is redbull vegan

Is Red Bull Suitable For Vegans? (Here are 3 Reasons Why It May Not Be)

Red Bull gives you wings to fly, or at least that’s what the commercial says. As an energy drink, it’s among the most popular with 5 billion cans being sold…

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is gatorade vegan

Is Gatorade Suitable For Vegans? (Here’s Why It Depends)

Gatorade is known by many to be a sports drink. Scientists at the University of Florida developed Gatorade to improve the performance of their football team, the Gators. Consequently (or…

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is monster vegan

Are Monster Energy Drinks Suitable For Vegans?

According to the Monster Energy website, the product line varies from country to country. While in the UK, there are 6 product lines. On the U.S website, there are 10…

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is jack daniels vegan

Can Vegans Actually Drink Jack Daniels?

Good Ol’ Jack Daniels is a whiskey fabricated by the Jack Daniels’ distillery. It exists since 1875, so it’s going strong for at least 120 years. Jack is the 4th…

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is mountain dew vegan

Is Mountain Dew Actually Vegan?

Vegans find themselves in a predicament when they first go vegan. “Do I need to drop most of my favorite foods and drinks? What kind of vegan alternatives are out…

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are butter fingers vegan

Are Butterfingers Suitable For Vegans?

When you take a bite off a Butterfinger bar there’s a sweet, peanut-y flavor that dissolves in your mouth. Combined with the crunchy texture and chocolate coating, you have a…

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is dove dark chocolate vegan

Is Dove Dark Chocolate Suitable For Vegans?

Dove (which is sold as Galaxy in the UK), is an American brand of chocolates owned by Mars Incorporated, a company that also owns Twix, M&M’s, Mars, Snickers and more….

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are maltesers vegan

Are Maltesers (Chocolate) Vegan? Can Vegans Eat It?

Maltesers is a brand of chocolates manufactured by the Mars company along with other well-known chocolates like Mars, M&Ms, Snickers, Dove, and Twix. Frankly, I don’t know how popular this…

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is mars vegan

Is Mars Suitable For Vegans? Can Vegans Eat It?

Mars is a chocolate manufactured by the Mars company along with other well-known chocolates such as M&Ms, Snickers, Dove, and Twix. Due to its magnificent caramel flavor and soft middle…

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is after eight vegan

Is After Eight Vegan? Can Vegans Eat After Eight?

Who doesn’t love a box of After Eight? Half-sweet chocolate combined with a thin layer of mint freshness creates an addicting taste. So much that a box rarely lasts. After…

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