10 Best Vegan Laptop Bags For Conscious Digital Nomads!

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Whenever I place my laptop in a regular backpack, I’m worried. A laptop inside cavernous compartments lacks both stability and padding. You can more easily damage it, and it’s painful when you feel a sharp edge hitting your back. As such, a good laptop should offer outstanding protection and comfort since not all laptops are lightweight.

Plus, a good laptop bag should have different compartments to store your mouse, mouse pad, headphones and other essentials you might have.

More importantly, the bag must be suitable for vegans. So, no leather, wool, cashmere or any other animal fibers that go into well-known textiles. Though, to be honest, that’s typically not the case for most laptop bags. (Except for leather)

That’s why I’ve decided to strategically come up with a list to help you find a vegan laptop bag that encompasses comfort, safety, and ethicality all in one.

There Are Two Types Of Laptop Bags

laptop bag

On one hand, you have a backpack that is designed with a laptop user in mind, and on the other, you have a handbag that is made for laptops specifically. Frankly, I only got the handbag because at the time I didn’t have a backpack to properly safeguard my laptop. In fact, I used to slip my laptop inside the handbag (above) which would then go into a regular backpack.

This being said, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention handbags that have more features than mine. Numerous handbags have multiple compartments, including a properly padded laptop pocket/sleeve. The majority also comes with a shoulder strap if you don’t wish to hold it by the handle. However, if you’re like me and tend to carry more than a laptop, I don’t think handbags are the optimal solution, as it would strain your shoulder(s) over time.

With a backpack that is purposefully designed to store a laptop, I don’t think a handbag is viable. Not only does a backpack usually have more space, but the two adjustable shoulder straps make it way more comfortable for carrying weight. This is merely my personal opinion, though.

In the next section, we’re going over 10 vegan laptop bags that are particularly made for tech people on the go. Or as I’ve stated in the title of this blog post, digital nomads.

My Top 10 Vegan Laptop Bags

For this blog post, I’ve managed to narrow down a list of 30 vegan laptop bags into 10. This, of course, was based on the ratings, reviews and overall popularity of the bags among buyers.

If you feel like I’ve missed a bag that should be up here, drop me a message. At a glance, here are my top 10 vegan laptop bags.

#1 – Nomatic Pack
#2 – Mark Ryden Laptop Pack
#3 – Ebags Professional Laptop Pack
#4 – SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Pack
#5 – SwissGear 1900 Scansmart Pack
#6 – Incase Icon Pack
#7 – Thule Paramount Daypack
#8 – Asus ROG Nomad V2 Pack
#9 – Kroser Travel Laptop Pack
#10 – AmazonBasics Laptop Pack

Important note: Most bags are made from plastic-based materials, which not many vegans support. Technically, the bags are considered vegan because they don’t contain animal fibers, but even so, they’re not adequate options if you’re looking for fully sustainable options.

#1 – Nomatic Pack

nomatic backpack

If you’re a tech guy like me and tend to carry your electronics around, you know the importance of having a backpack that has featured designed with your needs in mind. Frankly, this one is up here because I believe it’s one that delivers a tremendous amount of features without compromising both design and comfort. This is certainly one of my favorite bags.

Coming in at 3lbs 10oz, the bag has a storage space of 20 liters, but can expand to 24 liters. This expansion happens mostly on the bottom through a zipper system, leaving you with enough space to throw in some add-ons when things seem tight.

That said, 20L-24L is rather small for fitting in clothes and toiletries, so I’d say this backpack is best for day-to-day use rather than using it for travel. In fact, Nomatic has another model that was designed for long travels, with a volume of 30L that can be expanded.

The Nomatic Pack includes useful features such as:

  • RFID blocking pocket;
  • Straps that can be hidden;
  • Removable protective shell for glasses;
  • Chord pass-throughs;
  • Roller bag sleeve;
  • Magnetic water bottle pocket;
  • Retractable key leash
  • Lifetime warranty

A feature I believe is widely important is the removable panel where you can store all your tech equipment such as the keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headphones, and every other accessory.

