are teddy grahams vegan

Are Teddy Grahams Vegan?

Teddy Grahams are bear-shaped graham crackers that belong to Nabisco, a brand under the multinational company Mondelez International. Teddy Grahams come in two different shapes: bears with arms up and…

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are graham crackers vegan

Are Graham Crackers Vegan? (Here’s Why It Depends)

Crackers are oftentimes the best choice when you want a snack but don’t want to be stuffing yourself with relatively unhealthier options. Most Graham Crackers have a certain amount of…

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are tuc crackers vegan?

Are Tuc Crackers Vegan? Here’s All You Need To Know

TUC crackers are salted octagonal golden-yellow snacks with a taste and texture very similar to the Ritz crackers we’ve covered in an earlier blog post. The TUC brand originated in Belgium and…

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wheat thins

Are Wheat Thins Vegan? Here’s What I Found Out!

If you love Wheat Thins, you know what a healthy snack looks like! Wheat Thins are baked whole grain snack food crackers distributed in the United States and Canada by…

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ritz crackers

Are Ritz Crackers Vegan?

Ritz Crackers are famous for their delightful buttery taste and incredible crisp texture. A description that always made me think that Ritz Crackers contained butter, so I didn’t even bother…

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