are smarties vegan

Are Smarties Vegan? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Before we get to the answer, let’s first differentiate the two Smarties that exist in the market. On one end, we have the Smarties favored in Europe, ones that highly…

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Can Vegans Drink Sprite? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Sprite is probably the world’s most famous carbonated lime-drink. But what else would you expect from a drink brought to market by the monopolizing Coca Cola Corporation? The original lime-flavored…

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ritz crackers

Are Ritz Crackers Vegan?

Ritz Crackers are famous for their delightful buttery taste and incredible crisp texture. A description that always made me think that Ritz Crackers contained butter, so I didn’t even bother…

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corn flakes vegan

Are Corn Flakes Vegan?

When you think of breakfast cereals, Corn Flakes are what comes to mind. Corn Flakes are the original cereals, they were created by William Kellogg in 1894, in an attempt…

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golden grahams

Are Golden Grahams Vegan? Here’s What I Found Out!

Before we figure out if the Golden Grahams are vegan, I believe it’s important to differentiate the existing Golden Grahams in the market. When I search for Golden Grahams online,…

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elmer's glue

Is Elmer’s Glue Vegan? Here’s What I Found Out!

Glue, throughout history, was made from collagen. The name collagen comes from the word Greek kolla (glue) and gennao (I produce). This term was coined (in the mid-1800s) because collagen was the main…

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frosted flakes

Are Frosted Flakes Suitable For Vegans?

Frosted Flakes or Frosties is a breakfast cereal produced by the Kellogg Company and consists of sugar-coated flakes. While it’s not a mark for health— taking into account the unhealthy…

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Is Aquaphor Vegan? Here’s What I Found Out!

Most people believe Aquaphor acts as a moisturizer but it actually doesn’t. Aquaphor is an occlusive. In other words, it acts as a skincare blanket that increases the effectiveness of…

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Are Airheads Vegan? Here’s What I Found Out!

Airheads have been a favorite among kids and adults since it’s inception in 1986. With a variety of fruity flavors, Airheads are a tangy, taffy-like, chewy candy manufactured by a…

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fruit gushers

Are Fruit Gushers Vegan? Here’s What I Found Out

Unfortunately, when you go to a supermarket, you still have to look at ingredient labels to figure which products are vegan and which ones aren’t. It’s not like everything is…

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