The Best Vegan Golf Bags For The Conscious Golfer in 2022

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How important do you think golf bags are? Well, for me they’re probably the 4th most important piece of equipment after shoes. With the first and second being golf clubs and balls.

There are many different types of golf bags, so you must choose one that meets your specific needs.

Also note that as a vegan golf player, the choices you have are more limited. Though I don’t think it’s impossible to find synthetic (or more sustainable) bags that pack style and utility all in one.

First I want to carry you through the importance of golf bags and the various types of golf bags available to you. Why is that even relevant if you’re looking to buy a golf bag? First off, you might have more clubs than your current bag can handle. Or perhaps you don’t have a bag with reliable ‘legs’ to carry you through multiple rounds.

Whatever it is, a great golf bag will let you focus on playing golf, which is clearly the most important thing.

What Makes A Great Golf Bag?

Although golf bags vary in shape and style, there are a few basic things you can consider before buying one. A bag shouldn’t only last you a season, it should last you several years, especially if you’re playing golf for fun.

Here are a few of the important aspects I find to be quite relevant:

Strong Branding

Believe it or not, there better brands than others. Yes, you may find great golf bags from unknown manufacturers, but there are a few brands that have built their legacy on strong foundations. Foundations that revolve around the creation of durable, high-quality products that are trusted among even the most experienced golfers. These brands are quite known within the golf community, and they include Ping, Sun Mountain, Ogio, Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway and more.

Normally you’re going to find higher-priced products, but they’re products that are reliable. Would you rather buy a cheaper, yet unreliable product… or something that can last you for years on end? Obviously, I don’t have any say in your buying decisions, but I know what my priorities are, especially if I’m looking to play a sport in the long-term.

Comfortable Carrying Straps.

Even if you’re using a cart to get around, it’s important to get bags with comfortable straps to reduce the strain on your shoulders. However, if you’re carrying your clubs around, then bags with comfortable straps are even more essential.

Sturdy Materials

Golf equipment should NOT fall apart after a year. Since these bags are typically expensive, you want to choose a bag that is sturdy, with pockets that won’t wear out even after a couple of years.

Don’t settle for the cheapest bag, otherwise, It’s just money bad spent. Choose bags from the brands I’ve mentioned earlier, since they are the most trustworthy among golfers, and are usually ones that will last you through the years.

If you have intentions of playing golf in the long-run, always make sure to buy sturdy material from a trustworthy brand. You will definitely feel that is money well spent because it will last you through the years.

Golf Bag Sizes

Large golf bags are used by professional golfers and usually weigh up to 12 pounds; have 10 or more pockets, and are 9 to 10 inches high. These bags can typically hold a full set of golf clubs, as well as other smaller equipment.

On the other end, Sunday golf bags weigh less than 3 pounds; they can usually hold up to 14 clubs and have enough room for golf balls, tees, and ball markers.

The Different Types Of Golf Bags

There are four different types of golf bags, at least according to what I know. We have cart golf bags; stand golf bags; Sunday golf bags and tour staff golf bags. Knowing the differences between each bag will help you understand which one is more suitable for your style of play.

Cart Golf Bags

golf cart bag

As the name suggests, cart golf bags are meant to be attached to golf carts. Generally, the good ones feature a cart strap loop, which allows you to fasten the bag into the back of the golf cart, while still leaving space for the golf clubs, as well as other smaller pieces of equipment.

These bags are perfect for golfers that mostly ride golf carts or use pull carts. Even though they are large, they’re actually lightweight and don’t take too much space in a backseat or trunk. Naturally, if you want to carry it around without a cart, I’d suggest you buy a different bag since this is not practical for that purpose.

In addition, although having many pockets is good, you might find yourself lost looking for certain pieces of equipment. Always make sure you know in which pocket if you’ve put the equipment before panicking.

Golf Stand Bags

golf stand bag

If you walk and carry your stuff with you — then stand bags are the way to go.

They’re lightweight, and since they stay upright and have legs, you can literally drag them around without much effort. In other words, these are by far the most popular choice among golfers.

Good stand bags have sturdy legs that collapse and expand effortlessly; comfortable dual straps; dividers to keep your golf clubs organized and enough pockets to carry a piece of whole baggage of equipment from clubs to water bottles and umbrellas.

With a stand bag, you can easily grab up any type of club because the bag is already sitting upright. The only issue I have with these stand bags is that it might be more susceptible to damage since you’re constantly using the legs for transportation.

Sunday Golf Bags

sunday golf bags

These are the lightest and smallest type of golf bags available. Most of them can hold a full set of clubs, but it’s usually used to carry just a few golf clubs for training sessions.

Given their weight and size, they take up very little space, which is quite useful if you usually have limited space in the trunk.

Some models may have legs, but they’re generally very light which makes them quite easy to carry around. Naturally, being smaller, they don’t have as much space as bigger bags, and those bags that have legs are also less sturdy.

Tour Staff Golf Bags

tour staff golf bags

Tour Staff Bags are appealing for most since they’re often seen being used by professional players. But don’t fret, you can use them, too. These are professional-looking bags, that can be engraved with custom information like the name of the player.

If you like to have plenty of room to keep your stuff, then this bag has everything you could need. I’d definitely recommend using them on rainy days when you need to bring along umbrellas, raincoats, an extra pair of rain golf shoes, etc.

However, they’re not as good to carry around a golf course because they’re quite heavy, and the protruding front pockets also make them very awkward to place on a pull cart. This said they’re probably the most popular type of bags among pros.

Among The Different Types, Which One Should You Choose?

It doesn’t make sense just to buy a bag because you like it. Before buying a bag, you must consider several factors, and whether or not you need more than one bag.

