is horchata vegan

Is Horchata Actually Vegan?

Due to the harm caused by conventional dairy — food establishments now search for more sustainable alternatives. Many believe one of the answers is Horchata. Wikipedia suggests that Horchata originated…

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is ramen vegan

Is Ramen Suitable For Vegans?

In this blog post, we’re going to look at two types of ramen. The first type is traditional ramen cooked in ramen shops where noodles are immersed in broth. The…

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is baklava vegan

Is Baklava Vegan?

I was extremely young the first time I ate baklava. Since my father traveled a lot, he usually brought back souvenirs. In his visit to Greece, he brought back a…

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are reese's vegan

Are Reese’s Vegan?

Oh, Reese’s. It brings back memories. I used to work in an ice cream parlor where we served Reese’s milkshakes. We used to stock up on Reese’s and Oreo cookies…

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are spring rolls vegan

Are Spring Rolls Vegan?

What better way to kick off springtime than eating spring rolls? As you know — spring rolls originated in China (and Southern Asia) before expanding all across the globe. Similar…

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are dumplings vegan

Are Dumplings Vegan?

Dumpling is a recipe where pieces of dough made from either bread, flour or potatoes are wrapped around a filling. In hindsight, you can eat a dumpling without a filling,…

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are baguettes vegan

Are Baguettes Suitable For Vegans?

Oh, Baguettes. I remember visiting my French uncle in Limoges, France, and going out with him in the morning to buy baguettes. The smell of fresh-made baguettes is incredible, as…

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is ferrero rocher vegan

Is Ferrero Rocher Suitable For Vegans?

Ferrero Rocher, at least in my home country, is the best kind of chocolate offering for Christmas. If you turn on the TV before Christmas, the Ferrero group is running…

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is fenty beauty vegan

Is Fenty Beauty Vegan?

Fenty Beauty is a make-up brand created by the music icon, Rihanna. While Fenty Beauty is marketed as a cruelty-free brand, it is not 100% vegan. In fact, Rihanna herself…

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is fanta vegan

Is Fanta Suitable For Vegans?

As you know, Fanta is a carbonated soft drink that belongs to the Coca Cola company. It was created in Germany, during World War Two, and is now sold in…

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