16 Lab-Grown Meat Companies You Probably Don’t Know About

Many more people are becoming interested in the idea of lab-grown meat and are on the lookout for companies that they can purchase this from. It is often said to be the future of eating meat, so let’s find out more about it.

If you are looking for lab-grown meat, the following companies may be of interest:

  • BlueNalu
  • Aleph Farms
  • Wild Type
  • Avant Meats
  • SuperMeat
  • Wild Earth
  • Vow
  • BioBQ
  • Because Animals
  • Mosa Meat
  • Meatable
  • Higher Steaks
  • UPSIDE Foods
  • New Age Meats
  • GOOD Meat
  • Mission Barns

There are many other options too, so let’s explore them in more detail and learn about what each one has to offer. Some of these companies provide more information about themselves and their processes, while others are closed books.

1. BlueNalu

blue nalu
This image belongs to Blue Nalu

If you are looking for seafood, BlueNalu is one of the first brands that you should check out. It is working toward becoming a global leader in lab-grown seafood.

The question of seafood is a particularly important one, because we are taking far more fish from the sea than it can sustain, and unlike other farming markets, seafood is not necessarily shrinking as people become more conscious of their health and diets. On the whole, fish is considered a healthy source of protein.

This means that the demand for seafood is likely to remain high, even as the demand for other meats falls, and therefore artificial seafood is the future. BlueNalu is a pioneer, trying to create sustainable options for its consumers. They use real fish cells and are growing these in their labs.

2. Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms is known for being the first company to produce meat in space, back in 2019. It is also working hard on the production of steak in a lab, creating a carbon-neutral option for consumers who still want to enjoy this luxurious and highly popular food. 

It was established in Israel and has already had a major positive impact on the environment, reducing the need to kill cows. They successfully produced their first steak in 2018, and they have continued making large strides in this area.

They are probably one of the leading companies in lab-based meats and they aim to produce the best quality steaks, indistinguishable from real beef.

3. Wild Type

Another company that is interested in creating seafood, Wild Type is focused on the growing of salmon. They believe this can make the food healthier for you, because the fish will not contain microplastics, parasites, mercury, or other toxins from the sea.

Although the company is currently working on salmon, it is likely that they will expand in the future. Their focus is on making a salmon that is high enough quality for sushi, but other fish will probably follow.

The company is keen to get people away from eating both wild fish and farmed fish, and toward eating only factory fish.

4. Avant Meats

Avant is also focused on fish products, and they define their process as:

  • Extract the cells from healthy fish, taking small samples so that the fish aren’t harmed.
  • Nurture these cells in a suitable environment and feed them so they grow and divide.
  • Keep growing the meat cells in the most perfect conditions achievable to ensure they are as tasty and nutritious as possible.
  • Harvest the meat, ready for consumption, and send it out to customers.

This is similar to the process that many companies follow, but Avant Meats is currently focused on fish and moving away from wild caught seafood. The concerns about the heavy metals, toxins, and parasites in wild caught fish, as well as the environmental impact of fishing, are listed as great reasons for lab-grown fish meat.

5. SuperMeat

For those looking to get the taste and texture of chicken without the horrors that go on in chicken farming, SuperMeat could be the answer. This company produces high quality chicken from lab-grown cells, cutting down on carbon emissions and increasing food security. 

This company harvests cells from healthy chickens and focuses on growing these cells in a cultured environment to produce chicken meat that can hit the tables with no animal cruelty involved.

SuperMeat believes that their methods could reduce the burden of farming on lands by as much as 99 percent, and it could also massively cut back on the need for clean water. This kind of chicken is also free from salmonella and does not need any antibiotics, making it safer and better for human consumption.

6. Wild Earth

If you are already vegan or you’ve cut most of the animal products out of your life, you might still be struggling with one aspect – your pet’s diet. Cats and dogs are keen carnivores and although it is possible to keep dogs healthy on a vegetarian diet, it isn’t easy, and some people question whether it is fair.

If you’re facing the dilemma of your pet’s breakfast, Wild Earth could be the answer; this company already produces plant-based pet foods, but it’s looking to expand into lab-grown meats specifically for pets.

7. Vow

Kangaroo meat isn’t at the top of everyone’s menu, but Vow has recognized a market for this unusual food, and has started to take away the ethical dilemma by producing lab-grown options. This Australian based company claims to be able to produce meat in just 6 weeks, and suggests that the meat is of higher quality because there is no stress involved for the animal.

This company selects cells with care, and then nourishes these with micronutrients to produce a superb product. 

8. BioBQ

For those looking for beef brisket, BioBQ is a company to keep your eye on, because they are aiming to be the first in the world to produce this via cell cultures. The company isn’t at the production phase yet, but it has a working prototype, and is fundraising to start scaling up. 

