how to gain weight on a vegan diet

10 Tips on How to Gain Weight On a Vegan Diet

It’s not always that you hear about people wanting to gain weight. Heck, the overwhelming majority of us are trying to lose it. That’s precisely why a lot of people…

save animals

14 Reasons to Go Vegan and Never Go Back! (Based on Facts)

I still remember when I first decided to go vegan. It was January 2016, right after the New Years’. I had watched Cowspiracy, a documentary that gave me enough plausible…

carbcycling for vegans

Carb Cycling For Vegans: The Definitive Guide

There are plenty of diets that take away the focus from carbohydrates. In fact, most restrictive (yet popular) diets push the needle on fat and protein. You know, a lot…

calcium sources for vegans

The 12 Best Calcium Food Sources For Vegans

Calcium for omnivores is widely accessible via yogurts, cheese, milk, whey protein and other fortified foods. As a result, most non-vegans reach their daily recommended calcium intake with moderate ease. But…

vegan compost

A Vegan’s Guide to Composting At Home!

When you think minimizing animal consumption is all a vegan can do, you soon realize there’s much more to it. As vegans, we’re empathetic. Our ability to sacrifice convenience for…

vegan mistakes

12 Mistakes Brand-New Vegans Must Avoid!

Despite entering my fourth year as a vegan, there’s still so much to learn. In fact, if I didn’t create this blog, I probably wouldn’t have learned as much as…

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The 10 Most Useful Eating Out Tips For Vegans

Do you feel a bit tired of cooking homemade food? Seriously, I’m prepping food day and night, and it’s tiring. Ever since I got my independence and started cooking for…

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10 Amazing Travel Tips For Vegans

Don’t quote me on this but traveling gets a bit tougher when you’re vegan. What used to be the least complicated part of my trip (preparing food), it’s now the…

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A Vegan’s Beginner Guide To A Zero Waste Lifestyle!

Living a Zero Waste lifestyle is more important than ever. With global warming knocking on the door and fueling the natural catastrophes in recent years — we need to act….


10 Vital Tips For Brand New Vegans

Don’t fall for the same mistakes I did when I started my vegan diet. Because of missing nutritional elements, I couldn’t quickly adapt to a more conscious, vegan lifestyle. Strangely,…