Are Chupa Chups Vegan? – Quick Flavor Breakdown

Chupa Chups is a popular Spanish brand of lollipops sold in over 150 countries all across the globe and is owned by the Italian-Dutch multinational corporation Perfetti Van Melle. Its unique brand name comes from the Spanish verb “chupar” meaning “to suck”; which is very funny when you’re savoring their lollipops and think about it.

Chupa Chups has been around since 1958, so, naturally, many vegans grew up eating these lollipops and thus are interested in knowing whether or not they’re vegan, including me.

So, are Chupa Chups suitable for vegans? Like most multi-flavored sweets, Chupa Chups have some vegan-friendly flavors while others contain animal ingredients. Generally, the fruit-flavored lollipops are vegan, while those containing cream or vanilla contain milk derivatives. 

In this article, we will breakdown each Chupa Chups flavor, including non-vegan flavors.

Chupa Chups: Flavor Breakdown

Chupa Chups are made in a variety of flavors, about half of which are suitable for vegans, while the other half contains animal ingredients, more specifically whole milk powder. 

While fruit-flavors are generally considered vegan, with Chupa Chups, that isn’t always the case. Some varieties mix fruit and cream or fruit and vanilla, leaving manufacturers an opportunity to add in non-vegan ingredients.

The table below specifies the vegan status of every Chupa Chups lollipop flavor:

Chupa Chups Flavor:  Is it Vegan? Animal Ingredients:
Orange Yes None
Strawberry Yes None
Apple Yes None
Cherry Yes None
Raspberry Yes None
Cola Yes None
Strawberries and Cream No Whey & Whole Milk Powder
Cacao-Vanilla No Whey & Whole Milk Powder
Caramel No Whole Milk Powder
Raspberry-Vanilla No Whole Milk Powder

As you can see, wholly fruit-flavored lollipops don’t have any flagrant animal ingredients.

However, and this is important to mention, many of the flavors contain an ingredient called lactic acid (sounds a lot like lactose, right?), and some members of the vegan community are actually against its consumption.

Isn’t Lactic Acid Vegan?

Once you look at an ingredient label, lactic acid is a name that should sound the alarm for anybody, since it sounds suspicious, and one can even envision an association with milk.

Lactic acid is an organic acid found abundantly in animal tissues and muscles, as well as milk, which means it can be derived from animal sources. However, lactic acid that is used industrially is usually produced via bacterial fermentation, so it should be suitable for vegans, including the one in Chupa Chups.

Lactic acid can be completely vegan but that will also depend on the type of sugar used in fermentation.

For example, cane sugar may be processed using bone char – a granular material that is prepared by grinding cattle bones and roasting them in a kiln. Beet sugar, on the other hand, is rarely processed with bone char.

With that being said, the use of bone char is common in the United States. Chupa Chups products are manufactured in Spain, France, Russia, Mexico, and China, which makes it less probable.

Summary: Many Chupa Chups Are Vegan

As we’ve learned in this article, half of the lollipops manufactured by Chupa Chups are suitable for vegans, as they’re basically fruit-flavored sweets, which doesn’t leave open a window for animal derivatives.

On the other hand, flavors that include cream or vanilla often contain whole milk powder or whey, so you should probably avoid them if you’re vegan.

Related Question

Are Chupa Chups Gluten-Free?

Chupa Chups lollipops are gluten-free. In fact, if you check the page for each product, you’ll note that every lollipop is suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free, eggs free, peanuts free, soybeans free, and nuts free.

For example, here is the composition of the Chupa Chups strawberry-flavored lollipop:

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, fruit puree from concentrate (apple, cherry, raspberry, pineapple, lime, lemon, strawberry, peach, banana, orange, blueberry, blackberry, mango, watermelon, kiwi) (3%), acids (lactic acid, malic acid, citric acid), flavoring, color (beetroot red).

These ingredients are very similar for every other variety, other than the lollipops that aren’t wholly fruit-based, as they contain whole milk powder, but even then, those should also be gluten-free.

Are Chupa Chups Halal?

Chupa Chups fruit-flavored lollipops are suitable for halal, which includes orange, strawberry, cherry, apple, raspberry, as well as the cola flavor.

Other products by Chupa Chups may contain colors derived from carmine, so you should keep an eye on that.

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