The 4 Best Vegan Beard Brushes in 2022

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Do you carry yourself around with a nest-like beard, all furry and dirty?

If you want to carry yourself like a proper gentleman, you want to be able to take care of your beard the right away. And before you choose the best beard oil or best beard balm, you need to have a glorious beard brush.

Brushes, like beard combs, are essential to make your beard look the best!

However, as a vegan, there are a few things to consider when buying a beard brush. Unfortunately, a lot of high-quality brushes use boar or horse hair as bristles. In addition, not many vegans are okay with plastic brushes because they’re less sustainable.

That’s why we’ve created this blog post.

To help you choose a vegan beard brush that turns your morning beard routine in one you can fully go through without feeling guilty! From now on, your beard will look clean and shiny during an entire day, and no animals shall be molested in the process.

Quick Summary

Model Price Where to buy
ZilberHaar Vegan Beard Brush Our #1 Choice $$ Available on Amazon
Golden Beards Vegan Beard Brush $$ Available on Amazon
Tombstone Vegan Beard Brush $$ Available on Amazon
GBS Vegan Beard Brush $ Available on Amazon

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Beard Brushes

Before we get to the vegan beard brush reviews, let’s take a quick look at a few things you have to consider before actually committing to a single beard brush:


The most common materials used to create the main body or handles of beard brushes are bamboo, alternative types of wood, and plastic. There are advantages and disadvantages between them, but generally, wooden brushes are associated with higher quality.

Bamboo or wooden brushes are good because:

  • They are very durable and less prone to break each time you’re a little rough when brushing.
  • They’re better for the environment (as in biodegradable).

On the other end, plastic brushes are a solid alternative because:

  • Unlike the wooden brushes, plastic brushes are water-resistant, so you can run them through the water when washing up.

However, unlike bamboo brushes, they’re not biodegradable and require new plastic to be created which as we know is a type of material that takes decades to decompose.


A beard brushes’ bristles are either made from natural or synthetic materials.

Natural bristles can be either considered vegetable or animal-based, which include: fibers from unique plants like the Agave Lechugilla, boar’s or horse’s hair.

Needless to say, we shall exclude the last two given the source of the bristles.

Within this blog post, we will include a mix of both natural and synthetic-based bristles, with synthetic being given a bigger emphasis because of their availability.


We want the bristles to be stiff, which allows us to more easily get rid of knots or tangled hair, but at the same time, we don’t want them to be excessively stiff, otherwise, we may damage our skin.

However, there’s one thing to consider if you have a longer beard — stiffer bristles are certainly better because they will rarely be in contact with your skin, allowing to properly straighten your hair.


Certain beard brushes come with a handle that extends from its body, or you have brushes that don’t have a handle, very similar to the ones used to polish shoes.

There are pros and cons to each style of brush, but it ultimately comes down to your preference, and how good it feels as you grip it.

Now, allow us to move on to the reviews:

Best Vegan Beard Brushes

ZilberHaar Vegan Beard Brush

The reason we love this specific vegan beard brush is actually several.

On one hand, this brush is truly sustainable. The handle is made from wood extracted from the walnut tree (juglans), and the bristles are crafted from Tampico fibers, a stiff cactus fiber extracted from the Agave plant leaves.

Have you tried cracking walnuts with your hands? Yes, the handle is even more durable.

However, it’s not just about being durable, it’s a fully biodegradable brush that won’t hurt the environment when you decide to throw it away.

On top of that, the bristles made from Tampico fibers are truly unique in the sense they can absorb and release water at a much efficient rate than synthetic materials. This is wonderful because it can better distribute the natural oils throughout your beard. The bristles are also strong and stiff, so they can be used by folks with a long beard who tend to develop stubborn knots.

This hands down the best vegan beard brush in the market for the reasons I’ve just mentioned.

  • Truly sustainable and ethical.
  • The bristles are soft on your skin but stiff enough to remove any knots or tangles.
  • The handle is very durable.

  • Not the cheapest.

Golden Beards Vegan Beard Brush

The Golden Beards Vegan Beard Brush was another alternative that popped up in our radar so we decided to give it a honest look and we liked what we saw.

The bristles are made from natural fibers extracted from the Agave Lechugilla, and the hand-sculpted wood body is sourced from pear trees.

While this brush is similar to the previous one, there are a couple of things that led us to believe that they’re slight different from one another.

Let me quickly enumerate those for you:

  • According to some of the reviews we’ve seen, the bristles are between soft and medium and work best for people with smaller beards. So yes, they’re not as stiff as the previous.
  • Unlike the previous brush, we don’t know how ethical the company behind this one is because they’re not exactly transparent about how they obtain the wood and plant-based bristles.
  • However, this one has collected more reviews on Amazon, giving it a bit more credibility.

This vegan beard brush is a viable choice, and it’s an equally sustainable alternative that allows you to brush your beard care-free.

