The 20 Best Vegan Subscription Boxes of 2022

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Vegan subscription boxes are awesome.

Whether you’re looking to try new delicious snacks, drinks, sauces, candy, chocolates, or try out new perfumes, make-up brushes, and foundations… there’s always something in a subscription box that will make you feel hyped.

Because there are dozens of vegan subscription boxes out there, I’ve decided to create this simple blog post to highlight some of the best boxes designed with vegans in mind.

With that being said, here are the best vegan subscription boxes in 2022.

Best Vegan Snack Subscription Boxes


The Snacksack is an appealing vegan subscription box for health-conscious vegans that have a hard time keeping their cravings at bay and want to keep artificial junk to a minimum.

Snacksack promises the delivery of delicious, wholesome snacks that take care of your cravings while still keeping you moderately healthy.

Each month they send you between 11-15 new snacks from unique and creative brands.

Before you opt for Snacksack, keep in mind that there are four different snacking plans available: Classic, Gluten-Free, Workplace, and Vegan. Needless to say, vegan is the one we should go for.

Plus, you can expect a super quick delivery as Snacksnack provides you with USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail at no extra charge each month.


In addition to savory vegan snacks, Urthbox offers you a monthly collection of juices and cleanses, superfoods and new age beverages.

Urthbox is centered around healthy, yet delicious foods that keep you from overindulging.

The content is focused on Non-GMO, Organic, and All-Natural full-sized products from trustworthy brands everyone at home will enjoy.

Urthbox has four different boxes available: Gluten-Free, Diet, Classic, and Vegan. Plus, you can choose from the various different-sized boxes that range from 7+ snacks to 27+ snacks.

The smallest box is priced at $14,99, while the biggest is priced at $44.99, but that price can be significantly reduced based on the type of subscription you choose (1-month vs 6-month or more).


The VeganlyBox company has no issues with announcing they got the #1 Vegan Subscription Box in the world.

This also means that the VeganlyBox is not only available to folks in the United States, but also for everyone around the world. This, however, comes at a cost for international customers.

Unlike the previous subscription boxes, the VeganlyBox is a specialized service and product for vegans alone, so expect to discover new & amazing vegan brands.

That said, the VeganlyBox is the only box type they provide, which is basically a snack box with 8+ snacks that ships on the 1st of every month.

Based on the length of your subscription, you can save between $5 and $10, and the length of the service varies from 1 to 6 months.

  • 1-month: $24.99
  • 3-months: $69.99
  • 6-months: $149.99

If you live in the United States you get free shipping, but if you’re ordering from outside the United States you have to pay a flat fee of $20 per box.

Louisville Vegan Jerky Of The Month Club

Perhaps the most difficult vegan food to find is high-quality & delicious vegan jerky, which is exactly why the Lousville Vegan Jerky Of The Month Club was created.

They provide you with premium vegan jerky snacks that taste exactly like real jerky! However, beware, as some variations may be too spicy.

Keep in mind that this subscription box is strictly comprised of vegan jerky, but there are different premium variations such as smoky caroline BBQ or perfect pepperoni, and each box comes with 3 bags of vegan jerky that is non-GMO and Gluten-free.

If you’ve always been a big fan of jerky, you’ll be delighted with this box.

The length of this subscription service varies between 1 and 6 months and starts at $19.99 per month, which can change based on the length of the subscription.


The Rawbox is a combination of superfood snacks, non-toxic beauty products, and eco-friendly household items collected from all over the globe.

Every snack in the Rawbox is plant-based, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and refined sugar-free. Also, every lifestyle product is free from parabens, gluten, mineral oil, and cruelty.

Out of the boxes we’ve mentioned thus far, the Rawbox is the only one that combines snack and lifestyle products, making it an ideal choice for female vegans!

According to Rawbox, the content has roughly 10 products with a total value of $40-$80, and while they can’t create a box filled with only raw snacks, you can expect it to be 100% vegan.

Num-Nums MunchBox

The Num-Nums MunchBox was created for people with food allergies and dietary restrictions.

