6 Vegan Bowling Shoes For Bowling Aficionados in 2022 [Review + Guide]

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Having the right bowling shoes makes a tremendous difference when you’re driving the ball down the lane.

Generally, great bowling shoes have minimal traction, and that is because bowlers typically take advantage of a shoe’s ability to slide, so you have to be particularly mindful about the outsole since it’s the part of the shoe that dictates that ability.

At the same time, it needs to have the right balance, because you don’t want to slip during the game, otherwise, you’re risking injury. The main goal is to find bowling shoes that allow you to perform your best, and, of course, shoes that are free from animal components.

In this article, you’re going to find a list with 6 vegan bowling shoes, as well as a short buyer’s guide with the features you should be paying close attention to when investing in a pair of bowling shoes designed to level up your game.

6 Vegan Bowling Shoes For Bowling Aficionados

Dexter Men’s Turbo II Wide Bowling Shoes

The Dexter Turbo shoes are quite similar to the other bowling shoes on this list, but there are still some differences, and if you look at these shoes, compared to the previous Dexter’s, these have a lower-profile, as the outsole isn’t as cushioned.

Naturally, these shoes are also made from synthetic materials so they’re vegan-friendly.

At the same time, if you notice the picture above, the heel is also slightly raised, which might provide shorter individuals with additional comfort when delivering the ball.

With this slightly raised heel, you also obtain better sliding ability, which is an advantage when bowling. The inner padding on the shoes is thick and cushioned, so you got a very comfortable shoe that minimizes abrasion during the game.

If you have longer and narrower feet, these shoes might not be ideal. They feature a wide fit, which may throw off your stability during a game, so it’s always a good idea to first feel out the shoe before you decide to part with your money.

Key Features
  • Slightly raised heel might improve sliding ability
  • Properly cushioned to provide comfort and reduce abrasion
  • They’re stylish and affordable

KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes

The bowling shoes are constructed using synthetic leather, so although they’re not the most durable of shoes, they’re very flexible which is a great indicator of performance.

They’re also very lightweight, which should also prevent you from feeling too fatigued after multiple games or prolonged rounds.

These KR Strikeforce are equipped with Flex Side technology, providing bowlers with an optimal sliding experience, improving the sharpness and power of your drives, as well as the comfort you feel when having them on.

The inner sole is also very comfy, giving you the sensation of walking on the clouds. These shoes also have a wide fit, which might not be adequate for everyone.

Another reason why we mention these shoes is that they’re very affordable, and are certainly the type of shoes any beginner should get at the earlier stages of bowling.

While it’s durability may be compromised by the fact the shoes are made from synthetic leather, in hindsight, the shoes are expected to perform really well, and should enhance your level of play. These are shoes we widely recommend.

Key Features
  • Very affordable
  • Great design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Short break-in period

Dexter Men’s Pro-Am II Bowling Shoes

Also made from durable and premium synthetic leather, the Dexter Pro-Am II bowling shoes quickly mold to your feet, providing you with a comfortable fit.

They also have a nicely padded collar, giving them the ability to wick away moisture, which won’t impair your performance during long games.

The outsole is made from rubber and it has minimal traction, which is ideal for bowling games where sliding is key. Also, these shoes have an additional heel, which provides you with more height and a little more control over your slide.

However, at the same time, having that extra heel may lead to more wear and tear on the shoes. Another downside is also the fact the shoe is made from synthetic leather because although it improves performance, it’s not as durable as leather-made shoes.

That being said, it’s something that can be minimized by taking good care of the shoes.

Key Features
  • Sliding in these shoes feels spectacular
  • They’re affordable
  • Usually fits as expected

Dexter Men’s Jack II Bowling Shoes

These Dexter Jack bowling shoes are super stylish and also feature a highly-durable and flexible synthetic leather-made construction that is moldable, so in essence, you have yet another shoe that comfortably adapts to your feet.

This one also features a rubber outsole that is designed to help you slide but not too much that you’d end up slipping. Dexter bowling shoes, in general, provide you with optimal sliding ability.

These also have an inner collar that has been padded (together with the tongue), which helps reduce possible abrasions. In other words, it allows you to remain comfortable in games that tend to last longer.

One of the drawbacks these shoes have is the toes because if you’re one of those players that like to drag the toe in a slide, you should know that the toe on these shoes is rather sticky, and could potentially hinder your performance.

This being said, as we’ve mentioned, these shoes are stylish and extremely affordable, and they’re the “best bang for your buck type” of bowling shoe.

These are definitely recommended for beginners and casual players.

Key Features
  • Highly affordable
  • Good durability despite the synthetic material
  • The outsoles slide perfectly

Dexter Women’s Raquel V Bowling Shoes

The Dexter Raquel shoes are available in multiple colors. Despite being made solely from synthetic materials, they’re quite sturdy and durable, which can’t be said about most synthetic shoes.

Here you have a pair of shoes with finer lines and lighter colors, but they’re equally designed with three important characteristics in mind: flexibility, comfort, and performance.

The inner universal soles are durable and comfortable to walk on, and the rubber outsoles provide users with an improved sliding experience. Unlike the previous shoes, these don’t have an added heel, which isn’t bad because it provides you with more stability.

Designed with the average woman in mind, we’re looking at a pair of shoes that accommodate smaller and narrower feet. If you have wide feet, the uppers might apply too much pressure.

Lastly, much like other Dexter shoes, they are quite affordable.

Key Features
  • Thick insole for more stability
  • Extra light molded EVA technology for more comfort
  • Extra foam padding on both collar and tongue.
  • Decently durable

Dexter Women’s Kerrie Bowling Shoes

The Kerrie’s are designed to look like regular sneakers, so they look vastly different from regular bowling shoes that usually have the same style.

