are goodie girl cookies vegan?

Are Goodie Girl Cookies Vegan?

Goodie Girl Cookies is a relatively new player in the cookies market. In fact, the Good Girl Cookies company was founded by Shira Berk, whose creativity once lied in the…

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are atomic fireballs vegan

Are Atomic Fireballs Vegan?

Atomic Fireballs are a popular jawbreaker candy invented by Nello Ferrara in 1954 using the hot panned candy process. Today, it is owned and manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company,…

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milano cookies

Are Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies Vegan?

The Milano Dark Chocolate cookies are manufactured by the Pepperidge Farm, an American commercial bakery founded in 1937 by Margaret Rudkin. The inspiration for the cookies occurred when Margaret boarded…

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vegan flip flops

The 7 Best Vegan Flip Flops For Men & Women!

Living in a country like Portugal, I tend to wear flip flops almost every day come summer season. Flip flops are comfortable and leave your feet exposed to the breeze,…

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vegan guitar straps

8 Coolest Vegan Guitar Straps For The Ethical Guitarist!

Guitar straps are probably one of the most overlooked guitar accessories. For a vegan trying to find guitar straps, you may be disappointed to find out that the choices can…

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vegan chocolate

12 Vegan Chocolates You Can Easily Order Online!

The most visited posts on this website usually answer the question of whether or not “XYZ” chocolate is vegan. What you’ll find is that most of the chocolates contain some…

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vegan boat shoes

8 Best Vegan Boat Shoes For Ethical Men & Women!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of boat shoes? For many of us, words like summer, beach, mojitos, and pineapples are common denominators. When you…

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vegan motorcycle jackets

8 Best Vegan Motorcycle Jackets For Ethical Riders

Helmets and motorcycle jackets are the most important pieces of equipment if you’re planning to have a motorcycle. They’re crucial for the safety they provide, as well as features that…

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vegan motorcycle gloves

10 Best Vegan Motorcycle Gloves For Compassionate Riders

Have you recently bought a motorbike and are now looking for motorcycle gloves that are affordable, durable, and haven’t put any animal lives in jeopardy? After examining several products and…

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vegan motorcycle boots

8 Best Vegan Motorcycle Boots For Compassionate Riders

The problem with a great number of motorcycle boots is that they’re made from genuine leather. This is what a lot of high-quality motorcycle boots have in common. In fact,…

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