If you work on the go, it helps to have everything organized. Plus, the backpack has proper padding for your laptop which (1), may help you avoid discomfort from having your laptop’s extremity hit your back, and (2) the backpack is more stable and easy to carry if you have everything in its due place. The removable panel also has several compartments, so you’re not sticking everything in one cavernous pocket, which is why I avoid regular backpacks in the first place.

This is probably one of the MOST feature-rich bags, so if you are interested in a fully functional and stylish backpack, this is the one.

#2 – Mark Ryden Laptop Pack


Mark Ryden backpacks typically excel in anti-theft features, and this one is no different. While anti-theft features may not necessarily be useful for people going from home to work, I believe there’s an appeal for digital nomads (or people that travel a lot).

For example, this backpack has a luggage strap that is vital for someone that travels from city to city because you can hook your carry on bag to your rolling suitcase. It’s often an underrated feature… but it protects you against grab-and-go robberies in areas of transit.

Another feature I appreciate immensely is the checkpoint friendly feature that lets you open the bag at a 180º angle. With this, you can avoid taking the laptop out of your backpack for scanning at the airport.

The bag itself is made from nylon (and polyester), and because of these materials, water-proof and shock-resistant technology is imbued in the product. Not all vegans will agree with the choice of materials, but it’s also what allows this bag to be very sturdy and resistant.

Another feature that is becoming more common in backpacks is the USB charging port. This is yet another feature that can come in handy if you’re constantly moving around.

#3 – Ebags Professional Laptop Pack


While I’m not a fan of the appearance of this bag, I can’t deny that this backpack has a lot of great benefits going for it. The fabric itself feels expensive and high-quality, which isn’t surprising given how this bag was designed to shield your gadgets. Plus, the mixture of polyester and Teflon coating protects the bag against rain, so you don’t have to worry if you get caught up in it.

The other impressive aspect is that even though this bag appears to be minimalistic, it has a lot of compartments. A laptop sleeve that can accommodate a 15-inch to a 17-inch laptop. A middle compartment for papers, books, and documents. A tablet compartment lined with microfiber to keep the actual screen clean and free from scratches. As well as many other outside pockets where you can fit in water bottles, sunglasses, or even your passport.

It’s also important to mention that if you have a small laptop, it might slide around too much. This is rather inconvenient because the pocket comes with removable thick padding. So, it’s not uncommon for it to shift and have your laptop hit the floor with no protection.

This backpack also has a semi-rigid frame (or structure), which allows it to stand on its own on flat surfaces. Naturally, that depends on how you’ve stacked up the items inside (or which direction the weight is pending for), but generally, it’s a very convenient feature that will keep your items protected, especially in situations where having it on your back is strenuous. Overall, this is a great backpack, with one of the best organization layouts among bags of similar type.

#4 – SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Pack


The Swissgear 5358 checks a lot of boxes for people looking for sturdy, comfy, high-quality bags. First off, the bag is well-sized. You can use it to store your laptop, peripherals, books, charger, a ton of connection cables and still have plenty of room for more with its 30L capacity.

The Swissgear 5358 measures 18″ by 11.5″ by 7” when packed which is large but not massive. And despite the bulkiness, the bag is quite light on its own. The bag is made with abrasion-resistant polyester fabric, which is weather-resistant to protect your gadgets. More importantly, the bag itself is extremely tough, which if you hold a Swissgear bag in your hands, you’ll notice that all of their bags are products of great craftsmanship.

swissgear bag

I own one and there are no hanging threads or any noticeable blunders in the construction. If I had to compare this bag to a car, I’d say this is a Volvo. A durable and long-lasting bag that won’t let you down in years to come. (Though, to be fair, this one has a lot of features, unlike a Volvo)

This Swissgear 5358 also has features such as:

