are skittles vegan

Are Skittles Vegan? (Wait, What?)

Thousands of questions have risen together with veganism… and funnily enough — most are related to food. Questions such as… are Oreos vegan? Is Nesquik powder vegan? …Are skittles vegan? They’re…

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nesquik bottles

Is Nesquik Powder Vegan?

So… is Nesquik powder vegan? There are three points to this question. On one point, you have people saying that as long as no animal-based ingredients are within the list…

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vegan bodybuilding supplements

Best Vegan Bodybuilding Supplements (2020 Update)

Side note: I go over vegan supplements for health purposes in a different blog post. If you’re interested in knowing more in-depth information about the crucial supplements a vegan needs…

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are oreos vegan

Are Oreos Vegan? (The Hidden Truth)

Ever since I’ve turned to a vegan diet I’ve never looked back. That won’t change. Even if my favorite cookies happen to NOT be vegan. Even in Portugal, a small…

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vegan supplements

The Best Vegan Supplements (2020 Buying Guide & Review)

A vegan diet is often derived by the ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free views of a mindful person that treasures the planet and its species. Contrary to what is speculated by…

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lose weight with a vegan diet

In-Depth Guide On How To Lose Weight On A Vegan Diet

The big question is… can you lose weight on a vegan diet? The short answer is… absolutely. However, there’s a big concern that strikes most people when making the transition…

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organic cotton

Why Buy Organic Clothing? Here Is Your Answer.

If you’ve been moderately aware of the clothing landscape for the past 4 years, then you probably know the term fast fashion. It’s the equivalent of the term, “fast food”,…

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