This means you’re able to select a box and specify your food allergy or dietary restriction and have a carefully curated box delivered to your doorstep every month.

They offer Dairy-Free, Peanut/Tree Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Top 8 Allergies-Free, and Vegan boxes so that no one is left out!

They also have three boxes available: Mini, Single Box, and Double Box.

  • Mini Box: 5 snack items for $8.99
  • Single Box: 10-12 snack items for $17.59
  • Double Box: 20-24 snack items for $34.00

However, unlike other subscription boxes, they don’t seem to have a price reduction based on an increased length of the subscription.


The Zestbox was created by the chef Danielle Harper, a superfoods advocate.

Depending on the subscription plan, each box can contain between 6 to 12 organic or non-GMO superfoods.

Previous boxes included products such as Orgain protein shakes, organic noodles, rolled oats, and any other healthy and delicious product that pops into your mind.

According to Cratejoy, there are 5 different subscription plans: zesty (monthly & prepay), zesty bi-monthly, zestful (monthly & prepay), zestful bi-monthly, zest free bi-monthly.

Zesty is a small box with 5-7 small and medium-sized products; zestful is a larger box with at least 10 products, and zest free is essentially a box with gluten-free products.

Zestbox’s subscription plans vary from $27.99 and $49.99 per month.


The Elevate Box contains a mix of healthy & crunchy veggie snacks, chocolate treats, nuts, fruits, cookies, and more.

They stick to clean ingredients that better benefit your health but that you can feel satisfied with.

Although not as popular as other boxes on this list, the Elevate Box features 10+ snacks that will help you keep your cravings in check.

According to reviews, this box features several unique and creatives product choices that you’re normally unable to find in local stores.

With that being said, with only one box choice priced at $29.99, it’s not as accessible as some of the boxes we’ve mentioned that feature boxes with a varying number of snacks.

Though, if you can afford it, it’s definitely another option to take into consideration.

Best Vegan Beauty Subscription Boxes


Sudzly is hands down the best-selling vegan beauty box on Cratejoy.

They focus primarily on organic and all-natural bath and body care products. These products are free from dyes, fragrances, or any other unnatural ingredients.

You can find products like soaps, bath bombs, face serums, sugar scrubs, and more!

Sudzly has 4 different vegan boxes with varying prices.

  • The Beginners Bliss Box: This box is priced at $25.00 and comes with 1 all-natural soap and 1 all-natural bath bomb, as well as additional bath, body, and skincare items.
  • The Simply Soap Box: This one is priced at $29.00 and includes two bars of luxury all-natural soap and additional items like sugar scrubs, lotions, as well as large bath bombs.
  • The Bath Bomb Box: It’s priced at $29.00 and includes two all-natural bath bombs, as well as deluxe bath, body, and skincare items.
  • The Deluxe Spa Natural Box: This box is the highest priced at $41.67 with 2 all-natural soaps and bath bombs, and additional organic bath, body, and skincare items.

The items, according to Sudzly, are made by artisans that live in the United States, so you can expect products that are vegan, eco-friendly, and ethical with every delivery.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics

The Jersey Shore Cosmetics box is a monthly subscription balm pack that contains premium all-natural, organic lip & beauty products.

According to Jersey Shore Cosmetics, their products are all-natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and made in the United States.

Among the different vegan beauty subscription boxes, this one is quite accessible.

Thus far they have two boxes on Cratejoy— one priced at $4.58 and one priced at $8.33.

  • A pack of four vegan lip balms.
  • And another pack of two vegan lip balms.

This is a wonderful opportunity to test out new lips balms and then settle down on which one you love the most! Feel free to watch a review on these subscription boxes below:

Bombay & Cedar

The Bombay & Cedar company has two vegan and cruelty-free boxes: A premium and a mini box carefully curated each month with a specific theme in mind.

For example, in November 2019 the theme was based on the word “Nurture”, and in October the theme was based around the word “Peaceful”.