  • Dual zippers in the main compartment, which allow you to lock the compartment in case a thief decides to sniff around;
  • It has ergonomically contoured straps and a sternum strap that keeps the bag from bouncing, providing with much more comfort and stability;
  • Crush-resistant sunglasses compartment;
  • USB charging port;
  • Add-a-bag trolley strap to slip over carry-ons;
  • It also has an Airflow technology that keeps your back ventilated;
  • The design is TSA friendly, it opens 180º which makes it easier for you to get through security at the airport;
  • It has many compartments, one of which is an insulated water pocket to extend the freshness of your drink, and a center compartment with an internal zippered panel that when unzipped turns into a side-access shoe bag.

In other words, this bag (or any Swissgear bag) is a safe bet if you’re feeling hesitant.

#5 – SwissGear 1900 Scansmart Pack

swiss gear bags

The Swissgear 1900 is less expensive, it comes with fewer features than the former Swissgear bag, but it’s still an interesting solution, especially if you have a more limited budget.

Nonetheless, it also has some of the similar features the previous bag had. It is TSA friendly, where its SmartScan lay-flat system allows you to open up and lay the backpack down for scanning without having to remove your laptop. And it also offers great stability and padding for optimal laptop protection. In addition, it also has many compartments where you can organize several accessories and belongings, as well as external (and lateral) pockets for less important objects.

Akin to the previous bag, it also has Airflow technology to keep your back from getting too hot, as well as ergonomic padded shoulder straps with a sunglasses holder loop.

Now, unlike the Swissgear 5358, the Swissgear 1900 has two water bottle pockets but they’re not insulated. At the same time, while this one has a sunglasses holder loop, it doesn’t have a crush-resistant sunglasses compartment. Nor does it have a center compartment with an internal zippered shoe bag with side access. Lastly, it doesn’t have a USB charging port.

So, there are a lot of the features you find in the previous bag, that you won’t find on this one because the price point is considerably lower.

This being said, this one has other features such as:

  • Reflective material added onto shoulder straps for added safety;
  • Front carabiner and web daisy chain;
  • And a convenient sunglasses holder loop for an easy reach.
  • It’s also important to mention that typically every Swissgear bag has a 10-year extended warranty.

Quite honestly, if the price is keeping you from buying a considerably more expensive Swissgear bag, I don’t think you’ll feel cheated for getting this one. The fabric itself is very similar to other models, which are all proof of great craftsmanship! If you’re feeling hesitant for this one or the other, know that these bags are made to last. 😉

#6 – InCase Icon Pack


Another interesting and quite sought-after backpack is the InCase Pack. It features 14 different types of pockets — which is especially enticing for tech people that want to bring a bunch of accessories on their commune.

It doesn’t have as much volume as previously mentioned bags (17L), but it’s maximized, which allows you to fit in a pair of running shoes, or clothes. Given the total space, it’s not optimal for longer trips, but it still has an impressive number of compartments.

The InCase Icon pack accommodates laptops up to 15-inches, and the main laptop sleeve has more than a sufficient amount of padding to protect your laptop. Additionally, the soft lining avoids abrasion on the exterior of the laptop, which is a bonus. Sadly, there’s next to no padding at the bottom of the compartment to protect it from any damage if it hits the ground. This is especially important for smaller laptops that remain loose in a bag that transports larger laptops.

Other compartments are generally safe in case your bag falls because they’re far from the bottom of the bag. For example, the tablet compartment sits between the laptop sleeve and other frontal compartments slightly heightened. As for other smaller compartments, you have several zip-up pockets to keep your items secure.

The bag also keeps its shape, even if you try hard to bend it. That feature in itself makes it a tad more difficult to store the backpack. This being said, I believe it’s a plausible choice if you’re looking for a smaller-sized backpack that better suits short, daily communes.

#7 – Thule Paramount Daypack


The Thule Paramount Daypack is equally designed for an urban lifestyle, as much as it is for an adventure in the outdoors. While it shares similar features (laptop compartment, and a waterproof base), it also has some unique features that set it apart.

