Shake Shack: The Only 3 Options For Vegans in 2022

Shake Shack is an American fast-casual restaurant chain based in New York City, which started out as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park. Eventually, the business grew, and it went from selling hot dogs to also offering a menu with hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes. 

Nowadays, Shake Shack has over 250 locations globally, including the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, and of course, many locations within the United States.

Let me point out that Shake Shack is not a vegan restaurant, and therefore, what you will have is a very limited number of options available. With that being said, it’s still one where you, as a vegan, can visit if you don’t have a better alternative available nearby. 

In this article, we list every vegan option available at Shake Shack. 

What Is A Vegan?

For those who are not familiar with a vegan diet, the term “vegan” was coined in 1944 by a small group of vegetarians who broke away from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in England to form the Vegan Society.

Veganism is currently defined as a way of living that attempts to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, be it from food, clothing, or any other purpose.

Vegans choose not to consume meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or any other products of animal origin.

This also includes animal-derived ingredients such as honey, carmine, albumin, casein, gelatin, pepsin, shellac, isinglass, and whey. They also avoid products that contain leather, silk, or wool. 

What Vegan Options Are Available At Shake Shack?

Unfortunately, Shake Shack is not the best place to have a vegan meal, in fact, they seem to be completely set on offering the bare minimum for vegetarians.

Like many other fast-food chains, Shake Shack has launched a veggie burger, but that’s about it.

Here are 3 options they have available in case you’re interested:

Veggie Shack

Not a Veggie Shack.

A few years ago, Shake Shack introduced a veggie burger called the “Veggie Shack” at select locations across the United States.

The veggie patty is made of greens, grains, and herbs, and comes on a wheat bun with avocado, roasted tomato, shredded lettuce, and tangy lemon mayo. 

The tangy lemon mayo is not suitable for vegans, therefore you would have to put in a request to remove it. However, if you’re a vegetarian, you can just leave it in. 

Not all locations sell the “Veggie Shack”, particularly because not all states have a significant population of vegans/vegetarians. 

Here are some locations where you’re able to find the “Veggie Shack”:

  • California: Burbank, Downtown LA, El Segundo, Glendale, Hollywood, Pasadena, UTC, San Diego, Westlake, and West Hollywood.
  • New York: Astor Place, Midtown East, Morningside Heights, New Hyde Park, Upper East Side, and West Village.
  • Kentucky: Lexington.
  • New Jersey: Paramus.
  • Ohio: Downtown Cleveland, Easton Town Center, Pinecrest, and Short North.
  • Texas: Domain, Plano, Preston Royal, Rice Village, South Lamar, and Uptown Dallas.

Please keep in mind that this information may eventually change, and the number of locations that carry the “Veggie Shack” may either decrease or increase. 

French Fries


Any fast-food chain will have french fries available, and these, being made from potatoes, will be a vegan option that you can order. 

However, allow me to point out that some Shake Shack locations use a shared fryer, which means they might cook their french fries and chicken in the same fryer (using the same oil). 

Therefore, if that is an issue for you, I would avoid ordering fries. 



In addition to the “Veggie Shack” and french fries, you can, of course, order a bunch of different drinks, including organic fresh brewed tea, lemonade, orange juice, as well as beer and wine. 

Shake Shack also has beverages like Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Mountain Dew, among many others. 


Like most non-vegan fast-food chains, Shake Shack offers a very limited range of options for vegans. 

They have launched “Veggie Shack, a veggie burger, but it contains tangy lemon mayo, a sauce made with eggs, which makes it a vegetarian option rather than a vegan one.

If you wish to make “Veggie Shack” vegan, you must ask the restaurant to remove the tangy lemon mayo, or replace it with a different sauce, maybe ketchup or mustard. 

Other than the “Veggie Shack”, you can also order french fries, though some locations fry the french fries in the same oil where they cook chicken. 

Lastly, you can choose among the many beverages they have available, including lemonade, tea, orange juice, beer, and carbonated drinks such as Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and others. 

Shake Shack FAQs

Does Shake Shack Have A Drive-Thru?

As far as we know, Shake Shack does not have a drive-thru in any of its locations. They were planning to open drive-thrus but that did not come to fruition.  

Does Shake Shack Make Deliveries?

Yes, Shake Shack does make deliveries, but you need to order via platforms such as Grubhub and Seamless, or other providers such as Postmates, DoorDash, Caviar, and UberEats depending on the locale. 

Does Shake Shack Have Gluten-Free Buns?

Fortunately, Shack Shack does offer gluten-free buns, however, that will also depend on the location. Some locations might not have gluten-free buns. An alternative to gluten-free buns is lettuce wraps, which you can order if you have a gluten allergy. 

Does Shake Shack Use Peanut Oil?

According to Shake Shack’s official website, they do not use peanut oil to cook their food. Instead, they cook with 100% soybean oil, which is good news for people with a peanut allergy. 

Is Shake Shack Halal?

According to Shake Shack’s official website, their US, Russia, Japan, and Hong Kong locations do not have halal chicken. However, their UK and South Korea locations offer halal chicken, though it is prepared in a facility where pork is also present. 

Does Shake Shack Take Apple Pay?

Shake Shack does accept apple pay, but only at select locations. To be on the safe side, it’s better that you have other means for paying your orders. 

Does Shake Shack Do Refills? 

Yes, Shake Shack does offer free refills on fountain drinks like Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, and so on. They also have a bunch of other drinks available, like beer and wine, but those do not come with free refills. 

Alexandre Valente

Hey there! My name is Alex and I've been vegan for more than five years! I've set up this blog because I'm really passionate about veganism and living a more eco-conscious life. Hopefully, I can use this website as a channel to help you out on your own journey!

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