vegan documentaries

32 Vegan Documentaries You Must Get Your Friends To Watch!

Before I mention the documentary that changed my life, let me start by saying that I was a meat and dairy lover. I’ve never questioned vegans (or vegetarians), but I…

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save animals

14 Reasons to Go Vegan and Never Go Back! (Based on Facts)

I still remember when I first decided to go vegan. It was January 2016, right after the New Years’. I had watched Cowspiracy, a documentary that gave me enough plausible…

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vegan hiking boots

10 Comfortable Vegan Hiking Boots for Conscious Adventurers

Hiking, although not the easiest thing you can do, there’s little to no entry barrier. All you gotta do is head out to the woods with a pair of sturdy…

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vegan laptop bags

10 Best Vegan Laptop Bags For Conscious Digital Nomads!

Whenever I place my laptop in a regular backpack, I’m worried. A laptop inside cavernous compartments lacks both stability and padding. You can more easily damage it, and it’s painful…

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vegan backpacks

Ten Vegan Backpacks For Ethical People On The Go!

I don’t know about you, but I bring my backpack wherever I go. Gone are the days where backpacks are meant to carry your stuff. Plus, it’s not only used…

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Ten Amazing Vegan Podcasts You Must Listen To!

Side note: This blog post is not numbered in any particular order. These are merely some of my favorite podcasts (some more than others), which I believe can add tremendous…

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Is Beer Vegan? Your Definitive Guide To Vegan Beer

To put it simply, most beers are considered vegan.  However, some breweries do use animal products. While those products are not directly included in the recipe, they are used through…

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carbcycling for vegans

Carb Cycling For Vegans: The Definitive Guide

There are plenty of diets that take away the focus from carbohydrates. In fact, most restrictive (yet popular) diets push the needle on fat and protein. You know, a lot…

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is champagne vegan

Is Champagne Vegan? (5 Ingredients That Might Spoil Your Mood)

Champagne, just like any alcoholic beverage, goes through a multi-step process before it’s ready. In fact, champagne is a blend of grapes from different vineyards. One could also say that…

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