Recommended Products

Recommended Products

For being a long-time vegan, there are some products I believe are essential for any wanting to become vegan, and for those that plan to be vegan in the long-term. These are products that I would recommend to any close friend of mine that would want to, like me, become vegan and be healthy.

The products on this list are meant to be reasonably priced (some are actually quite cheap) but oftentimes what you get in exchange for cheapness is a product from a company that really doesn’t care about the environment, and is strictly focused on having a profit with no regards for their social contribution.

In fact, one of the first posts I’ve written in this blog was reviewing a clothing company because I had found out that even though they plentifully advertised the vegan lifestyle, they were manufacturing their products in countries where the work conditions are extremely poor. Most vegans aren’t really cool with that.

Please consider our recommendations and be sure to choose wisely when making your next purchase.

Vegan Essentials

Vegan essentials are products that, as a vegan, you will need throughout your journey, especially if you want to avoid potential nutrient deficiencies.

These products include multivitamins, as well as other supplements like vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

Multivitamin by Future Kind

vegan multivitamin

We know that vegans can’t obtain optimal quantities of vitamin B12 through their diet, and we know that other nutrients such as vitamin D and Omega 3’s are also in short demand, especially if you’re like me and forget to include some flaxseeds in your soy-based yogurt.

This multivitamin by Future Kind is unique because it includes vitamin b12, omega-3’s, and plant-derived vitamin d3 in the exact amount you require. This means you don’t need to purchase three different supplements to get your nutrients in order, which is quite a hassle if you ask me. 

Plus, I think actually offer a good bargain if you look at their subscription plan which means you can get the multivitamin delivered to your doorstep every month or every two months.

Vitamin B12 by Transparent Labs

If you’d rather take vitamin B12 in an isolated form because you believe you can obtain the other two (vitamin D and Omega 3’s) via food, then I won’t speak against it because that’s probably what most people do.

Plus, you can indeed get optimal vitamin D levels if you expose yourself to the sun, and you can also get optimal Omega 3 levels if you eat one or two tablespoons of flaxseed each day.

Still, I know that not everyone lives in a country with stupendous sunny weather (that will allow for much sun exposure), and I also know of people that don’t like the taste of flaxseeds or chia seeds.

Anyway, if you want an isolated vitamin B12 supplement, Transparent Labs has a B-Complex supplement that comes with 120 servings for only $18. It contains 1,000 mcg of vitamin b12, and also seven other B-vitamins that play important roles in your body.

You can actually get a discount if you decide to order in bulk.

Vitamin D3 by Ora Organic

ora organic vitamin d3

I actually have an entire post dedicated to vegan vitamin D supplements, and this Vitamin D by Ora Organic is on the top of that list, which isn’t surprising, considering how reliable and transparent the brand is.

Made entirely of organic ingredients (the capsules are), this vitamin d supplement comes in a form that is better absorbed by the body. It is a form called vitamin d3 derived from lichen, a complex organism that is a symbiose of two separate organisms – a fungus and an algae.

What’s even more enticing about this supplement is the price at which is available, especially when we take into account its quality. One bottle costs about $17 but you can bring that price down to $13.59 if you subscribe and choose to get the supplement delivered to your doorstep every month or every few months.

Omega 3 by Future Kind

omega 3

If you’re not up to eating your daily dose of flaxseeds or chia seeds, this Omega 3 supplement by Future Kind is actually a pretty good one to have among your vegan essentials.

This one contains both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids derived from algae, more specifically, the EPA and DHA that are generally present in algae-consuming fatty fish.

If you were to introduce algae in your day-to-day diet, that would ramp your living costs, but this supplement is priced quite affordable and is packed with 60 servings.

Learning Material

I know that for anyone going vegan, it might be somewhat of a challenge to make the transition, especially if they’re going vegan on their own without anyone to guide them through the process.

For that reason, I feel like it’s important to guide people on how to go vegan without having to feel trapped and bound by rules and restrictions. What’s more, it’s important to go vegan, but do it in a way that is beneficial to your wellbeing.

Here is our #1 recommendation in terms of learning how to go vegan:

Vegan Starter Kit by Nutriciously

This Vegan Starter Kit is basically a guide/course that will make it very easy for anyone wanting to transition from an animal-based to a plant-based diet. It completely takes the guesswork out of being vegan by including valuable nutritional information, amazing recipes, meal plans, formulas, as well as a restaurant guide, and cheat sheets.

I guess the best thing about it is that all the knowledge from various plant-based doctors and experts is compacted and simplified into a single resource with information that is easy to digest, actionable, in a format that is beautifully designed so that you don’t feel bored or like you’re getting massacred while reading it.

This is certainly my top recommendation for anyone learning how to go vegan since you have pretty much everything in a single place.