10 Fruits That Look & Taste Like Apples

Avid apple fans are always on the lookout for other fruits that are just as good, and while you may not find an exact match for apples, there are a few fruits out there that are similar in terms of both their appearance and their taste.

A few fruits that look and taste like apples include things like pears, quinces, red plums, red passion fruits, pomegranates, loquats, medlars, crab apples, and more.

We’ll explore each of these fruits below so you have a better understanding of why they might look and/or taste like apples!

Which Fruits Look Like Apples?

Apples are iconic fruits, but there are still quite a few other fruits that manage to look like them. Many are smaller, but still similar in size. If you want an apple lookalike, consider:

  • Asian pears
  • Crabapples
  • Medlars
  • Quinces
  • Cherimoya
  • Pomegranates
  • Red passion fruits

Most of these manage to look quite similar to apples, either red or green, so let’s take a closer look.

Asian Pears

asian pears

Pears look a lot like apples anyway, but the Asian pear even imitates an apple’s shape, and many people call them apple pears. They don’t have the bulbous base or elongated neck that most pears have, and instead, they are shaped very similarly to apples.

Even when you cut into one of these, you could believe it was an apple, as the inside has the classic apple-like core and seeds. Apart from the fact that the skin is matte rather than shiny, these look very much like apples. 



Given the name, it’s no surprise that these fruits look enormously like apples. They smell and taste similar too, although they are smaller than true apples, and they are much tarter. Crabapples tend to be eaten in the form of jelly, rather than fresh, but if you want to trick someone with an apple lookalike, these would probably be the best option!



Medlars quite effectively mimic apples as well; they are browner and they look rather like an overripe apple, but they still aren’t far off! When underripe, they can look amazingly similar to apples, although they are smaller and sometimes orange. Medlars are not popular fruits these days, but they are a great apple lookalike.



A quince looks pretty close to an apple crossed with a lemon. It has the shape and leaves of an apple, as well as an apple-like center, but it is bright yellow and slightly lumpier than most apples tend to be.

It is thought that quinces actually are a sort of cross, but instead it is between apples and pears. Compared with a yellow apple, they are very similar!



The outside of a cherimoya closely replicates the outside of a green apple, although it looks slightly scaly, like snakeskin, instead of being smooth. 

These fruits also have a more matte appearance than most apples, and they may be a little more pointed at the base, rather than rounded – but they still look surprisingly like apples, and they have been given the name custard apple partly as a result of this.



At a glance, it’s not unreasonable to mistake a pomegranate for a nice big red apple. These fruits are red on the outside, approximately the same size as a large apple, and have slightly shiny skins. They are therefore easy to mistake for apples, unless you can see the top of the fruit, which doesn’t dip down into a core, but has a sort of frilled collar instead.

Red Passion Fruit

red passion fruit

A red passion fruit can look surprisingly like a dark red apple. It has a stem rising from the core, and a mottled, smooth skin that shines just like an apple’s skin. The upper part of the sphere doesn’t dip inward, the way that an apple does, but there’s still a strong resemblance between the two fruits.

Which Fruits Taste Like Apples?

If you are looking to replicate the flavor of an apple, you’re in luck, because there are a quite few options for you. Apples have a pretty distinctive taste and texture, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck if you’d like to eat another similar fruit. Try:

  • Medlars
  • Salaks
  • Cherimoya
  • Loquats
  • Sweetsops

Each of these offers different notes of apple-like flavor.


Medlars are not generally eaten now because it takes a while for them to ripen, but they probably have the closest flavor to apples of any other fruit, so give them a try if you’re looking for an alternative to apples.



A salak is a strange looking fruit that appears similar to an avocado, but in terms of taste and texture, mimics an apple very well. You can also use these for making wine, and they can be eaten raw or cooked. Whichever you choose, don’t be put off by the unusual appearance!



As mentioned, the cherimoya is known as the custard apple, and it offers the sweeter flavor notes found in apples. Its texture is also thick and gooey, and even when the fruit is raw, it is like eating an apple dessert, rather than a fresh apple.



Loquats, like apples, are part of the rose family, and they taste similar to apples, whether they are eaten raw or cooked. They look more like miniature oranges, but the flavor is distinctly apple-like, with a hint of citrus.

People often serve these as a substitute for apples with cheese or nuts, and they make great appetizers.



If you liked the idea of the cherimoya, try a sweetsop, which is another apple custard fruit. Some people call these sugar apples because of their delicious, sugary flavor. They look nothing like apples, but once they have been cracked open, you’ll definitely see why they are on this list!


It’s surprising how many fruits manage to look and taste like apples. If you are getting bored with this standard fruit and you want a change, try any of the options above. The variety is enormous and that’s great news for apple lovers everywhere!