The 12 Most Amazing Vegan Travel Blogs

Are you a vegan and love to travel? Then you’re in the right place.

Traveling is the gateway to happiness. I couldn’t view myself without traveling and seeing the world in its purest form. As a vegan, visiting non-touristy locations gives me a sense of fulfillment and connection with the planet.

BUT… when you’re on the go, it can be challenging to remain conscious. The eventuality of prepping vegan meals in exotic destinations with no supermarkets around is daunting… and if you travel unprepared, you might fail to cope.

That’s why I love vegan travel blogs.

They give you nuggets of information that make your trips, as a vegan, easy. Remember, it’s all about preparation and knowing beforehand where you’re going.

But that preparation takes research, which is what the vegan travel blogs below teach you.

Here are 12 Most Amazing Vegan Travel Blogs:

The Nomadic Vegan

the nomadic vegan

The king of the hill — The Nomadic Vegan.

This is considered by many the best vegan travel blog out there. Wendy, the creator of Nomadic Vegan, is a passionate vegan who has traveled over 100 countries.

This blog is her unique way of saying ‘vegans can travel freely without compromising their values’. This website is an extensive resource Wendy has created based on her real-life experiences in each of the countries she’s been to.

Let’s say you’re interested in visiting Japan but know nothing about the vegan scenario over there. Wendy, having stayed in Japan, guides you through her experience, revealing how easy it is to uphold the vegan lifestyle in countries where the culture is vastly distinctive.

In short, she provides you the tools and knowledge to live easily as a vegan in any part of the world. Plus, her experience is the perfect testimonial to the knowledge she preaches.

Some of my favorite posts from The Nomadic Vegan:

  • 7 Top Lisbon Experiences that are Vegan-Friendly: Being from Lisbon, I appreciate it when people have great things to say about it — especially when a person has lived there for 2 years.
  • How To Pack Vegan Travel Snacks: Wanna learn how to pack snacks for a trip? Here she teaches you how to properly pack snacks for a trip, and which snacks are appropriate for a trip for their travel-readiness!
  • Vegan Travel Q&A: Everything You Need to Know: Do you want an answer to your every vegan-related question? Do you wanna know if you can travel on a vegan gluten-free diet? What kind of difficulties you can expect in your travels? She gives you the answer to those questions and more!

Will Travel For Vegan Food

will travel for vegan food

Will Travel For Vegan Food was born from the firm resolution of a young lady wanting to pursue her ambitious foodie goals.

Kristin Lajeunesse, the creator of Will Travel For Vegan Food, quit her job and belongings, crowdsourced funds and moved into a van with one goal in mind.

“To eat at and write about every single vegan restaurant in the United States.”

Those goals have since evolved and she’s now gone beyond the border and ventured into the rest of the world. In her website, you’re able to find her journey documented.

If you’re visiting France and want to know what’s up at Le Grand Appetit restaurant, she gives you her honest feedback about it. And the same goes for many others.

Some of the coolest posts in Will Travel For Vegan Food:

  • Le Grand Appetit Review: This review also documents her first day in Paris, where she also visits Le Grand Appetit restaurant. If you’re a foodie, this is very entertaining!
  • Private Luxury Villa in Bali: One of my goals has always been to travel to an exotic location like Bali and experience the atmosphere. And I happen to love seeing other people fulfilling those goals!

She sometimes includes videos in her blog posts:

Plant-Powered Nomad

plant powered nomad

Plant-Powered Nomad belongs to Amelia Easten. She’s a Digital Nomad, Yoga Teacher, Vegan, Writer, Blogger, and an overall awesome person!

Her blog is her diary, where she chooses to share her journey with the world. In fact, she goes into detail about her adventures.

And from what I’ve read thus far, her journey is a wild one you don’t want to miss.

Bike crashes in Cambodia, teaching English in Taiwan, and going through life-changing experiences other people wouldn’t be able to cope.

Here are a few of the craziest blog posts in Plant-Powered Nomad:

  • MOTORBIKE CRASH IN CAMBODIA – PART 1, THE CRASH: Beware… There’s strong visual content in this blog post. She literally goes over the events happening in her life, while sharing visual proof of them. It’s interesting!
  • Where To Stay In Cambodia: But not everything needs to be action-packed. She also shares some pretty informational posts on topics you may be interested in — if you’re like me and plan to go around the w

Vegan Travel

vegan travel

Vegan Travel is a social networking blog.

