Is Too Faced Vegan And Cruelty-Free?

Too Faced was founded in 1998 by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, who started behind the counter working for makeup companies. Curiously, they both worked for Estée Lauder, the American multinational that would later acquire Too Faced for a stunning US$1.45 billion.

While Too Faced claims to be animal-friendly, Estée Lauder, the company that owns Too Faced, sells products in China. That being said, a brand doesn’t necessarily have to adhere to the methods and policies of the bigger company.


According to this screenshot taken from the Too Faced website, they have a space in their hearts for animals. But does this mean that Too Faced is 100% vegan?

Is Too Faced Vegan?

Not all products sold by Too Faced are vegan.

Unfortunately, they have products that contain animal ingredients such as lanolin, beeswax, carmine, yogurt powder, and other potential non-vegan ingredients.


Lanolin is often used to soften and moisturize. It’s an oil extracted from sheep wool and is quite common in products such as balms, sticks, and glosses, as well as hair products.


Alternatives to lanolin include plant oils like coconut or olive oil, as well as butter like shea or coconut butter. Synthetic lanolin exists, but it’s not that common.


Sometimes labeled as Cera Alba, this wax is commonly used in cosmetics to prevent emulsions from falling apart. Beeswax is a natural byproduct of honey production.


This wax is secreted by bees and is used as the building blocks used to create the beehive structure that is crucial to house young bees and store honey.

There are a few reasons why extracting beeswax is unethical, but it all boils down to the same reasons why honey extraction isn’t vegan. One legitimate cruel aspect is that oftentimes queen bees have their wings plucked off to prevent the colony from swarming. This essentially prevents colonies from switching places and allows farmers to ramp up production in one beehive.


Carmine is essentially a red pigment extracted from the crushed female cochineal insect.


This red, crimson dye can also be referred to as natural red 4, cochineal extract, CI 75470 or crimson lake. It’s typically seen in products like lipsticks or blushes.

Curiously, they’ve been known for ages to have been used by Aztecs and Mayas.

Yogurt Powder

Another ingredient I’ve found in Too Faced products was yogurt powder, and as you know, yogurt is derived from milk. This ingredient is often used in hair conditioning and skin protective formulas.

These were the four ingredients we’ve seen being used by the Too Faced brand, however, you might also run into a few other ingredients that you should be aware of, and are quite common in the whole beauty industry.

Other Potential Non-Vegan Ingredients

Other potential non-vegan ingredients include:

Glycerin: This might come from animal fats, but it can also be derived from plant-based oils such as soy, coconut or palm oil.

Stearic Acid: It can be derived from the stomach of cattle, and it can also be derived from vegetable fats.

Animal hair: This can be found in natural brushes, and it’s often sourced from animals like horses or goats. Brands often mention that no animals are harmed in the process.

Shellac: This is a resinous product extracted from lac bugs and is often used for nail products.

Squalene: While less likely, squalene can be extracted from shark liver oil, but we believe it’s mostly found in plant-based oils like olive oil.

Casein: It’s generally derived from cow’s milk, and is often used to create products ideal for face treatment and hair conditioning.

Guanine: This can be obtained by scraping the scales of dead fish, but we don’t see it that often. It can be used to create several products like nail polish, eyeshadow, highlighters, and blushes.

Oleic Acid: While it can be derived from several plant-based sources like coconut, olives, and nuts, but it can also be obtained in animal fat.

Keratin: This ingredient comes from the horns and hair of animals, and is often used in strengthening nail and hair products.

Collagen: This one is often found in anti-aging products, but as you might know, like gelatin, collagen is derived from animal tissue, ligaments, and sometimes bones of cows and pigs.

Elastin: It’s very similar to collagen, as it’s also a protein extracted from the muscles, ligaments, and aortas of animals.

Some of the ingredients may or may not be vegan, therefore, if you’re in doubt, the best course of action is to actually contact the companies directly.

More importantly, always make sure to check the ingredients before making a purchase.

Too Faced Vegan Products

Here’s a list of Too Faced vegan products extracted directly from their website:

  • Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Damn Girl! Mascara
  • Born This Way Foundation
  • Hangover Primer
  • Love Light Highlighter
  • Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Better Than Sex Eyeliner
  • Mr. Chiseled Contour Brush
  • Mr. Right 5 Piece Brush Set
  • Born This Way Setting Powder
  • Crystal Whips Liquid Eye Shadow
  • Dew You Fresh Glow Setting Powder
  • Dew You Luminous Face Primer
  • Sweet Peach Glow
  • Fresh Squeezed Highlighter
  • Juicy Fruits Lip Gloss
  • Glitter Pop Eyeliner
  • Sweetie Pie Bronzer
  • Peach Perfect Foundation
  • Born This Way Pressed Powder Foundation
  • Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer
  • Sweethearts Blush
  • Travel-Size Peach Blur Finishing Powder
  • Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer
  • Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder
  • Triple Scoop Highlighting Palette
  • Peach My Cheeks Blush
  • Pineapple Glow Face Mask
  • Bottle of Unicorn Tears Mystical Highlighter Drops
  • Lip Injection Plumping Lip Gloss
  • Diamond Light Brush
  • Travel-Size Hangover Primer
  • Primed & Peachy Primer
  • Peach Perfect Setting Powder
  • Peach Blur Finishing Powder
  • Peaches & Cream Lip Scrub
  • Sweethearts Bronzer
  • Dew You Foundation
  • Glow Job
  • It’s Bananas! Setting Powder
  • Pineapple Paradise Highlighter and Bronzer
  • Mr. Right Brush
  • Mr. Perfect Foundation Brush
  • Mr. Right Now Travel Size Retractable Powder Brush
  • Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer
  • Dew You Setting Spray
  • Melted Gold Lip Gloss
  • Better Than Sex And Diamonds Mascara
  • Mascara Melt-Off Mascara Remover
  • Natural Nudes Lipstick
  • Melted Lipstick
  • Sketch Marker Eyeliner
  • Lip Insurance Lip Primer
  • Sweet Peach Lip Gloss
  • Brow Quickie Eyebrow Gel
  • Natural Lust Bronzer
  • Christmas Dreams Brush Set
  • Melted Gold Lip Gloss
  • Retractable Kabuki Brush

Is Too Faced Cruelty-Free?

Too Faced has been confirmed to be cruelty-free. Although they’re not certified by the Leaping Bunny or Cruelty-Free International, they are on the list of PETA’s cruelty-free brands.

In other words, Too Faced does not test finished products or ingredients in animals, and neither do their suppliers or third parties. In addition, they also don’t sell their products in countries like China where animal testing is required by law.

This being said, we have to keep in mind that Too Faced was acquired by Estée Lauder, a multinational company that is not cruelty-free. Therefore, any profit made by Too Faced is also going to Estée Lauder, which is something some vegans may be against.

Where To Buy Too Faced Products

If you’re still interested in buying Too Faced products, feel free to do so at their website or through retailers such as Amazon.

Bottom Line

Too Faced is not a vegan brand.

However, they have a long list of vegan-friendly products that we’ve compiled in one of the sections above.

Also, Too Faced is part of PETA’s cruelty-free list.

This essentially means that Too Faced does not conduct tests on animals, and neither do their suppliers or third parties. They also don’t sell products in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Therefore, while Too Faced isn’t vegan, there’s clearly some work being done and they seem to be taking a more ethical stance over time.

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