vegan work boots

The Best Vegan Work Boots For Ethical Men in 2020

Regardless of the evolution of technology, and the existence of highly intricate equipment, construction sites, farmlands, police operations — still require the contribution of well-built men to complete most of…

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vegan welding jackets

The Best Vegan Welding Jackets of 2020

If you’re not careful, welding can become a very dangerous job. Having the right equipment to protect you from intensive heat, sparks and spatters is paramount to ensure you get…

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vegan welding gloves

The Best Vegan Welding Gloves (2020 Review)

Oh, welding gloves! This is a hot topic in vegan welders’ minds because it’s incredibly difficult to find synthetic or vegan-friendly welding gloves. But while it’s important to stick to…

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