vegan rules

Do Vegans Have Rules They Can’t Cross?

Do vegans follow a set of rules? The idea behind this post was born from the need to elucidate people (mostly non-vegans), on how far we’re willing to go for…

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counter vegan deficiencies

A Vegan’s Guide To Avoid Common Vegan Deficiencies

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon to see individuals become nutrient deficient. That applies to everyone, not just vegans. The rumor suggesting that vegans are the only spectrum of…

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eco-friendly ideas to save the planet

10 Eco-Friendly Ideas To Help Reverse Climate Change.

The world’s leading climate scientists say we have until 2030 to reverse global warming. Even as much as 0.5ºC more can dramatically increase the risk of floods, drought, extreme heat…

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vegan lip balm

The Best Vegan Lip Balms For The All-Conscious Vegan.

Having chapped lips is a legitimate concern. The whiteness and minuscule cracks accentuate the lips, which give off a bad impression when interacting with someone. If the person we’re having…

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15 Best Vegan Travel Destinations (From Worst To Best)

Do you want to visit a vegan haven this year? In this blog post, I’ve collected and trimmed down a large list of countries to give you the ten best…

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best vegan belts

The 10 Best Vegan Belts For Men And Women

Finding vegan alternatives to every single clothing and accessory in our wardrobe is not an easy task. However, some are easier than others. Even though a “belt” might be the…

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travel vegan blogs

The 12 Most Amazing Vegan Travel Blogs

Are you a vegan and love to travel? Then you’re in the right place. Traveling is the gateway to happiness. I couldn’t view myself without traveling and seeing the world…

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vegans traveling on a budget

15 Simple Tips For Vegans Traveling On A Budget

Once I embraced veganism— the days of stuffing myself with tuna sandwiches were over. It was a quick ‘snack’ to keep me going through the day, it was fulfilling and…

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vegan crossbody bags

5 Brands With The Best Vegan Crossbody Bags

Animal activists do a great job of fighting for the voiceless. However, I believe economics can move the needle faster because it helps companies realize there is a demand for…

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cookbooks for vegan

The 10 Best Vegan Cookbooks For Beginners

Finally made your way into veganism but ​find yourself struggling to cook vegan food? Don’t worry. Even if you’ve never boiled a grain of rice in your life— the following vegan…

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