The Premium Box in October included skincare products by Terre Mere as well as other 6 or 7 additional items with a supposedly retail value superior to $175.

Other products you may find in a Bombay and Cedar Box can be oil diffusers, books, snacks, home goods, creams, and more.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, they offer two boxes:

  • The Premium Box is priced at $45.95 and comes with 8-10 full-sized items;
  • And the Mini Box is priced at $28.45 and includes 5-7 full-sized items.

One of the things we’ve noticed were was the lack of good reviews due to distribution issues, even though the quality of the boxes is top-notch.

Love Goodly

Love Goodly is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free subscription box that provides you with a mix of beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products.

It’s a bi-monthly subscription box where each box can contain from 4 to 6 products with a retail value superior to $100. Plus, with every purchase, a donation is made to the Farm Sanctuary!

According to their website, past boxes have contained products such as a Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Wallet, a Graydon Skincare Green Cream, toothpaste bits by Bite, and more.

Love Goodly has two different boxes:

  • Essential Bi-Monthly Subscription Box: Contains 4-5 full-size products valued at $108 and is priced at $34.95;
  • VIP Bi-Monthly Subscription Box: Contains 5-6 full-size products valued at $143 and is priced at $48.95.

Feel free to check for more in-depth information about their subscription box.


Orglamix is a subscription box designed for busy moms, and other women who’ve been focusing on everyone but themselves.

This is the ultimate self-care box, where you can find healthy makeup to look and feel pretty.

With different plans that fit any budget, the Orglamix box comes with 4 to 6 full-size, handcrafted, small-batch products that include cosmetics, aromatherapy items, skincare and bath products certified vegan and cruelty-free.

While they’re not directly connected to a vegan cause, for every box they sell, they donate a meal for an orphan.

You can start by testing out their products with a box, but if you’re particularly interested in one, you can then order individual products via their website at

The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box has three different subscription boxes: the Mini, the Original, and the Deluxe. They all feature skincare, makeup, hair, bath & body products, as well as nail products.

Needless to say, every box is vegan and cruelty-free, and they’re also shipped in eco-friendly packaging. Though, the content may not always be plastic-free.

The box is available every two months and based on the type of subscription plan you choose, you may get the following:

  • Mini: From 3-6 full-size and travel-size items;
  • Original: From 5-8 full-size and travel-size items;
  • Deluxe: From 7-12 full-size and travel-size items, including snacks.

Quite curiously, the prices on this box are very accessible and vary from £21.00 to £36.66.


The Earthlove Box has products spanning from different categories like snacks, apothecary, aromatherapy, beauty, outdoor, gardening, home decor, apparel, and the list goes on.

Aside from the 6-8 full-size, eco-friendly items in the box, Earthlove also sends you a book each season.

Eartlove sources items that are environmentally and ethically produced, including their zero-waste packaging, as well as the numerous natural and organic ingredients used in their products.

Earthlove, thus far, has two box types, and one of them is vegan.

The plans start at $54.95 with a box being sent every three months. Each box supports environmental non-profits dedicated to conserving and protecting natural ecosystems.

According to Cratejoy, Earthlove doesn’t have a single bad review.


Vertue is a bi-monthly subscription box and it features 5-7 luxury products ranging from health foods & supplements to skincare and bath products.

Each box is bound to surprise, and if you happen to love a product, in particular, you can then specifically order that product via their website.

This box is crafted in the UK, so if you live in the UK you get free shipping with your order. 

In August 2019, the Vertue box was curated with the UK’s natural forests in mind, and so each product was chosen to bring you the aromas of the outdoors, combining woody fragrances and fresh air scents in a truly high-quality wellness box.

Vertue’s original plan is priced at £32.50, but they sometimes run steep discounts on boxes from previous seasons.

The Pip Box

The Pip Box is a monthly subscription box with at least 5 cruelty-free & vegan beauty products with an average value superior to £55.

This box is built with different curated cruelty-free brands, so you’re bound to be surprised by the different high-quality brands and product choices.