You’re able to find posts from vegans spread across the world, writing about their experiences in a given country. Plus, they also have a huge resources page where they have vegan travel guides to a handful of locations in the world.

vegan travel blogs

Their Oceania Vegan Travel Guide, for example, includes the experiences of independent vegan writers (or just vegans), who post their content on vegan travel to help other vegans get around specific cities in specific countries.

This is an interesting concept because you’re able to receive feedback from various personalities, and not limit yourself to just one opinion!

first impression of australia

If you wanna know more about someone’s first impressions about Australia, you can get the insight from someone actually living there.

Here are few more cool blog entries from Vegan Travel:

  • First Impression Of Living in Australia: In this blog post, the writer goes through things like affordability, transportation, the vegan culture in Australia — and other amazing things you can do over there!
  • Why And How You Should Start Hitchhiking: Do you wanna learn how to hitchhike? There’s a proficient hitchhiker that information as well. Why not learn from someone who has done it over and over again? 🙂

Vegan Food Quest

vegan food quest

Are you headed to Southeast Asia? Vegan Food Quest takes pride in being the most extensive resource on vegan travel for those flying to Southeast Asia.

The first thing you’ll notice is the various different reviews on Hotels and Resorts; as well as Vegan Travel Guides to specific locations.

location specific travel vegan guide

But that’s just the start. If you click “Cambodia” for instance — you’ll have access to a handful of guides covering cities in Cambodia, and more.

cambodia vegan travel guide

The information you’ll find on guide varies, but it will mostly point you to the different vegan-friendly locations within each town you visit, as well as the different restaurants, cafes, hotels and resorts that have chosen to embrace vegans.

 Vegan Miam

vegan miam

Vegan Miam was created by the friends Rika & Doni.

They travel the world to find new influences and cultures that can be expressed on a plate.

Rika develops the recipes, cookbooks and is responsible for overlooking the social media pages and website. On the other hand, Doni creates informational content, such as vegan travel reports, airline & hotel reviews and vegan city guides.

Together they bring to fruition recipes inspired by their travels:

phuket vegetarian festival

The recipe above was created in Phuket — you can already sense from where this piece of art esteems from! And just like this recipe, you can find hundreds of other recipes inspired by travel on their amazing website!

Some of the amazing recipes from Vegan Miam:

  • Thai Cucumber Relish (Ajat): This recipe was inspired by their trip to Thailand, and a simple condiment used in the Hat Yai restaurant, a Thai inspired restaurant in Portland. Its simplicity is perfect, especially if you’re on the go!
  • Gochujang Glazed Tempeh: This recipe was build out of convenience but it’s a marvel. Another simple recipe you can create in your travels.

My Five Acres

my five acres

Do you want to incorporate travel, mindfulness, and yoga all in one sentence?

My Five Acres is a resource created to help those with an inner desire to travel the world in pursuit of self-discovery.  The couple Stephen & Jane, believe that traveling the world and doing yoga are the keys that push you closer to true happiness.

To help you achieve those goals, they have created powerful tools to help you out:

  • Mindful travel guides will help you find transformative outdoor adventures, eco-friendly activities; spiritual sanctuaries, and cultural experiences.
  • Adventure Yoga Training is designed to help you feel more confident, stronger, patient, and at peace with yourself.

They have traveled the world by bicycle, cycling through 22 countries in Europe and Asia. In that journey, Stephen has taught Yoga in dozens of studios in the most diverse cultures.

Here are some of the most amazing blogs posts by My Five Acres:

  • Minimalist Packing Guide: This particular blog post teaches you how to prepare for your travel while packing only the essential.
  • Benefits of Ecotravel: Isn’t the world better off if everyone just stays home? In this blog post, they answer a really important question for those planning to travel the world!

The Vegan Word

the vegan word

Caitlyn is a traveler and vegan foodie. She travels the world tasting vegan breakfasts, desserts, dinners, snacks and creates her food from the food she eats.

But that’s not everything. She documents her journey along the way and tells you stories about the good and the bad of each country she’s been to.

Furthermore, she also writes in-depth vegan travel guides, but in the form of books.

Here are some of my favorite recipes on The Vegan Word:

  • Taos Salad: A quick, easy to do salad that tastes yummy! A life-saver if you’re without a kitchen and need to prep, cold and raw food.
  • 4 Tasty Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches: These are perfect when you’re on the go! Not the healthiest due to some of the processed ingredients, but they’re really tasty.

My Travel Scrapbook

my travel scrapbook

Are you eco-conscious and into an adventure? My Travel Scrapbook is a lifestyle blog that goes over topics such as vegan food, travel, and hiking.