The reason I’ve added this backpack was mainly because of its rugged look, as I’m sure many people (vegans and omnivores alike) love how much it looks like a rucksack.

The best aspect of this backpack has to be its well-cushioned suspension harness with a flip-top that protects laptops from every possible side. Even if you drop it from a bike commute to work, the laptop remains protected. In fact, this backpack is widely associated with casual bike riders, due to its fantastic laptop protection and water-resistant exterior.

Other features include:

  • Two-way access to your laptop via the top compartment or side zipper;
  • Integrated daisy chain attachment system for carabiner or bike light;
  • Rolltop compartment with expandable volume and multiple access points

And many other features that are also present in several of the different backpacks we’ve covered. This backpack is ideal for a simple bike commune, but I feel like there are better backpacks out there at a similar price.

#8 – Asus ROG Nomad V2 Pack

asus rog

If you’re not a gamer, you won’t understand what it means to own an Asus Rogue pack. I’m willing to bet pro gamers who travel quite often own one of these. This bag is lightweight, water-resistant, rugged and it’s quite bulky, mostly due to the padding on the front, back, and bottom.

You may think this looks like any regular backpack but the design is meant to mirror a gladiator’s helmet to signify strength and honor. The bag itself can become quite heavy. Without a laptop or accessories inside, the bag weighs 1900 grams. When you pack it up, it might be heavier than a regular backpack, so perhaps you might have to use the chest and waist step quite often to acquire more stability and comfort.

Given how bulky the bag is, it’s definitely suitable for gaming laptops. These are typically larger laptops (24-inch or more). Again, this bag is perfect for gamers, not only because the laptop sleeve easily accommodates larger rigs but also due to all the compartments needed to harbor a gamer’s various accessories. The brand is also very clear in whom they target, so it makes sense.

#9 – Kroser Laptop Pack

kroser laptop bag

Slightly more feminine, the Kroser laptop bag is a mixture of purse and backpack.

While it looks like it’s made of leather, it’s actually PU leather and thus vegans can wear it. Frankly, for a backpack priced this low, I was expecting fewer features.

The Kroser laptop bag has a built-in USB port, a convenient tool that allows you to charge your smartphone on the go. It’s a feature I haven’t found in most affordable bags.

In addition, the bag is water-resistant, and the main compartment is deep and spacious. It also has a padded back panel, as well as shoulder straps. However, there’s no actual padding on the bottom of the bag to provide extra protection. You can also attach the bag to your luggage using the luggage strap on the back panel, which is a nice feature to have. Especially if you find yourself traveling quite frequently.

The blue padding inside the bag does not seem very resistant, so there’s a chance it may wear sooner over time. Also, unlike most high-end bags, you have less accessibility. With certain bags, you can take out the laptop without actually opening the bag. So, there are fewer configurations in a bag that is priced way lower than the rest.

This being said, this bag HAS amazing reviews. And for the price, I’d say it’s extremely good!

#10 – AmazonBasics Laptop Pack

everki titan pack

Want a super affordable laptop bag? The AmazonBasics backpack is a solid one with plenty of storage and compartments.

The rear compartment has a padded pocket for the laptop, a shallow pocket, and more space. In total, the bag has 4 compartments. The first is used for accessories (pens, power chords, phones, and external drives), and the remaining are used to store tablets (or Kindles), as well as other bulkier items like books and folders.

In other words, for a cheaper bag, this bag holds a lot of storage space. On each side of the backpack, you have a mesh pocket where you can keep a 0.5l bottle of water. This bag is also well-padded. The front compartment is padded, and the goes for the handles, the shoulder straps, as well as the back panel.

This bag doesn’t have out of the box features, but for someone that wants affordability, I would say it’s perfect. Amazon claims that it can hold a 17-inch laptop but I’ve read reviews where a 17-inch laptop pushes the limits of the fabric.

Therefore, if you’re going with this bag, ensure you have a smaller laptop.