Vegan Product Ideas

This page contains useful products for new and old vegans alike.


Whether you’re new to a vegan diet and want to EASILY cover all your nutritional bases, or you’re just now getting initiated into a fitness lifestyle and want to find the most effective vegan supplements for weight loss, we have some useful suggestions in this page.


Below you will find links to some of our favorite vegan products & services.


vegan complete starter kit

Complete Vegan Starter Kit

If you have any doubts about making a vegan diet work, this vegan starter kit is more or less the equivalent to hiring a plant-based nutritionist but way more affordable.


In it you’ll find 200 pages packed with knowledge on how to properly conduct a vegan diet and make it work.


Here are some the things you will find:



– From A to Z Vegan Ebook (Vegan Nutrition 101)

– Vegan Recipe Ebook

– 2-Week Meal Plan

– Restaurant Guide

– Comprehensive FAQs

– Build Your Bowl Formulas

– Printables & Cheat Sheets



Click here to get the Complete Vegan Starter Kit. 


Green Chef

Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service and it’s hands down the best way to enjoy restaurant-quality meals at home without the difficulty of cooking everything from scratch.

Each week you’ll be delivered a beautiful green box with:

–  Organic ingredients that are free from GMOs, toxic pesticides, irradiation, sewage sludge, antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids.

– Ingredients that come pre-measured and prepped alongside prepped sauces, marinades, and spices for absolute flavor. 

– Easy and quick recipes with step by step instructions, cook tips, photos, and more.


– There are new delicious plant-based recipes every week so your meals are interesting every single time.


Click here to subscribe to the Green Chef Meal Kit. 


veganly box

Veganly Box

The reason we’ve decided to include the Veganly Box in this list of recommended products is simple.

A lot of the people that find this website — do so because they’re searching for vegan products, specifically snacks, sweets, and so on.

And the VeganlyBox, although not the only one on the planet, is the one I’ve found to be the most affordable. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s essentially a box that contains 8+ unique vegan snacks that are delivered to your doorstep each month (for as long as you desire).

If you’re keen on trying out vegan snacks you’ve never tried before, the Veganly Box is basically the best way to do that because the snacks are different reach month. 

Click here to get the Veganly Box.


Essential Vegan Supplements

Vegan Supplements for Fitness

Vegan Supplements For Cognition

Certain supplements are essential to a vegan diet because they’re not easily accessible even through a varied diet.

For that reason, we have created a blog with the supplements you will actually need to conduct a proper vegan diet.

Click here to access the article. 

In addition to essential supplements, we also have articles on supplements that are designed to help people either gain or lose weight, as well as build muscle. 

Vegan weight gainers
Vegan BCAA 
Vegan creatine
Vegan fat burners
Vegan probiotics

Click on the type of supplement you want to learn more about.

Are you often dealing with stress and want a vegan-friendly solution to calm you down? 

Here are some vegan-friendly supplements for brain health:

Vegan CBD gummies
Vegan nootropics

Click on the type of supplement you want to learn more about.