Unlike any of the shoes on this list, these Kerrie bowling shoes are crafted with lightweight cotton canvas uppers and a Classic CVO upper pattern.

Being made from textile like cotton means that the shoes provide the user with utmost comfort and ventilation, but lack flexibility because textile doesn’t stretch as easily as synthetic leather.

They’re equipped with an EVA footbed, a type of synthetic material that allows the footbed to mold itself to the base of your foot, providing you with comfort and stability. On the inside of the foot, you can also find a lightly cushioned collar and tongue, which might help you prevent potential abrasions. At the same time, keep in mind, that due to the less flexible nature of the materials, the break-in process might be a bit more painful.

The best quality these shoes have is their breathability, provided by the cotton uppers, which allows users to feel comfortable and avoid potential sweat build-ups during longer games.

Also, you can expect these shoes to be quite durable, at least when compared to the rest of the bowling shoes on this list. Although not as affordable, they can’t be considered “expensive”.

The least likable aspect of these shoes is the fact their toe might be a little sticky, other than that, they’re yet another spectacular option.

Key Features
  • Durable textile construction
  • Great breathability/ventilation
  • Eva midsole for comfort and stability
  • Not expensive

Key Features to Look For In Vegan Bowling Shoes

Now that we’ve shared with you a list of some high-quality vegan bowling shoes, it’s now time for you to know which criteria (and features) we’ve used to judge these shoes.

By knowing these features/qualities, you should be able to find high-quality bowling shoes regardless of our opinion about some of the shoes above.

Here are the main features you should look for when purchasing vegan bowling shoes.

Material & Durability

First of all, the material needs to be vegan-friendly, so materials like leather or suede are a no-no, as they’re essentially extracted from animals.

If you’re planning to play bowling long-term, finding durable shoes is a priority. However, at the same time, the type of shoes that typically last the longest are shoes constructed with leather.

Synthetic leather, on the other hand, is often regarded as a cheaper material, although that is also dependant on the actual construction. Also, while it may not be as durable as the more advanced premium grain leather, it’s certainly more flexible and lightweight.

Inner Sole & Outer Sole

The inner sole plays a big role in providing you with the comfort you need during a match.

The insole is basically the area where your feet should lie snug when you’re playing. If for some reason, the insole isn’t made from the right components, you might not find the shoes to be as functional during your plays.

For both anti-slip and comfort, we usually like to see EVA insoles. They’re reasonably priced and mold to the shape of your feet, providing you with great comfort, stability, and flexibility. If you have some kind of foot injury, then perhaps memory foam is a better bet, but at the same time, it can be quite expensive.

Outer soles also play a massively important role, especially in a game where sliding is an important part of the game. The outer sole should be made from rubber, but at the same time, it shouldn’t provide you with too much grip or traction. In fact, you should look for the opposite.

Look for shoes that provide you with a better ability to slide so that you can, in turn, also deliver some extra power to your shots.

Design, Sizing, and Weight

Design isn’t usually a big issue with bowling shoes, but with bowling shorts turning into a popular trend, you should look for shoes that match your style.

As a result, we found shoes that easily blend in with what you’re wearing.

Before you go for the most functional and best-looking shoes, it’s important to also understand whether or not those shoes fit perfectly. Ordering shoes that are a tad bit large is not indicative of a comfortable shoe, especially because it might slip off during a game. In fact, some ankle injuries tend to happen because your foot is not stable within the shoe.

At the same time, if a shoe is rather small, then it becomes too painful and increasingly harder to put up your absolute best performance.

And while bowling isn’t as dynamic as other sports (soccer, basketball, etc), you still want shoes that allow you to be quick and sharp when driving the ball down the lane. As such, we’ve recommended lightweight shoes, so that you can consistently deliver precise and powerful shots each time you’re playing.

3 Tips to Maintain Your Bowling Shoes

If you want your shoes to perform the best and want them to last longer, you should take care of your shoes. This is important because bowling shoes aren’t that durable, to begin with, and it would be dangerous for them to break mid-game.

Plus, since bowling shoes are typically designed for performance (they’re flexible), it’s not like outdoor shoes where the durability is off the charts. However, you can extend their durability by treating them correctly.

Here are 3 tips to help your bowling shoes last longer:

Brush Them After Each Game

Brushing your shoes regularly could add some traction, which could be beneficial to you as a player, however, too much can also ruin the shoes by rendering them unable to slide.

At the same time, if you don’t clean and wash your shoes properly, they’ll run down more quickly.

The goal is to do it so that you can remove any dirt or oils that might spoil the shoes while guaranteeing you’re not affecting how they perform on the lane.

Use Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are quite useful to keep the uppers protected from any potential accident that may occur when you’re not wearing them.

If you’re playing in an environment where you can get your shoes spoiled with water, then a shoe cover can help you protect them.

Disinfect The Shoes Often

If you wish to avoid building up bacteria in your shoes, you have to disinfect them.

By disinfecting them, you’re removing the sweat accumulated each game, which will consequently improve the lifetime and durability of the shoes. If you can, disinfect them after each game.


Bowling shoes are perhaps the most important tool in any professional bowler’s kit, so having great bowling shoes will naturally affect your performance positively.

If you want to actually find and purchase great bowling shoes, take into consideration some of the key features we’ve mentioned above or choose among the shoes we’ve recommended.

Thank you for reading this blog post and we hope it has helped you find vegan bowling shoes to make your bowling experience enjoyable.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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