Top 6 Vegan Bike Saddles In 2022 (Review + Guide)

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Have you gone the vegan path and want a bike saddle that is free from animal leather?

Don’t worry, we got a list of 6 vegan bike saddles that won’t disappoint.

Of all the components on a bike, the saddle is arguably the most important one. It’s the ONE that defines how a trip pans out — by either making it remarkably pleasant or uncomfortable.

Besides, bike saddles are a very personal item because everyone has distinct riding styles and anatomies. As such, the best way to know which saddle fits you the best is by actually testing them out yourself, until you find a match made in heaven.

Of course, while you can test multiple bike saddles, it can be quite difficult (both financially and time-wise), which is why we’ve gathered this list with some of the most amazing vegan-friendly bike saddles to narrow your options.

Top 6 Vegan Bike Saddles

Selle SMP Pro Saddle

The Selle SMP Pro stands out for its unique features, starting with a long anatomic cutout that provides riders with tremendous pressure relief to the soft tissue of their undercarriage.

If you’re looking for a saddle that doesn’t leave you numb, or in pain from riding long hours, then you’ll appreciate the aggressive cutout design, as well as the firm elastomer foam padding and carbon-reinforced nylon shell for optimal undercarriage support.

However, there’s a potential drawback to the aggressive cutout.

Key Features
  • Aggressive anatomical cutout
  • Comfortable in more flexible positions
  • Durable high-end materials

Fizik Aliante Gamma Kium Saddle

The Fizik Aliant Gamma Kium saddle is a go-to option for casual riders.

This saddle features a round-shaped mid-section that suits riders with limited flexibility. It’s also built with the right amount of padding, a flexible carbon layer, as well as a moderately durable nylon shell that nicely cushions and dampens vibrations.

However, for those searching for a pressure relief channel to mitigate the pain on the soft tissues around the undercarriage area, the Selle SMP Pro saddle is a better choice.

Key Features
  • Very supportive
  • Nice padding
  • Affordable

Prologo Dimension Saddle

The Prologo Dimension saddle is armed with just the right amount of padding in strategic areas, an interesting anatomic relief cutout, and a unique design that encourages riders to adopt a more aggressive riding style.

If you’re a road racer or a pretty fast rider, the Prologo Dimension saddle was designed with you in mind. The saddle is lightweight and has a top-notch construction.

Key Features
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Comfortable in flexible positions
  • Features an anatomic relief channel

WTB Speed Saddle

The WTB Speed saddle is by far the most affordable option on this list, making it an ideal choice for both recreational and avid cyclists.

It features a shock-absorbing, dual-compound soft-shell base for optimal comfort, two interesting qualities for casual riders that cycle in a more upright position and not engage in a low, slightly curved posture.

With a classic shape, a raised tail, and an anatomical pressure relief channel, you can find in the WTB Speed a versatile saddle that won’t disappoint. 

Key Features
  • Soft-Shell saddle base minimizes trail vibration
  • Foam padding
  • Durable steel rails

Prologo Scratch M5 PAS Saddle

The Prologo Scratch M5 PAS saddle is designed for on and off-road riding.

The rounded profile combined with the MSS padding has led to the production of a highly comfortable saddle that can perform well in several scenarios.

The MSS (Multi-Sector System) was designed in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milano, and it’s a system with active foams divided into 5 independent zones to support regular pedaling.

Key Features
  • Ergonomic design
  • Variable density foams (Multi-sector system)
  • PAS (Perineal Area System) to eliminate pressure peaks

Fizik Arione Kium Saddle

Featuring a flat top and good, sizeable width, the Fizik Arione saddle is not unknown to most racers. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Measuring 300mm in length, it’s one of the longest saddles in the game and includes a nylon shell reinforced with carbon.

The entire length of the shell is nicely padded, and Arione’s Wing Flex incorporated technology allows it to flex in key areas to provide you a custom fit that doesn’t sacrifice the shell rigidity and support you require for power transfer.

Key Features
  • Wing Flex Technology
  • Microtex Cover
  • Decent width which allows for plenty of movement

What to Look For in a Vegan Bike Saddle

The experience on a bike highly depends on the comfort you feel when sat on the saddle. It’s horrible when you get back from riding and feel sore, not from the fact you’ve been pedaling for so long, but because the saddle was too rough or had the wrong size.

Here are some aspects to consider when purchasing a bike saddle.


Finding a comfortable bike saddle begins with finding a seat that supports your body weight with your sit bones (ischial tuberosities and pubic rami) and not the surrounding soft tissues.

This essentially means that you need to find a saddle with the right width and shape.

To help you find a saddle with the right fight, bike shops normally have a memory foam pad that is capable of measuring the width of your sit bones. Once you know your particular measurements, then you can move on to find a good, well-fitting saddle.


Riders that typically sit in a more upright position and are less flexible usually choose flat saddles, as it allows them to more comfortably transition forward and backward.

Curved saddles, on the other hand, are typically chosen by riders that ride in a long and low, aggressive position, meaning, they’re more flexible. At the same time, riders that don’t move a lot when riding also prefer curved saddles because it allows them to remain locked in place.

In this article, we have listed out men or unisex saddles, but certain companies are now developing saddles to fit different anatomies, even though you might have men or women purchasing saddles that aren’t recommended for them gender-wise.


The greatest bike saddles feature cutouts, which are basically — pressure relief channels that eliminate the material that applies pressure around the soft tissue in your undercarriage.

Having a cutout is ideal for most riders — but some riders might find that the edge on the channel may actually pinch or dig into sensitive areas.


When opting for a saddle, you’re usually fine if you choose a more balanced option.

In other words, not highly-padded saddles, as these can cause more soft issue pressure than lightly-padded saddles, mainly because your sinking into the saddle, not actually being supported.

Naturally, you also don’t want a saddle with no padding, especially on long rides.

Important Considerations

Although you can find saddles that might be built with animal leather, most of the saddles available come with synthetic leather —some with reinforced zones, and others with a rather grippy material to keep from sliding around (which can be quite painful).

Like any other product, saddles come in a range of prices that are low or high based on the materials used for the cover, shell, and rails.

Carbon shells are typically lighter, offer vibration absorption, are somewhat stiff, but because they’re so durable, they’re more expensive. On the other hand, nylon shells are softer but not as durable as carbon shells, thus they’re also less expensive.

The rails also play a role in determining the saddle’s design but also the cost. Carbon rails are usually the lightest, but may not work with every seat. Titanium rails are also light but equally expensive, and steel rails are very durable but not as expensive.

In the end, choose the one that provides you with the most comfort, but also adapts the best to your style of riding.

Bottom Line

Picking the right saddle can be a daunting task, however, it’s probably the most important aspect of your bike, especially if you go for really long distances. There’s a wide range of saddle styles and shapes, and not every saddle is designed with your body in mind. It’s very important to test a few saddles before settling for the right one.

In this article, you’re going to find some of the best bike saddles in the market (which also happen to be vegan-friendly), but at the same time, what might be the absolute best product for one person, might not necessarily be well-suited for you.

This being said, the saddles on this article are pretty legit, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of the options.

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