5 REAL Vegetables That Start With U

Finding vegetables with the letter U is quite difficult, especially if you’re searching for options that can be clearly defined as vegetables. 

In other words, a vegetable is the edible portion of a plant which is usually grouped according to the portion of the plant that is consumed such as leaves, stems, roots, tubers, bulbs, and flowers. 

So, what vegetables start with U? We cover 5 veggies that start with the letter U.


ube or purple yam

The Ube is a purple yam that originated in the Philippines, and it can essentially be described as a purple-colored sweet potato with an incredibly sweet and mellow taste.

It is a common ingredient in Filipino desserts, in fact, one of the most known delicacies involves boiling Ube and mashing it with condensed milk. You can use it to create a bunch of different delicacies, including cakes, cookies, puddings, flan, cheesecake, and more. 

Ube is often confused with Taro, another similar root vegetable, but they’re quite different. Whereas Ube is mostly used in desserts, Taro is often used in savory dishes. 



Ullucus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Basellaceae, and it’s a species that is primarily grown as a root vegetable and secondly as a leaf vegetable.

The name ulluco is derived from the Quechua word ulluku. Quechua is a language spoken by the indigenous people living in the Peruvian Andes. However, depending on the country, it may be called differently, for instance, other names include illaco, melloco, chungua or ruba, olluco or papa lisa, or ulluma.

It is one of the most widely grown and economically important root crops in the Andean region of South America, only second to the potato. It seems that ulluco was first cultivated more than 4000 years ago as it’s possible to find illustrations and representations of ulluco on wooden vessels, ceramic urns, and even sculptures.

Udupi Mattu Gulla Brinjal

udupi brinjal

Udupi Mattu Gulla is a variety of green brinjal (or eggplant) that is grown in and around the village of Matti in Udupi, India. This species of eggplant is unlike the long and pear-shaped brinjal we eat in the West. 

Gulla means round in Tulu, the language spoken by the locals in Mattu village. This brinjal has light green stripes, thin skin, and plenty of pulp with only a few seeds.

There are about 200 farmers that cultivate this rare variety of brinjal on about 120 acres of land from October to June, and they have even formed a collective called Mattu Gulla Belegarara Sangha.

While I would love to tell you that it’s easy to find in the West, that’s certainly not the case because it can also be difficult to find in India.

Urad Bean

urad beans

Different names were given to this type of bean, including urad bean, vigna mungo, black gram, mash kalai, uzhunnu parippu, ulundu paruppu, minapa pappu, Uddu, or black matpe.

Urad bean originated in South Asia, where it has been cultivated since ancient times and is considered one of the most highly prized pulses in India. It is widely used in Indian cuisine, and it is extensively grown in the southern part of India, the northern part of Bangladesh, and Nepal. 

You can use urad beans to make dosas, which are a famous South Indian breakfast had all over India, or you can boil them and eat them whole like any other bean. 

Upland Cress

upland cress

There are many names for upland crass, including American cress, Garden cress, Dryland cress, Cassabully, or even Winter cress. Folks that live in England have been growing upland cress as a leafy vegetable for hundreds of years.

Unlike the more common watercress variety, upland cress doesn’t require as much water, which means it’s much more auto-sustainable and easier to grow. You can use it in culinary as you would any other leafy vegetable, but be sure to wash it properly before use. 

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