which vegan milk has the most calcium?

Which Vegan Milk Has The Most Calcium? (List of Vegan Brands)

The vegan movement is continually growing. As a result, the variety of vegan milk available also increases, via other brands also taking a piece of the market. From hemp to…

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Are Nutri Grain Bars Vegan?

Nutri-Grain is a brand of breakfast cereal and breakfast bars made by the Kellogg Company. In countries like Australia and New Zealand, Nutri-Grain is essentially a breakfast cereal made from…

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are golden oreos vegan

Are Golden Oreos Vegan?

Golden Oreos are essentially vanilla-flavored Oreos. They seem to follow the same recipe as regular Oreos, but they have a different color and probably contain a distinct flavoring, which is…

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are teddy grahams vegan

Are Teddy Grahams Vegan?

Teddy Grahams are bear-shaped graham crackers that belong to Nabisco, a brand under the multinational company Mondelez International. Teddy Grahams come in two different shapes: bears with arms up and…

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are graham crackers vegan

Are Graham Crackers Vegan? (Here’s Why It Depends)

Crackers are oftentimes the best choice when you want a snack but don’t want to be stuffing yourself with relatively unhealthier options. Most Graham Crackers have a certain amount of…

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nilla wafers

Are Nilla Wafers Suitable For Vegans?

Nilla is a brand owned by Nabisco and is known for its line of vanilla-flavored, wafer-style cookies. The name “nilla” is basically a shortened version of “vanilla”, which is a…

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are tuc crackers vegan?

Are Tuc Crackers Vegan? Here’s All You Need To Know

TUC crackers are salted octagonal golden-yellow snacks with a taste and texture very similar to the Ritz crackers we’ve covered in an earlier blog post. The TUC brand originated in Belgium and…

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Are Nutter Butters Vegan? Here’s What I Found Out!

Nutter Butter is an American biscuit brand owned by Nabisco, a subsidiary of Mondelez International, which also owns brands such as Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Wheat Thins, Ritz, and more. Interestingly,…

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are mott's fruit snacks vegan

Are Mott’s Fruit Snacks Vegan?

Mott’s is an American company known for producing apple-based products, more specifically juices and sauces. That said, in this blog post, we’re covering another popular fruit-based delicacy by Mott’s –…

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are nature valley granola bars vegan

Are Nature Valley Bars Vegan?

Nature Valley is a brand of granola bars that belongs to General Mills. It started with one granola bar back in 1975 and then the brand introduced different types of…

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