Last February, the Party Essentials-themed box contained 2 make-up items, a gradual tan, essential oil, and a beauty balm. All 100% vegan.

One of the most worrying aspects of this box, however, is the lack of environmentally-friendly packaging, which might deter some eco-friendly vegans.

With that being said, the curated products are always exceptional and unique.

Additional Vegan Subscription Boxes

Goddess Provisions

The Goddess Provisions is a monthly subscription box designed for women seeking spiritual growth, and it seems to be working, considering the thousands of positive reviews on Cratejoy!

This box typically contains items such as vegan beauty items, crystals, aromatherapy tools, superfood snacks, and other tools to aid spiritual growth.

Each box come with 5-7 full-size items with a retail value of $80-$100.

The Goddess Provisions is priced at $33.00 and include free shipping for those living in the United States. However, it also ships worldwide at an additional cost.

Simplicity Teas

Do you love tea? Simplicity Teas is a monthly-subscription box designed for true tea lovers.

It comes with organic teas, as well as specific brewing and tasting instructions, and it also includes a reusable loose leaf tea infuser.

Akin to Goddess Provisions, this is yet another massively popular box, mostly because it’s a unique way to taste new & unique tea flavors.

Plus, subscribing to the teas of the month club is quite accessible at $19.33, with free shipping in the United States also being one of the perks.

If you’re someone that loves tea and wants to be surprised every month with different tea flavors and aromas, the Simplicity Teas monthly subscription box is a guaranteed way to feel that.

Chakra Box

The Chakra Box was created to support you on your journey to enhance body, mind, and spirit, through the use of spiritual goods and guides that will aid you in meditation.

Each Chakra Box contains 9-12 Vegan and Cruelty-free items with a retail value superior to $77.

In each box, you can find products such as essential oils, aromatherapy items, crystals, gemstone jewelry, herbal teas, and other spiritual tools.

Also, there are bonus items like stickers, guided meditations, yoga pose cards, and even additional emails that will help you through your spiritual journey.

With vegan products sourced from exclusive partners around the world, the Chakra Box is available for $39.00 every month, with the first box being the Earth Star Box.

The following boxes will revolve around the 7 Primary Chakras before the last box (Ascension) is delivered. According to Chakra Box, this is a 9-month journey of spiritual growth.

What Are Vegan Subscription Boxes?

A vegan subscription box is essentially a box filled with carefully selected small-sized products that can provide you with unique experiences.

These products can be anything from snacks to beauty products, and you pay a monthly fee to receive one or more of these boxes every 30 days. The reason subscription boxes are so popular is due to the novelty factor. 

With every new box, you’re bound to find surprisingly tasty or high-quality products that can become irreplaceable in your diet or beauty routine.

Also, you’re not forced to renew your subscription and can cancel at any time.

Types Of Subscription Boxes

Keep in mind that subscription boxes are not limited to snacks or beauty products.

The range of subscription boxes is far and wide, and you can pretty much find subscription boxes for any type of product you enjoy. For instance, a glance at Cratejoy’s different categories lets you know immediately how varied subscription boxes can be.

Here are some of the types of products you can find in subscription boxes:

  • Video Games
  • Books
  • Beer & Wine
  • Survival & Tactical Gear
  • Board Games
  • Anime & Manga
  • Faith & Religion
  • Wellness & Mindfulness tools
  • Supplements & Vitamins
  • And the list goes on.

However, when you type down vegan subscription boxes in the search box, you’ll see that most vegan boxes are generally all about food and beauty products.

Bottom Line

There’s a whole array of subscription boxes beyond the scope of veganism, but in this blog post, we’ve covered some of the best vegan subscription boxes.

Every option on this list is great— but it also depends on what you’re specifically looking for.

If you’re looking to try new, delicious snacks, we recommend the Snacksack, but if you want beauty products, we recommend the subscription box by Sudzly.

Feel free to test any of the subscription boxes and let us know how good they are from a grade of 1 to 10 in the comment section below.

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