so you can easily find what you are looking for. With options for “15-Minute Meals” or “High-Protein Meals” and many others, you might just become addicted to these videos. 

Vegan Cooking Television Shows


It’s almost hard to believe that there are no shows on the FoodNetwork or any other channel on cable that offers a show completely dedicated to plant-based recipes, but luckily, you can find a few online. 

There is a popular UK TV show called The Dirty Vegan that has become fairly popular, however, you won’t be able to watch it on your cable TV. If you’re looking for a little British humor with your plant-based recipes, this is the show for you.

Amazon prime offers two shows that you can stream on your television that are all about vegan cooking, and you’re going to love them! 

The Vegan Corner

The Vegan Corner offers simple vegan recipes done right. Where the ingredients speak for themselves and the dishes are healthy and delicious. 

Each episode offers a different theme so you can either enjoy them all or pick your favorite. 

New Day, New Chef

In this incredibly popular show, the host, Jane Velez-Mitchell, hosts a celebrity guest, and together they learn how to cook a vegan meal while discussing the evolution of veganism, why it’s important, and how the movement can change the way we eat, live, and affect the world around us.

Kirly Sue’s Global Kitchen 

While there are only a few episodes of this show on Amazon Prime, it offers a different take than the standard recipe-based show. Instead, in each episode, Kirly Sue showcases a plant-based dish from around the world and teaches you a little bit about its cultural history, and of course, how to make it yourself!

Vegan Cooking Episodes 

vegan cooking shows

Many of the most popular cooking shows on cable television are taking note of the fact that there is quite a lot of interest in vegan food, but instead of creating an entire plant-based program, they are adding vegan episodes into their already popular series.

So let’s find out which of your favorite shows have vegan episodes and how to watch them! 

Chopped: No Meat, No Problem

Chopped has been a long-standing favorite on the cooking network as it combines suspense and cooking into an unmissable show! While the majority of the episodes are certainly meat and dairy-based, they recently offered an entirely vegan ingredient list which showcased what these trained chefs could create with a plant-based basket. 

You can find this episode of Chopped on most “on-demand” smart TVs on the Food Network channel. 

The Great British Bake Off: Vegan Week

The Great British Bake Off has truly taken the world by storm, and over the past decade, we have seen eleven seasons of intense baking challenges, but only once have they asked the contestants to bake with only vegan ingredients. 

If you search this episode on your streaming device you are likely to find it in a variety of places, however, the original airing was of course, in the UK. 

Top Chef: Meat Natalie

Top Chef may be one of the most-watched cooking shows on television, and only once have they had a completely vegan episode: Meat Natalie.

In this special edition, celebrity guest star Natalie Portman, who follows a vegan diet, requests that the chefs prepare something that she can not only eat but seriously enjoy. And boy, do they deliver!

Watching what these trained chefs can do with whole plant-based foods will certainly inspire you to swap your next homecooked meal for a vegan one. 

Vegan Lifestyle Shows

Most vegan shows, episodes, and even clips are primarily based on recipe sharing or cooking competition, as it seems those are the themes that the American population most enjoys.

However, we did find one Youtube show about the vegan lifestyle. Plant-Based by Nafsika has some recipes, but it dives into every facet of veganism including how to ensure your entire lifestyle is vegan, including your beauty products, nutrition, fashion, and so much more. 

Alternative Vegan Entertainment

Even though there are not many established TV series completely dedicated to veganism yet, there are quite a few options available on Youtube, streaming sites, and even specific episodes on some of your favorite shows. 

However, we have found that most new vegans, or even those who have been eating plant-based for years, find most of their entertainment on Instagram! 

If you’re looking for a quick clip or a new recipe, you can find hundreds of accounts dedicated solely to the sharing of vegan meals, baked goods, fashion, wellness, and more on this handy social media app. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to veganism, the world is changing. Even ten years ago you could not walk into a restaurant or grocery store and automatically assume there would be at least some vegan options. 

While the media seems to be a little slow to catch up, we think that there will be more and more vegan shows and entertainment options in the near future!

Alexandre Valente

Hey there! My name is Alex and I've been vegan for more than five years! I've set up this blog because I'm really passionate about veganism and living a more eco-conscious life. Hopefully, I can use this website as a channel to help you out on your own journey!

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