Its founders believe strongly in moving away from the consumption of live animals, and believe that cell culturing and tissue engineering represent the future of food.

9. Because Animals

Another option if you are concerned about the meat production involved in your pet’s diet, Because Animals also started their journey with plant-based pet foods. Again, because these are not generally considered suitable for cats and because they can be difficult even for dogs, they have now moved toward creating lab-grown meat.

They were founded in 2018 and are based in the United States. Right now, they are producing cultured rabbit for dogs and mice for cats.

10. Mosa Meat

lab meat

Mosa Meat was founded by Dr. Mark Post, and he created the first burger on Earth to be made exclusively with stem cell meat. That was back in 2013, and it has had a lasting impact on the future of this industry.

Mosa Meat no longer uses FBS in its formulas, and has moved to using myoglobin, which helps to make the meat look more appealing. They have also started injecting fats into the burger to improve the texture and make it meatier. The first burgers are going to hit the shelves in 2023.

11. Meatable

If you’ve ever wondered whether vegans could eat lab-grown meat, you’ll be aware that this is a complicated topic – but most vegans don’t feel okay with lab-grown meat because it still involves taking the cells from live animals. This doesn’t cause long-term harm to the animal, but it can be an unpleasant process and does result in stress.

Meatable, however, is looking for ways to avoid this harvesting, and has started taking cells from umbilical cords – flesh that is otherwise thrown away when the animal is born. This means that it might be possible to create lab-grown meat without any harm being done to the animals.

It is also necessary to avoid the use of FBS (as this is taken from pregnant cows that have been killed), but the great news is that most companies are already moving away from FBS in their production lines, so this hopefully won’t be an issue by the time we see lab-grown meat come to our stores.

Keep an eye on Meatable’s continued experiments and production, and you might be able to enjoy a meaty burger even if you are vegan, strange though that sounds!

12. Higher Steaks

Another company working to produce meat from cultured cells, Higher Steaks is in the UK. It is focused on pork, and has managed to create bacon, pork belly, and pork chops so far. It points out the dangers of the antibiotics being used in our meat industry, as well as the growing concerns about animal welfare.

13. UPSIDE Foods

Originally known as Memphis Meats, UPSIDE Foods was founded by a cardiologist and has an impressive number of wealthy backers, including Bill Gates and Richard Branson. It has created a variety of lab-grown meats and has enjoyed a lot of media attention as a result.

These products have included beef meatballs, fried chicken, and duck, and the responses have been highly positive. They are looking to launch their products very shortly, so keep an eye out on the shelves.

14. New Age Meats

If you are a sausage lover, New Age Meats is definitely a company that you should check out. The company is focused on creating really flavorful food, and it started with sausages because they are potentially easier than some other kinds of meats.

Because sausages use ground meat, the texture is often less important than it would be with meats such as steaks, so this is a great place to start experimenting. 

New Age Meats doesn’t yet offer much information about what other meats they plan to produce or how soon their products will be ready to buy, but they are certainly in the business of cultivating meat in a lab, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this brand to see what comes next.

15. GOOD Meat

If you’re familiar with the plant-based products manufactured by Eat Just, such as plant-based eggs, you might be interested in learning more about GOOD Meat – a brand that is made by the same company.

Its chicken has already been approved for sale in Singapore, as of 2020, and the company is working with the FDA to get some legislation in place so that their lab-grown meat can hit US shelves too.

The company can produce a piece of chicken in just 6 weeks, and there are no hormones or antibiotics involved. The process is far better for the animals and the planet, and GOOD Meat is ready to launch in the US as soon as it can legally do so.

16. Mission Barns

lab-made bacon

If you love bacon, meatballs, and sausages, Mission Barns is a great company to look into. This company is a complement to the lab-grown meat industry and helps to ensure that the final product is what you expect when it hits the plate.

A lot of lab-grown meat is just protein, which means that it lacks both the taste and structure that traditional meat offers. Mission Barns has created some of these meats itself, but its focus is on creating lab-grown fat that can be used to make standard lab-grown meat taste great.

This fat can be added to the lab-grown protein to create a product that is basically indistinguishable from traditional meat. Their concept has been proven since their founding in 2018, and it’s likely that this company will keep moving forward as lab-grown meats become more and more popular.


As you can see, there are a lot of companies working to get into the lab-grown meat space and trying to bring these products to our shelves. 

With growing concerns about both the ethics and the logistics of factory farming and a growing population needing ever-more food, it’s no wonder that lab-grown meat is getting so much attention. It has not yet been legislated in the US, but it’s likely that this won’t take much longer.

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