  • Made from sustainable and biodegradable materials.
  • The handle seems durable and provides the user a strong grip.
  • Bristles may be too soft for long beards with stubborn knots.
  • Tombstone Vegan Beard Brush

    If you want a bead brush that comes with no handle then we’ve also got you covered.

    Though, unfortunately, this brush isn’t built as sustainably as the previous brushes we’ve mentioned. Because while the body of the brush is made from a certain type of wood, the bristles are manmade (thus not biodegradable).

    Even so, we felt this was a good brush due to its ergonomic shape, and how well it fits on the hand for a seamless brushing motion.

    The bristles, although synthetic, are soft, but stiff enough to tear down knots and tangles. A downside we’ve noticed is that the bristles aren’t as full as the previous brushes, so we’re not too sure how this one fares in terms of spreading the oils throughout the beard.

    If you have a small beard, you can feel at ease because the bristles are soft and comfortable on your skin, allowing you tame smaller yet wild beards.

    • Ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold the brush.
    • The bristles are soft on your skin but tough on knots.
    It’s a less sustainable choice in comparison to the previous brushes.
  • Also a tad bit more expensive.
  • GBS Vegan Beard Brush

    The GBS beard brush is another legitimate choice when it comes to grooming your beard animal-free. However, akin to the Tombstone brush, this one uses synthetic fibers to create the bristles, making them a non-sustainable choice.

    The main body is made from hi-gloss black wood, giving it a different style and vibe from the rest, which can be a unique benefit if you’re into the black color.

    This said, unlike the Tombstone brush, the bristles on this one are fuller, allowing you to better spread the natural oils throughout your beard. They are medium-firm bristles, so they shouldn’t be too harsh on your skin, nor soft to the point they can’t penetrate your beard.

    However, I’ve seen some reviews refer that the bristles are harsh, so keep in mind that this brush might not be adequate if you don’t have a longer beard.

    Lastly, before writing this short review, we noticed that this brush was more affordable than the others, which was something we also wanted to be able to include in this list.

    • More affordable than the rest.
    • Stylish for those that enjoy the black color.
    • Fuller bristles allow to better spread natural oils in the beard.
  • Because the bristles are made with synthetic materials, they’re not as sustainable.
  • May be harsh on shorter beards.
  • How to use Beard Brushes in 6 Steps

    To get the most out of your beard brush and make yours the baddest beard around, you should keep this in mind — use your beard brush every day.

    Once per day will suffice to keep your beard well-maintained.

    Here is how you should use your beard brush:

    → The first thing to take into account is the timing. Before you leave the house in the morning, you need to set aside a couple of minutes to comb your beard. Usually, when you wake up, like your hair, your beard is all over the place. In response, you should comb your beard in the morning.

    → Before you comb your beard, apply a bit of beard oil or a different type of moisturizer. A quality beard brush or beard comb will help spread the oils (including the natural oils of your skin) evenly throughout your hair follicles.

    → Once you apply the oil, begin by brushing your beard with the grain. Start with the tips of your beard then slowly work your way towards the face.

    → You have to work through the little knots and tangles until the hair is completely untangled. It may hurt a bit at the beginning, but once you get used to it, it actually becomes a rather pleasant experience. Plus, your beard will look 10x better.

    → Don’t brush your beard while it’s wet. Brushing while it’s still very wet may actually lead you to lose the hair that took so long to grow.

    Don’t forget to clean your brush. Cleaning your brush is as easy as dipping it a solution of shampoo and rinsing it with water once a week.

    The Real Benefits of Using a Bear Brush

    Besides making your beard look extra good for the rest of the day, beard brushes do more than just making you look good. They also keep your beard healthy and provide bearded men a variety of benefits which I’ll mention right below:

    → Brushes promote hair growth because they stimulate your skin and promote the blood flow into the capillaries which results in a healthier strand of hair.

    → With a beard brush, you can better spread both the skin’s natural sebaceous oils and beard oils, allowing them to coat each hair follicle which in the end maximizes their repairing effect.

    → Beard brushes improve the texture of your hair, preventing it from getting curled through the removal of any knots and tangles. By straightening the beard hairs, you give the beard a more conditioned appearance.

    → Because the beard spreads the oils nicely, it also makes your beard shine in a fuller fashion. In addition, it will also make your beard softer due to evenly spread oil.

    → Lastly, a good beard brush keeps your beard clean and tidy, removing any loose dirt or debris.

    There are plenty of reasons to get a proper beard brush, but at the end of the day, we, bearded men, just want to look manly and clean and there’s really no better reason than that!

    Bottom Line

    Generally, if you can go for the most sustainable option and avoid synthetic materials, that’s what you should do. However, when it comes to quality, you’re not always going to find sustainable options that can be considered long-lasting.

    This being said, the first two options are two you can confidently consider if you’re planning to buy a high-quality vegan beard brush that is both high-quality and sustainable.

    Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any questions, and whether or not you like the brushes we’ve suggested. Thanks for reading.

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