The couple behind this blog, Anna and Alex, just had finished university when they first decided to travel the world. They bought a one-way ticket to Germany, and from there, their journeys started.

They traveled through 15 European countries for two months before finding themselves in China, with teaching jobs. They hiked the Great Wall, visited the Terracotta Warriors, and then made their way to countries like South Korean and Japan.

This blog is their diary — a place where they document their journey.

Some of my favorite posts on My Travel Scrapbook:

  • Ultimate Guide to the Pai Bamboo: I love hiking! I’m glad there’s a vegan travel blog writing about hiking. This post, in particular, is an informative blog post describing the Pai Bamboo Bridge Trail — a beautiful trekking spot in the Thai countryside.
  • 10 Unmissable Hikes in China: This one is inspirational. It makes you wanna book your next holiday to China to see the marvelous sceneries presented in this amazing blog post!

Mostly Amélie

mostly amelie

Mostly Amelie is a blog about travel, a conscious lifestyle, and yoga.

But it’s mostly a blog about Amelie and the journey that led her from Canada to Europe, from Europe to Asia, and back to Europe again.

There’s a huge emphasis on Yoga in her blog, where she shares with you her experience as passionate Yogi.

You can find the best suggestions on Yoga retreats based on the country you’re traveling to — and even blog posts where she goes over yoga positions you could do every day to release your body from stress…

… and build some physical fortitude.

She even includes high-quality pictures of her doing the actual poses to make it super easy for you to mimic.

mostly amelie picture doing yoga

All in all, this is a great blog you can follow and take inspiration from.

Here are some of my favorite posts on Mostly Amelie:

  • Yoga Poses Everyone Should Do Everyday: I’m doing those… when I’m flexible enough. I’ll start with the easiest one before moving onto the most difficult ones. If you’re not into Yoga… you should. 🙂
  • The Best International Yoga Retreats: Are you a Yoga aficionado and have been dreaming about a retreat somewhere? Or maybe you’re a stressed-out millionaire striving for mental peace? An International Yoga retreat should do that for you and more.

Slow Vegan Travel

slow vegan travel

The Slow Vegan Travel might be one of the most interesting blogs I’ve read.

Mind you, these amazing vegan blogs are in no particular order, and I hope you understand that because this blog right here is fascinating to read.

One of the blog posts that really got my attention was the Why ‘Couchsurfing is Free’ Is A Myth — where the owners of this blog explain why Couchsurfing is not FREE.

And how that ties into the narrative of why most hosts feel like they should stop hosting… and what you need to do to stop perpetuating that feeling.

I have to admit, this blog contains nuggets of information you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else because Dale & Franca are very experienced — and actually take the time to connect with people and understand them.

In other words, you’ll understand why they wrote that blog post. And it’s one of the most insightful blog posts on Couchsurfing I’ve read!

Here’s another amazing blog post from them:

15 Tips for Being a Great Couchsurfing Guest: If you’ve read the blog post I’ve mentioned above, you’ll want to follow through with this one! The 15 tips are just awesome and they have surely prepared me for a possible Couchsurfing adventure.

Justin Plus Lauren

justin plus lauren

You can find a little bit of everything in Justin Plus Lauren. If you want to travel responsibly (eco-tourism) or remain a loyal vegan in your travels — Justin Plus Lauren got you covered.

One of the most interesting blog posts I found was one on how to travel with a dog.

Because let’s face it, if you have a dog, there’s no way you wanna leave it behind… especially as a deeply compassionate vegan.

You’ll definitely find a way to bring your puppy along… unless you can leave it with someone trustworthy.

Anyway, if you wanna bring your dog along, Justin Plus Lauren has a post on that, too.

There are pretty diverse topics discussed in this blog, and they’re all helpful.

One thing I struggle with, for example, is exercising on the read…

…but I guess Justin Plus Lauren has me covered! This a pretty interesting blog to follow because I’m sure you can find something that will help you in your travels (and more).

Here’s another blog post I dug:

  • How to Prevent Identity Theft When You Travel: We tend to think bad things only happen to others. However, they actually happen to us, too. And identity theft sucks, particularly when you’re in a different country. This blog post keeps you in-check for when you’re traveling!
Alexandre Valente

Hey there! My name is Alex and I've been vegan for more than five years! I've set up this blog because I'm really passionate about veganism and living a more eco-conscious life. Hopefully, I can use this website as a channel to help you out on your own journey!

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