Not all courses are 18-hole golf courses, and the type of golf course you’re playing in will have the biggest impact on the type of bag you choose. For instance, you don’t buy a large bag with plenty of room (tour staff bag), when you’re playing in a 9-hole executive course. Furthermore, if you’re doing most of the walking, it doesn’t make sense to buy a cart bag that is heavier, and tougher to carry on your shoulders.

For smaller courses like par-3 courses, 9-hole courses and anything in-between, you’re better served with a Sunday golf bag; which are also very useful for short, training sessions.

If you’re just getting started, you’re probably going to do a lot of walking, so maybe you should start with a stand bag. A stand bag can also fit in a golf cart, so it’s quite adaptable and thus makes the most sense for starters.

In addition, some golf courses have some restrictions where you can’t walk, so it’s mandatory to use a golf cart. In which case having a cart bag or a stand bag is the most logical choice.

Lest Not Forget, The Bag Must Be 100% Vegan.

Naturally, after you take into account the tools you have, the course you’ll be playing in, and whether or not golfing is a long-term hobby— you also should obviously go for a bag that is free from any animal fabric. Thankfully, most bags are made from synthetic material.

Here Are A Few Of The Best Vegan Golf Bags

TaylorMade Stand Bag 5.0

taylormade stand bag

This stand bag is one that I would recommend for most golfers. If you want to quickly grab your clubs, the Taylormade Stand Bag 5.0 keeps the clubs segmented and secure to pull when your turn to swing comes.

This bag is SO affordable for the value it offers, that it would be a crime not to mention it here.

Great Storage Space

First off, It comes with an incredible amount of storage space to keep your clubs, tees, balls, and even rain gear protected. In addition, it has a safe pouch where you can store your valuables so that they remain safe and scratch-free.

Very Sturdy For The Price.

The bag itself is very sturdy, which is impressive considering the price point. And it also includes an anti-split system that prevents the legs from sticking or getting entangled, so it’s always stable.

Top-Notch Design

Again for the price, it is impressive how this bag was designed, especially if we look at the garment pocket, the included rain hood and the umbrella sleeve that was seamlessly integrated into the bag.  The dual straps on this bag are soft and comfortable, which will leave your back feeling invigorated after walking around on an 18-hole course.

All in all, it’s a very affordable bag with plenty of features that a beginner and a more experienced golfer can appreciate.

TaylorMade Select Cart Bag

premium taylormade bag

As you can see from the name, this one is typically used by golfers who move through an 18-hole course with a golf cart. This is what one would consider a slightly more luxurious choice and one that is sturdy enough to last you years. Note, however, that this is a cart-only golf bag, and you shouldn’t try to use it for any other purpose.

Plenty Of Storage

This one is a tad bit more expensive, but it’s worthwhile. It comes with plenty of storage via several zippered pockets and it also has a two handle top that makes it easy to lift and place onto the bag well of a cart.

Sturdy Construction

In addition, it has a sturdy construction that is notches above what its mid-tier price point represents. If you’re looking to golf long-term, this bag is definitely one you should consider.

For Golf Cart Users Only

It is important to emphasize that this bag is made for golf cart users. If you want to walk to the different holes, I’m afraid this bag will wear you down. With only one strap to carry the load, you’ll spend your time trying to balance your body, which will cause you to feel uncomfortable rather quickly.

For those using golf carts to get around, this is an option you can’t ignore since it’s probably the best bang for your buck.

Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Stand Bag

This is a pricier bag, but it’s also a more advanced bag. It’s another stand bag, and although not affordable as the former, this comes with more pockets, dividers, and some additional features.

Superior Comfort

In fact, one of those features is the airflow hip pad that provides your lumbar with outstanding comfort and ventilation. The bag also comes with  3-Layer Technology shoulder straps, which dramatically increase the comfort of the straps. The technology here is more intricate, and thus affects the price.

Lightweight But Sturdy

Although the bag is very light, with comes with a pair of strong legs. The wide stance on the legs makes it so the legs don’t tumble, and are kept upright even under stormy weather. Moving the bag is easy since the oval top has a comfortable handle that makes it easy to pick up and drag around.

Lots Of Storage Space

This one also has lots of storage space. It comes with 14 full-length dividers, which are more than enough to accommodate most of your clubs. It also has a water bottle pocket that can accommodate a large insulated bottle, and a soft pouch large enough for a 7 or 8″ smartphone. In total, the bag has 7 pockets, so you can bring along rain gear as well.

The bag is well-constructed, light, and is a good value for the money.

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Golf Bag

beginner golf bag

Do you prefer a quick trip around the course? Do you want something that is ideal for a beginner? Then this is probably the most basic option you will be able to find. Nonetheless, it’s very effective for what it does. Especially if we consider its low price point.

Designed To Carry Just A Few Golf Clubs

This might be bad news for the most experienced players, but if you’re just starting out, you’re not going to need more than just a few clubs. This one has two compartments up top that are enough to hold up to 5-6 clubs, but note that the clubs will be knocking on each other since the bag is not as segmented.

It Has More Than Enough Space For Beginners

Do you want enough space for balls, tees, and a scorecard? Yup, this bag has enough space for that. The simplistic construction of this bag won’t delay your choice of equipment before each hole. Expect a capacity of four to six balls, so if you’re a high handicapper, ask a colleague of yours to bring more balls.

Super Lightweight

You won’t get a lighter golf bag than this one. Not only that, but its well-positioned and durable carry handle makes it very easy to pick up and carry around. The strap attachment is not ideal, however, and will probably have to be replaced since there is no reinforcement where the strap attachment is sewn on.

This bag is what one can consider a good Sunday bag. It’s casual, and limited in terms of features, but it’s also what a beginner needs to get started before moving up in complexity.

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