vegan bike saddles

Top 6 Vegan Bike Saddles For Optimal Comfort (2020 Review)

Have you gone the vegan path and want a bike saddle that is free from animal leather? Don’t worry, we got a list of 6 vegan bike saddles that won’t…

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vegan ski jackets

6 Best Vegan Ski Jackets for Journeying on the Slopes (Review 2020)

Ski jackets are an essential piece of gear when you head to the icy mountains for a weekend or a vacation filled with snow activities. Aside from keeping your body…

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vegan ski gloves

6 Best Vegan Ski Gloves and Mittens (Reviewed in 2020)

Want vegan-friendly ski gloves or mittens but want a selection of high-quality gloves?  There’s nothing better for a vegan skier than leather-free gloves that can keep you warm, comfortable, and…

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vegan ice skates

6 Best Vegan Ice Skates (Reviewed in 2020)

Come the cold and freezing weather, thoughts of ice skating are more frequent, especially in countries where ice skating sports are a prized Olympic discipline. I’ve had my first experience…

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vegan bowling shoes

6 Vegan Bowling Shoes For Bowling Aficionados (Review 2020)

Having the right bowling shoes makes a tremendous difference when you’re driving the ball down the lane. Generally, great bowling shoes have minimal traction, and that is because bowlers typically…

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vegan roller skates

6 Best Vegan Roller Skates For Men & Women in 2020

Frankly, hardly any of us at Vegan Foundry was born at the time, but it was during the seventies that roller skating became huge. Roller skating rinks got extremely popular…

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vegan boxing gloves

The 5 Best Vegan Boxing Gloves For Ethical Boxers in 2020

Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of a brand new pair of boxing gloves? Whether you’re doing boxing or any other combat sport like Muay Thai or Kickboxing, you’re going…

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vegan baseball gloves

The Best Vegan Baseball Gloves (2020 Review)

Let’s face it, most baseball gloves are made from full-grain leather, and it’s what you’ll find in the hands of most professional baseball players. According to experts, high-quality leather is…

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vegan tennis shoes

8 Best Vegan Tennis Shoes For Men & Women (2020 Review)

With star vegan athletes like Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams being very successful (on a fully plant-based diet), and documentaries like the Game Changers making such thrilling impact, it’s not…

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vegan climbing

7 Best Vegan Climbing Shoes (2020 Review)

Climbing was a recently acquired passion of mine in 2017, which by recommendation of my brother in law, I decided to try out given the indoor climbing facility in my…

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