which vegan milk has the most calcium?

Which Vegan Milk Has The Most Calcium? (List of Vegan Brands)

The vegan movement is continually growing. As a result, the variety of vegan milk available also increases, via other brands also taking a piece of the market. From hemp to…

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are mott's fruit snacks vegan

Are Mott’s Fruit Snacks Vegan?

Mott’s is an American company known for producing apple-based products, more specifically juices and sauces. That said, in this blog post, we’re covering another popular fruit-based delicacy by Mott’s –…

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are capri sun vegan

Are Capri Sun Suitable For Vegans?

Capri Sun is a brand of juice concentrated drinks owned by the Capri Sun Group Holding in Switzerland. This brand was first introduced to the European market in 1969 and…

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Is ocean spray cranberry juice vegan

Is Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Vegan?

Ocean Spray makes a wide variety of different fruit-related products, with the most popular being their 100% Cranberry Juice. Contrary to what’s advertised on Ocean Spray’s website, the juice contains…

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is powerade vegan

Is Powerade Vegan? (Here’s Why It Depends)

Sadly, there is this idea that as long as labels don’t contain bolded, animal ingredients, a product ought to be vegan-friendly. However, the truth isn’t that simple, and there are…

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nos energy

Is NOS Energy Vegan?

Once a property of the Coca Cola Company, the NOS Energy drink is now produced by Monster Beverage and licensed by Holley Performance. It is sold in 16 and 24…

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is ginger ale vegan?

Is Ginger Ale Vegan?

Are you craving for a cold can of ginger ale but are afraid it may contain animal ingredients? Well, it turns out starting today you don’t have to worry! Yay…

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Can Vegans Drink Sprite? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Sprite is probably the world’s most famous carbonated lime-drink. But what else would you expect from a drink brought to market by the monopolizing Coca Cola Corporation? The original lime-flavored…

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Is Beer Vegan? Your Definitive Guide To Vegan Beer

To put it simply, most beers are considered vegan.  However, some breweries do use animal products. While those products are not directly included in the recipe, they are used through…

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is champagne vegan

Is Champagne Vegan? (5 Ingredients That Might Spoil Your Mood)

Champagne, just like any alcoholic beverage, goes through a multi-step process before it’s ready. In fact, champagne is a blend of grapes from different vineyards. One could also say that…

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