vegan compost

A Vegan’s Guide to Composting At Home!

When you think minimizing animal consumption is all a vegan can do, you soon realize there’s much more to it. As vegans, we’re empathetic. Our ability to sacrifice convenience for…

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vegan mistakes

12 Mistakes Brand-New Vegans Must Avoid!

Despite entering my fourth year as a vegan, there’s still so much to learn. In fact, if I didn’t create this blog, I probably wouldn’t have learned as much as…

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vegan appetizers

The 30 Best Vegan Appetizers That Anyone Can Make!

Whether you’re setting up a birthday party, or traveling to the Middle East, appetizers play a big role. Unfortunately, while you can find many in a supermarket, not all are…

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vegan blogs

The 14 Best Vegan Websites and Blogs On The Internet!

Veganism is a very sensitive subject akin to politics or religion. Sometimes I come across information based on half-truths, and other times I find complete lies that either support or…

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vegan golf bags

The Best Vegan Golf Bags For The Conscious Golfer

How important do you think golf bags are? Well, for me they’re probably the 4th most important piece of equipment after shoes. With the first and second being golf clubs…

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vegan golf shoes

6 Vegan Golf Shoes For The Ethical Golfer.

If you’re an experienced golfer, you know shoes are just as important as clubs, gloves, bags, markers and so on. Everything must gel together so that your experience while golfing…

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vegan golf gloves

6 Vegan Golf Gloves For The Ethical Golfer

Unfortunately, since the inception of golf, leather has been regarded as the standard material for golf gloves. Believe it or not, a glove is not just a glove. Like most…

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vegan eating out tips

The 10 Most Useful Eating Out Tips For Vegans

Do you feel a bit tired of cooking homemade food? Seriously, I’m prepping food day and night, and it’s tiring. Ever since I got my independence and started cooking for…

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vegan travel tips

10 Amazing Travel Tips For Vegans

Don’t quote me on this but traveling gets a bit tougher when you’re vegan. What used to be the least complicated part of my trip (preparing food), it’s now the…

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is kinder bueno vegan

Is Kinder Bueno Actually Vegan?

Being born in the nineties, Kinder Bueno has always been close to my heart… and palate. But even though it’s super popular here in Europe, it’s still just making its…

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