best vegan combat boots

The Best Vegan Combat Boots in 2020

Are you searching for vegan combat boots but all you find are boots made with animal leather?  Quite frankly, it’s difficult to find vegan alternatives to any type of outdoor…

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best vegan work boots

The Best Vegan Work Boots For Ethical Men in 2020

Regardless of the evolution of technology, and the existence of highly intricate equipment, construction sites, farmlands, police operations — still require the contribution of well-built men to complete most of…

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best vegan flip flops

The 7 Best Vegan Flip Flops For Men & Women!

Living in a country like Portugal, I tend to wear flip flops almost every day come summer season. Flip flops are comfortable and leave your feet exposed to the breeze,…

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best vegan boat shoes

8 Best Vegan Boat Shoes For Ethical Men & Women!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of boat shoes? For many of us, words like summer, beach, mojitos, and pineapples are common denominators. When you…

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best vegan motorcycle jackets

8 Best Vegan Motorcycle Jackets For Ethical Riders

Helmets and motorcycle jackets are the most important pieces of equipment if you’re planning to have a motorcycle. They’re crucial for the safety they provide, as well as features that…

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best vegan motorcycle gloves

10 Best Vegan Motorcycle Gloves For Compassionate Riders

Have you recently bought a motorbike and are now looking for motorcycle gloves that are affordable, durable, and haven’t put any animal lives in jeopardy? After examining several products and…

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best vegan motorcycle boots

8 Best Vegan Motorcycle Boots For Compassionate Riders

The problem with a great number of motorcycle boots is that they’re made from genuine leather. This is what a lot of high-quality motorcycle boots have in common. In fact,…

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great vegan hobo bags

10 Vegan Hobo Bags Ethical Women Cannot Live Without!

Frankly, before I wrote this blog post, I wasn’t that familiar with hobo bags. After some researching, I’ve realized that hobo bags are a type of handbag characterized by a…

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best vegan hiking boots

10 Comfortable Vegan Hiking Boots for Conscious Adventurers

Hiking, although not the easiest thing you can do, there’s little to no entry barrier. All you gotta do is head out to the woods with a pair of sturdy…

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best vegan laptop bags

Ten Vegan Laptop Bags For Conscious Digital Nomads!

Whenever I place my laptop in a regular backpack, I’m worried. A laptop inside cavernous compartments lacks both stability and padding. You can more easily damage it, and it’s painful…

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